Chapter 394: Suppressing A King With One Hand

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Chapter 394: Suppressing A King With One Hand

He was quite resentful after being put down at the bottom of the sea by Li Qiye. A genius like him being suppressed by an unknown junior was an extremely shameful matter!

“Such a master… I actually want to personally witness his strength!” The Static Stream Royal Lord’s gaze became fierce as he spoke with austerity. Having said that, divine rings emanated from his body. Without a doubt, the Royal Lord was a powerful Heavenly Sovereign.

“Your Majesty, you shouldn’t!” Lu Baiqiu became aghast after hearing this and quickly spoke: “Brother Li is only here for the mythical island and not to oppose our Static Stream Country…”

“Ah, Region Lord Lu, what do you mean by that?” Xuan Shaojun sneered: “Hurting our disciples and shaming our Imperial Advisor — how is this not opposing our Static Stream Country? His Majesty is invincible, so what can a little junior do? Could it be that Region Lord Lu is on the same side as that Li guy and wants to collude with the enemy…?”

“You—” Lu Baiqiu was angered, but she endured it and tried to persuade the Royal Lord: “Your Majesty, in my opinion, Brother Li is not here to harm our Static Stream Country. Why don’t we take a step back and all shall be well.” Lu Baiqiu trusted that Li Qiye was not joking around. If the country actually provoked him, then he might kill his way into the Static Stream Country.

“Your Majesty, I also feel that Region Lord Lu’s words make a lot of sense. This conflict was due to my rash conduct!” The Imperial Advisor quickly said: “If he was really antagonistic towards us, then he wouldn’t have let us go. In my opinion, he must have a heaven-frightening origin, so there is no need to compete with him and court a powerful enemy!”

“No matter what, I still want to go and see for myself.” The Royal Lord gravely spoke: “A powerful master like this appearing in our country… How could anyone be at ease if we don’t know his identity?”

Lu Baiqiu became quite anxious after hearing the Royal Lord’s words. She didn’t wish to see the country in conflict with Li Qiye because she trusted that Li Qiye was not a person who liked to joke around!

“Bang—bang—” Countless people were alarmed as a battle chariot flew over the Thousand Islands. When the young cultivators of the Thousand Islands saw the several thousand armored soldiers in the sky, they couldn’t help but become wary.

“What happened? The Royal Lord himself is venturing out!” Seeing the Royal Lord riding his dragon chariot, many cultivators turned pale. The Royal Lord was a great Heavenly Sovereign and rarely showed himself outside of huge events.

Thus, it was a big deal for the Royal Lord to travel in person, and it alarmed many spectating cultivators.

In the blink of an eye, thousands of Static Stream experts quickly surrounded the island inhabited by Li Qiye.

Lu Baiqiu’s heart was quite heavy, but she still wanted for her country to negotiate with Li Qiye so she quickly said to the Royal Lord: “Your Majesty, could this disciple invite Brother Li here for a talk?”

“Hah, Region Lord Lu, you are friends with that Li person, so who knows if you will be informing him or not? If that Li person escapes, then will you be able to bear the responsibility? Region Lord Lu, I only want what’s best for you, treason is not a small crime!” Xuan Shaojun alleged.

Lu Baiqiu’s expression greatly changed with anger after being accused by Xuan Shaojun like this; she couldn’t help but coldly say: “You would indeed say just about anything to frame someone!”

“I only want what’s best for Region Lord Lu. If you are devoted to our country, then you should step aside to avoid arousing suspicion.” Xuan Shaojun commented: “Royal Lord, let me go tell that Li guy to come out!”

“Go, ask him to come and see me.” The Royal Lord sat on his dragon carriage with an overbearing sense of nobility. This was not an act of disdain; after all, as an expert who had basked in prestige for a long time, he was indeed qualified to act like this.

Lu Baiqiu gently sighed. It seemed that this storm would not pass by very easily. She did not wish for this feud, but alas, she had absolutely no say in this matter.

After Xuan Shaojun received the order, he appeared above Li Qiye’s island and shouted: “Li, quickly come and greet His Majesty!”

Li Qiye, who was sitting on the small island, only gave a passing glance and, with a poof, Xuan Shaojun didn’t even have the chance to scream before being rendered into a bloody mist under one flick of a finger.

This sudden development jolted the accompanying Static Stream experts. Xuan Shaojun, who was the most promising genius of their Static Stream Country, was killed by someone in this manner.

“Junior, you are insane!” The Royal Lord was appalled as he stood up with his divine rings expanding from his body; there was a total of seven rings!

Amidst his rage, a shadow suddenly flashed as Li Qiye stood right before him. He moved with an extreme speed that could not be followed by anyone else.

“Protect our king!” The Imperial Advisor screamed out in shock.

In an instant, the experts around the Royal Lord all cried out at the same time and many weapons aimed for Li Qiye’s head. There were pagodas, divine blades, and swords crafted from sacrificing one’s blood. They all continuously emitted explosive detonations.

