Chapter 441: Golden Prince

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Chapter 441: Golden Prince

The Divine Spark Prince only sneered at Ye Sha’s sarcastic remark and stared at him in disdain before saying: “Ye Sha, the power of my Divine Spark Country is enough to destroy you. Do you think that you can still escape like last time?”

He paused here then sneered: “The reason why I’m not taking action against you is because my sister wants to do it herself. She will personally arrive this time, so you better prepare yourself.”

After being struck by the prince in his sore spot, Ye Sha’s expression became very difficult to look at. This was his gravest threat — the possibility of the Divine Spark Divine Maiden maneuvering against him. More importantly, who would dare to oppose Sir Di Zuo in the Sacred Nether World?

Many young cultivators shivered after hearing the prince’s words; the arrival of the Phoenix Maiden was a huge deal. She was a famous heaven’s proud daughter of the southern Distant Cloud, someone with exceedingly high talents and a powerful cultivation. What was more astonishing was that her fiance was the dreadful Di Zuo.

Mo Lidao, the descendant of the Sky-devil Gate, came out to smooth things over: “Ah, Prince and Brother Ye Sha. Ye Sha indeed has many offenses, but Prince and the Phoenix Maiden are benevolent like the vast sea; we ordinary people naturally cannot compare to you both. Ye Sha should be apologizing to the Divine Spark Country; what do you think, Brother Ye Sha?”

The Divine Spark Country, the Sky-devil Gate, and the Nightwalker Sect were all great powers in the southern Distant Cloud. Mo Lidao had good relations with both the Divine Spark Prince and Ye Sha, so it was understandable that he would play the role of a mediator at this moment.

“Ye Sha was indeed in the wrong this time.” Another voice appeared. With some clicking sounds, another person entered the ancient yard.

This person garnered quite a bit of attention because it was more accurate to refer to him as a skeleton rather than a person.

It was a walking golden skeleton without any flesh; he was simply bones. Standing there was a complete skeleton seemingly crafted from pure gold — extremely fortified. In its eye sockets were burning golden flames as if it was his soul or pupils.

“Golden Child!” Many people exclaimed after seeing the arrival of this golden skeleton.

“A member of the Hundred Bones Sacred Tribe.” Qiurong Wanxue, who was standing next to Li Qiye, was also surprised to see this person.

The Hundred Bones Sacred Tribe was an extremely powerful ghost tribe at the eastern Nether Border. They were born with only bones and no flesh, unlike the other ghost tribes. With its very unique characteristics, this tribe was a major branch of the ghost race.

Their greatest characteristic was their extremely fortified bones that were capable of blocking attacks from Life Treasures. The stronger the disciple was in this tribe, the deeper the color of their bones.

For example, the bones of the descendant of the Hundred Bones Sacred Tribe, Golden Child, were of a golden color and he had soul flames in his eyes. This meant that his cultivation was very formidable.

Golden Child went closer to Ye Sha and said: “Ye Sha, you should apologize to the Divine Spark Prince. He is a very compassionate man so he will surely let go of this matter.”

Golden Child’s words made it hard for Ye Sha to act. Despite being a very powerful assassin, existences like Golden Child and the Phoenix Maiden weren’t people he could mess with.

Golden Child was very powerful; rumor has it that his bones could withstand an attack from a Heavenly King True Treasure. Even other Heavenly Kings could not proudly pat their chest and proclaim that their bodies could withstand such an attack. Golden Prince’s cultivation was far from this level, but he was capable of blocking such an attack, indicating the hardness of his bones.

Mo Lidao also tried to mediate: “Brother Ye Sha, the knot of a feud should be let loose instead of tightened. Everyone should take a step back and bask in the vastness of the sky and ocean…”

Ye Sha was tempted by Golden Child and Mo Lidao’s intermediation.

“Hmph! Apologizing is not hard, you just have to personally bow your head to my sister!” The Divine Spark Prince lightly smirked and arrogantly spoke.

Despite Ye Sha losing some face from this, it was fortunate that the Divine Spark Prince didn’t keep going.

