Chapter 396: A Fiance Out Of Nowhere

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Chapter 396: A Fiance Out Of Nowhere

“Immortal medicines appeared—?” Having heard this news, even great characters could no longer sit still as they immediately inquired about this matter.

In the beginning, many remained skeptical. But later on, someone vowed seeing an immortal light piercing down onto the lost island, and that they heard the cries of dragons and phoenixes.

“The miracle of the Legendary Age is about to appear!” Afterwards, many smaller reports came from all around the Distant Cloud region, and they were getting more and more outrageous.

Some said that a true immortal was about to come into being while others stated that true dragons and immortal phoenixes were descending. There were a few statements regarding the appearance of an immortal potion as well…

These messages were everywhere, including people who swore on their lives that they saw all kinds of strange phenomena out at sea including dragons and immortals…

As these bits of gossip were flying around, many great powers sent their own to watch the lost island.

Just like the rumors, in a short amount of time, many changes happened to the lost island shrouded in mist. Sometimes, strange images would appear, or a golden light would rush out as if an immortal was visiting the mortal realm. Wondrous hymns emanated from the island, but screams were even more common; it was as if the island was a prison of devils from the ancient ages.

“Could it be that this is the sign of the immortal medicine?” Many experts wondered after seeing all these strange images.

All of a sudden, many great powers who initially intended to wait became impatient and planned on entering the lost island, but the experts who attempted to do so were swallowed by the mist and turned into blood. This scene was extremely frightening, causing people’s hair to stand on end.

Although the mist lingered like a beast wanting to devour trespassing cultivators, human hearts remained greedy for the immortal medicine.

Even Lu Baiqiu, who was staying with Li Qiye, had heard all of these things. These were all messages intentionally spread by Li Qiye, but now they had travelled far and people actually confirmed that immortal medicines were there on the lost island.

Since these two were the first to find the lost island and knowing that Li Qiye had intentionally spread these messages, Lu Baiqiu did not believe any of it. But now, these rumors had escalated to the point of becoming truths. This caused Lu Baiqiu to be surprised as she asked Li Qiye: “What is there on the lost island? Are immortal medicines and miracles really descending?”

“What is there on the island you say?” Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile at her question: “There could be immortal medicines, and there could also be miracles.”

“Really?” Lu Baiqiu had to take a calming breath. She assumed that Li Qiye only wished to spread false rumors when he asked their lord to propagate them.

“On this lost island, immortal medicines and miracles are not worth anything compared to the true existence there!” Li Qiye said with a relaxed smile.

Lu Baiqiu shivered after hearing such words. Just what were immortal medicines? These were priceless treasures even for Virtuous Paragons!

To cultivators, although physique pastes could strengthen the flesh, longevity medicines could prolong life, and fate pills could solidify one’s foundation, all of these pills had a limit. For example, once the lifespan of great characters dried up, they could only use a certain amount of longevity medicine before it stopped being effective.

At this time, they must use different divine treasures to prolong their life, and among these things, immortal medicines were the best option. Moreover, these medicines were all-purpose panaceas that were capable of growing new bones and flesh, prolonging life by a thousand years, and solidifying one’s foundation…

Real immortal medicines were priceless treasures craved by all no matter who they were.

After calming down, Lu Baiqiu couldn’t help but ask: “Then what is this item that exists on the lost island?” What in the world could make immortal medicines seem like nothing?

“Well…” Li Qiye cheerfully smiled with narrowed eyes and continued: “I’m afraid no one in this world knows. Only after coming onto the lost island will you know just what kinds of things you will find.”

Who would actually be privy to the truth about an immemorial legend? And who could be so sure of what exists there?

Intuition told Lu Baiqiu that Li Qiye must know what it was, but Li Qiye didn’t want to tell her, so she didn’t dare to pry further.

Meanwhile, many people were clamoring about the lost island outside. While they wanted to reach the island, Li Qiye continued staying on his small island without a care for the outside world. He didn’t do anything outside of cultivating.

However, the Static Stream Royal Lord brought someone to see Li Qiye one day. Before they could come, Lu Baiqiu had already informed him: “A protector from the Thousand Carp River wants to see you!”

“A Thousand Carp River’s protector?” Li Qiye opened his eyes after hearing this, but he didn’t pay it any mind. Not long after, the Royal Lord brought an old man onto the small island. The old man was also a Little Sovereign.

