Chapter 395: Beginning Of The Storm

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Chapter 395: Beginning Of The Storm

In fact, the Static Stream Royal Lord did not mean to start a feud with Li Qiye in the beginning; however, as a Royal Lord, he couldn’t help but act a bit imperiously. He didn’t expect for Li Qiye to be so ruthless as to immediately kill someone at the first sign of discord.

The Royal Lord became even more wary towards such a ruthless man since when a person of this type took action, they held no reservations!

Li Qiye looked at the lord and said: “Forget it. You seem like a reasonable person with a sense of propriety, so I won’t make it difficult for you.”

The Royal Lord sighed in relief after hearing these words. He was a bit regretful of listening to Xuan Shaojun’s urging instead of Lu Baiqiu’s advice; otherwise, this troublesome matter wouldn’t have happened.

“This time, I came to inquire about the lost island. I heard Region Lord Lu say that the lost island was found by you, I wonder if you can tell me a thing or two about it?” The Royal Lord quickly said. 1

Li Qiye gently shook his head in response: “The lost island isn’t something your Static Stream Country can handle. Without caution, it will attract a sect-destroying calamity.”

Having heard Li Qiye, the Royal Lord became disappointed, but he didn’t dare to force the issue.

“However…” Li Qiye gave him a look and suddenly had an idea, so he added: “Very well, you can help me with something. Your Static Stream Country does not need to get involved in this affair, and if there is something good in the future, I will give you a bit of the spoils.”

“What kind of something?” The Royal Lord’s mind shook a bit after hearing this. It was naturally a good thing if the Static Stream Country could have a good relationship with an Immortal Emperor lineage.

Although the Static Stream Country was attached to the Thousand Carp River, there were many tributary sects like them in the Distant Cloud region. Moreover, their country was far to the south of the Thousand Carp River, so the sect did not value their country very much. Now, if they could befriend another emperor’s lineage, it would be a beneficial endeavor.

“What you need to do is very simple; spread the news about the lost island, and that an immortal medicine of the island had been unearthed. The miracle of the Legendary Era will come!” Li Qiye said with a smile.

“Unearthed an immortal medicine?” The Royal Lord was astounded after hearing such words.

“Go, there will be benefits for you in the future!” Li Qiye gently motioned with his hand.

The Royal Lord stood up and bowed his head towards Li Qiye, then he turned to leave with Lu Baiqiu. But at this time, Li Qiye spoke: “Region Lord Lu, stay here.”

“Me?” Region Lord Lu was a bit startled as she looked at Li Qiye, then the Royal Lord.

Li Qiye nodded and said: “You are worthy of my grooming. If you are willing to stay, I shall grant you a new fortune in the future.”

Hearing this, the Royal Lord was ecstatic and quickly told Lu Baiqiu: “Region Lord Lu, you can stay behind and be in charge of communications!”

He wanted to befriend Li Qiye. If Lu Baiqiu could join an Immortal Emperor lineage in the future, then it would be absolutely amazing for their Static Stream Country.

Lu Baiqiu looked at the two of them again, then she finally nodded her head to say: “Since Your Majesty says so, I shall stay behind.”

Immediately after, the Royal Lord said a few words to Lu Baiqiu and then left with the others.

After he left, Lu Baiqiu sat to the side of Li Qiye. She took another look at him and couldn’t help but ask: “Which Immortal Emperor lineage is Brother Li from?”

During their first encounter, she thought that Li Qiye was either a vagrant cultivator or someone who came from a small sect, but this was certainly not the case now.

Regarding the speculations of the Royal Lord and Lu Baiqiu, Li Qiye couldn’t refrain from smiling and shook his head: “Is which Immortal Emperor lineage I come from really that important?”

Lu Baiqiu was still curious and started to guess: “There are only two Immortal Emperor lineages that take in humans at the Distant Cloud — the Thousand Carp River and the Simple Mountain Immortal Kingdom. If Brother Li came from the river, then we should have heard of your famous name, so Brother Li must have come from the Simple Mountain Immortal Kingdom…?”

“No to both.” Li Qiye gently shook his head and said: “These things are not important to you. The most pertinent matter is to let go of your restrictions and focus on cultivation; this is the thing that you should do.”

“Brother Li wants to teach me cultivation?” Lu Baiqiu couldn’t help but jokingly ask: “I wonder what creation you will be able to grant me?”

Although Lu Baiqiu was usually stoic, she sometimes couldn’t help but brim with vivacity as a girl.