Such an offensive didn’t even make Li Qiye bat his eyelid a single time. He swung his arm downward and, with a loud bang, none of the attacking treasures could stop Li Qiye’s invincible physique and were immediately shattered. The incoming experts’ blood was spilled as they were blown away.

“Watch yourself!” The Static Stream Royal Lord became angry as each divine ring opened up a wave of grand dao, carrying a majestic force that rushed forward.

“You’re just a Little Sovereign without a complete nine rings, yet you still dare to attack me!” Li Qiye was as calm as ever as he exuded an emperor’s power. A Kun Peng flew to the sky and followed Li Qiye step by step. This Primordial Kun Peng leaped and created an enormous tidal wave that was sent towards the Royal Lord.

Kun Peng’s Six Variants — Sea Transformation! When this Primordial Kun Peng flapped its wings, all of the skies became an ocean with gigantic surging waves that were capable of drowning the stars.

“Bang!” Even though the Royal Lord was a Little Sovereign, he couldn’t help but take several thumping steps back under such a sweeping emperor law. The lights in his divine rings suddenly became dim; his blood energy was unstable after this strike from Li Qiye, causing him to turn pale.

Li Qiye was an Ancient Saint with six palaces and nine stars and he also cultivated emperor laws. How could a Little Sovereign like the Static Stream Royal Lord compete with him?

Li Qiye’s gaze turned cold as he emotionlessly spoke: “Continuing to provoke me time and time again… Your ancestors’ face is no longer enough! If I don’t kill you all, then people would really think that I am easily bullied.” 1

Having said this, his five fingers stretched outward as they encompassed the Royal Lord like the heavens itself.

“Brother Li, please wait!” The frightened Lu Baiqiu quickly rushed forward and stood in front of the Royal Lord as she urgently begged: “Brother Li, our Static Stream Country doesn’t have any animosity towards you, it was only a misunderstanding.”

When Lu Baiqiu stood and blocked the front, Li Qiye paused for a moment and looked at Lu Baiqiu. Then, he withdrew his heaven-like fingers before dismissively speaking: “Region Lord Lu, there are times when your face alone is insufficient!”

Lu Baiqiu couldn’t help but wryly smile. As a disciple of the Static Stream Country, she couldn’t just stand there and watch Li Qiye massacre its people. She then quickly spoke: “Our Royal Lord only wanted to speak to Brother Li about the lost island. There was a misunderstanding; I hope that Brother Li can forgive us.”

At this time, the Royal Lord had a shocked countenance. He saw the Kun Peng above Li Qiye’s head and took in a deep breath. The emperor aura soaring in the sky caused him to realize that he had kicked a steel wall. Since the person cultivated an emperor law, without a doubt, he was from an Immortal Emperor lineage. Their Static Stream Country could not afford to provoke such a lineage.

“Which emperor’s sect is Fellow Daoist from?” The Royal Lord inquired while shivering inside. He couldn’t do anything but bend down. A Grand Sovereign was far from enough to mess with an Immortal Emperor lineage, let alone a Little Sovereign like him.

Li Qiye glanced at the Royal Lord and said: “Out of respect for Region Lord Lu, I shall let go of this matter this time! You can go and meet me on the island with Region Lord Lu alone!” With that, he turned around and quickly disappeared as he headed towards his island.

Many of the accompanying experts were shocked at Li Qiye’s tone when he addressed the ruler of a country.

“Region Lord Lu, follow me to the island!” The Royal Lord took a deep breath. As a Royal Lord, he couldn’t help but consider himself superior at times. However, he was also an experienced man and knew when to back down!

“Your Majesty!” Many experts were alarmed when they heard that the Royal Lord wanted to go to the island by himself and wished to become the vanguard, but the Royal Lord stopped them with a wave of his hand: “Even if all of you come along, it would only end in even more meaningless deaths. Wait here!”

When a Little Sovereign like him was insufficient, other experts would just be giving up their lives trying to oppose Li Qiye.

After the Royal Lord entered the island, the other experts went into a battle-ready formation. As long as there was any sign from within, they would immediately rush in for the rescue.

Li Qiye was sitting directly on the island. The moment the Royal Lord saw him, he calmed himself and bowed down towards Li Qiye with a slightly submissive attitude and said: “This time, my Static Stream Country only wanted to ask about the matter of the lost island. I didn’t expect for such a misunderstanding to occur, truly unfortunate.”

The Royal Lord was a smart man. All the old cultivators like him were as wily as devils and knew the right time for small sects like them to acquiesce.

In his eyes, Li Qiye came from an Immortal Emperor lineage, a monstrous existence that his country could not afford to deal with. Moreover, Li Qiye’s strength was clearly enough to defeat a Heavenly Sovereign.

This why was the Royal Lord first chose to admit his faults in order to ease the atmosphere between them.

1. Raw is “made of tofu.” Soft and moldable, easily bullied, too nice.

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