“Young Noble Li, this person is Protector Xiao of the Thousand Carp River.” The Royal Lord quickly made introductions. Although this Protector Xiao might not be that much stronger than the Royal Lord, even he who was the ruler of a country was very respectful towards this protector.

It was not unreasonable for the Royal Lord to show this level of respect. Despite being the ruler of a country, there was no good reason for him to put on airs before a Thousand Carp River’s protector.

The Thousand Carp River was one of the two most powerful Immortal Emperor lineages, and it was the only emperor lineage built by the demon race at the hands of Immortal Emperor Qian Li.

Remember that Immortal Emperor Qian Li was one of the last three emperors during the Emperors Era. Immortal Emperor Ta Kong, Immortal Emperor Yin Tian, and Immortal Emperor Qian Li were the last three emperors.

It could be said that in the Sacred Nether World, Immortal Emperor Qian Li was the one closest to the present, thus the Thousand Carp River that was erected by him had plenty of frightening emperor’s power remaining.

The sect’s influence was still great due to having the most recent emperor, so in spite of there being other Ancient Kingdoms more powerful within the Sacred Nether World, even dual emperor kingdoms were quite wary of the Thousand Carp River.

The Static Stream Country was nothing compared to a huge monster like the river sect, not to mention that the country had always been a tributary state. Thus, the Royal Lord being respectful to Protector Xiao was understandable.

“You are that Li Qiye!” Although Protector Xiao was not an ostentatious person, he was still arrogant before Li Qiye. He simply gave him a glance and said slowly.

“That Li Qiye?” Li Qiye lightly smiled. He would remain nonchalant even before a more unfathomable character, let alone a mere protector. He looked at the protector and said: “I’m the only Li Qiye that I know of among the people I’ve met.”

Protector Xiao slowly spoke: “Today, I came here on the orders of the elders in the sect to break up this engagement with you!” At this time, Protector Xiao purposely acted in a very amiable manner, at least, in his eyes. 1

“Engagement? What engagement?” Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile.

As for the Royal Lord and Lu Baiqiu, they naturally became a bit astounded, especially the Royal Lord. When the protector said that he wished to see Li Qiye, he believed that it was about the matter of the lost island, and he was living in anxiety due to this. However, after listening to the contents of this conversation, he couldn’t resist being surprised.

“You obtained a piece of jade at the Soaring Remembrance Village, correct?” Protector Xiao deepened his tone: “This was only caused due to a moment of anger from a little girl. As long as you and Yunzhu dissolve this marriage, our Thousand Carp River will not mistreat you.”

“What—?” Having heard this, the Royal Lord and Lu Baiqiu were instantly shocked, but they immediately shut their mouths.

“Oh, you are talking about that little girl from the Soaring Remembrance Village.” Li Qiye suddenly understood and looked at Protector Xiao, then he replied with a smile: “What does my fiance, whom I have never met before, have to do with the Thousand Carp River?” Li Qiye initially didn’t care about this marriage arrangement back at the Soaring Remembrance Village. In fact, it was not so easy to become his fiance.

“Yunzhu is our Thousand Carp River’s descendant!” Protector Xiao said in a serious manner: “Not just anyone can be her match!”

Protector Xiao’s words were obvious enough. Today, he came to end this arrangement. Otherwise, which unknown junior would be worthy of his presence?

Lu Baiqiu and the Royal Lord were astonished as well since Lan Yunzhu, the descendant of the Thousand Carp River, was a legend among the younger generation.

She was a person with dual saint talents! Despite so many geniuses appearing at the Thousand Carp River, she was soon chosen as their descendant. Keep in mind that an Immortal Emperor lineage like the Thousand Carp River would never lack potential candidates for this position, yet someone with a humble background like Lan Yunzhu was chosen as the descendant by the elders at such a young age. This was telling of her talents.

One had to know that not only was Lan Yunzhu talented, she also had an indescribable beauty. Even if she was not the prettiest girl in the Distant Cloud, she was definitely amongst the top five.

Countless young geniuses in the Distant Cloud fell in love with her at first sight and lost their minds for her. Many geniuses from other emperor lineages came to propose, but all were refused.

1. “I” here is the “I” someone would use to speak to someone of lower status — not very respectful.

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