“That will depend on what you choose.” Li Qiye looked at her and said with a smile: “If you choose to stay by my side, then I will give you quite an excellent creation. If you choose to stay at the Static Stream Country, then I will point you to a particular dao path.”

Li Qiye indeed had thoughts of training Lu Baiqiu. Compared to the girls by his side, Lu Baiqiu’s talents were indeed too ordinary. She could not compare to Li Shuangyan and was even weaker than Chi Xiaodie.

However, Li Qiye fancied her attitude; she was someone with an open mind, someone who was capable, sensible, and a true cultivator.

“Could it be that Brother Li will introduce me to your sect?” Lu Baiqiu couldn’t help but reply with a smile: “Even if I enter your sect, I’m afraid my future accomplishments will not be any better than in the Static Stream Country.”

Coming from an ordinary background, Lu Baiqiu knew herself very well. Her talents could not compare to the other geniuses. If she entered a different sect, then she would have to start from the beginning. Moreover, she would not be greatly valued in a new sect with her aptitude.

Rankings were extremely strict in an Immortal Emperor lineage. If a disciple was not valued, they would not be able to cultivate emperor laws or have access to more resources.

“There is no need for that.” Li Qiye smilingly said: “Right now, I am missing a driver. If you are willing to stay, then you can control my carriage for me.”

“Brother Li, this joke isn’t funny.” Lu Baiqiu was taken aback, then she shook her head to say. Although Lu Baiqiu was someone with a broad mind, such words still made her feel uncomfortable.

Although she knew that she was not a genius, her future in the Static Stream Country was not bad, so she still had confidence in herself. But now, Li Qiye wanted her to be a driver, something no one would want to do. If Lu Baiqiu wasn’t so tolerant, then she would have been stricken with anger thinking that Li Qiye wanted to humiliate her.

Li Qiye looked at her and calmly spoke: “Don’t think that controlling my carriage for me is dishonorable. Not too many people in the Nine Worlds are qualified to control my carriage! If it is someone I don’t like, then even if their talents were better or they came from an amazing background, they still wouldn’t be eligible to be my driver.”

Li Qiye was not bragging. Since ancient times, the moment his carriage appeared, all gods retreated and Immortal Emperors had to welcome him! And his drivers were Virtuous Paragons capable of forming their own countries!

Lu Baiqiu became astounded. Such nonchalant words from Li Qiye carried an indescribable confidence as if it was part of the natural order. If these words came from someone else, then she would have thought that they were nonsensically blustering, but Li Qiye’s speech seemed to dictate that this was how it should be.

After calming down, Lu Baiqiu’s pretty eyes blinked as she smiled: “Even if I am willing to drive for you, do you have a carriage?” Finished speaking, she intentionally looked at Li Qiye as if asking where his carriage was.

Lu Baiqiu was a valiant and straightforward girl. Her slight smile was a refreshing scene and it was indeed a bit charming.

“There will be a carriage.” Li Qiye leisurely said: “Think about it carefully, this opportunity is quite rare.”

Li Qiye’s tone left Lu Baiqiu in deep thought. If other people offered her a driving position and then told her to think about it carefully, she would have thought that they were insane, but Li Qiye’s words caused her to really think it through in silence.

Due to the Static Stream Country deliberately spreading the news, the information about the lost islands quickly traversed the Distant Cloud and then to all the other three regions.

“Lost mythical island? Isn’t it only a legend?” After hearing about the island’s appearance, many cultivators from the great powers were skeptical.

However, the great powers who were close to the Static Stream Country quickly sent scouts and really found the divine island lost inside the mist in the ocean.

Not long later, many great powers confirmed its appearance, and the skeptics began to believe this matter.

In a short amount of time, internal discussions were rampant inside these great powers. Some sects especially convened meetings to discuss the lost island.

“The mythical island is only a legend and no one had ever found it since the start of time, but it suddenly appeared now without any prior indication… This is a bit too strange.” Many great characters wished to wait and see.

A different sect master said: “Rumor has it that this lost island has existed since the Legendary Era, but no one knows what the place actually contains.”

Especially when masters who wanted to cross the sea mist to enter the islands were devoured, many sects adopted a wait-and-see attitude instead.

However, the next message made many people unable to sit still in their chairs. A message with unknown origin suddenly declared that immortal medicines had appeared on the lost island.

1. Here, the Royal Lord used “fellow daoist” to refer to Li Qiye to show respect/friendliness, but I didn’t want to use fellow daoist several times in the same line.

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