Golden Child then politely greeted the Divine Spark Prince: “Divine Spark Prince, I heard that the Phoenix Maiden will come, I wonder if Di Zuo will be there as well?”

Regarding fame, status, and power, the Divine Spark Prince was not qualified for such a polite gesture from Golden Child. The Hundred Bones Sacred Tribe was a major branch and was much more powerful than the Divine Spark Country.

The reason for this politeness along with persuading Ye Sha to apologize was to form a connection with Di Zuo of the Myriad Bones Throne.

In the end, Di Zuo’s prestige was like thunder in the Sacred Nether World, causing all young cultivators to tremble.

Coming from the Myriad Bones Throne was already notable enough, but being the descendant of a sect with three emperors guaranteed his extraordinariness.

This was the reason why when people talked about Di Zuo, they would add the word “sir” to clearly show his status.

“If the Prime Ominous Grave opens, then my brother-in-law will come. He is the only person qualified to possess the immortal technique for immortality!” The Divine Spark Prince proudly said.

He was indeed always full of pride and arrogance when talking about his brother-in-law, who was the most famous youth in the current Sacred Nether World. After all, this was the person people thought was most likely to become an Immortal Emperor.

“Sir Di Zuo will come in person.” Many people gasped and no one dared to call the prince out for his arrogance. To many people, having a brother-in-law like Di Zuo was indeed something to be proud of. The prince was indeed too arrogant and put no one in his sight, but Di Zuo was enough to shut up all the other geniuses. If there was really a method for immortality in the Prime Ominous Grave, then Di Zuo was a qualified candidate for it.

“If Sir Di Zuo comes himself, then I will definitely go greet him to hear about his grand dao.” Golden Child followed with a smile.

Golden Child was not a weakling. There were rumors stating that he had entered the Heavenly Sovereign realm; he was much stronger than Ye Sha or Mo Lidao. However, his modesty right now was illustrative of Di Zuo’s strength and notoriety.

“I will definitely let Brother Golden know after my brother-in-law arrives.” The Divine Spark Prince replied with a smile as well.

Many people glanced at each other and quietly discussed Di Zuo’s arrival. Others were also talking about whether the Prime Ominous Grave would open or not.

“Will it really open?” A young person itched from the excitement about the grave.

Others were dejected and someone lamented with a sigh: “Di Zuo’s personal arrival will outshine so many people.” This made a lot of sense since many people would retreat before his sight, not daring to compete.

While others were talking, Li Qiye and Qiurong Wanxue sat in a corner and meditated while waiting for Imp’s arrival.

“Ye Sha is staring at us.” After a while, Qiurong Wanxue whispered.

At this point, Ye Sha’s gloomy eyes were fixated on the two of them; these eyes were filled with murderous intent. Before this, Ye Sha had already wanted to kill the two to steal their treasure, but he was interrupted by Monk Dazhi.

This chance meeting incited Ye Sha’s murderous intent, but there were too many people here and he didn’t want to recklessly make a move.

Li Qiye still had his eyes closed after hearing Qiurong Wanxue. Without batting an eye, he then slowly said: “Ignore the fly. If he wants to die, then I’ll gladly help him.”

Qiurong Wanxue stayed silent. She didn’t question Li Qiye’s confidence, but it would be troublesome if Ye Sha were to hear it.

Coming from a small tribe, as the chief, she more often than not chose to retreat. She was very different from the fierce Li Qiye who put no one in his sight.

The sky became darker as more people came to participate in the auction. Among them were many disciples from the great powers. Some of their descendants even came. They arrived and sat in the corners in the courtyard, waiting for the auction to start.

Once night fell, a person suddenly appeared in the middle of the courtyard. No one saw how he got there. It was as if he had always been there. This sudden appearance shocked a lot of people as everyone stared at him.

The person smiled and declared: “Friends, I am very happy to see all of you coming to participate in the Coffin-tapping Imp’s auction. We won’t waste time, the coffin tapping will begin now!”

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