Chapter 444: Heaven Sealing Pentagate

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Chapter 444: Heaven Sealing Pentagate

While Imp was looking at all the items presented, Li Qiye was gazing at the bronze coffin. The moment Imp took it out, Li Qiye focused his gaze upon it as a profound light flashed from the depths of his eyes, seemingly wanting to see what was inside the coffin.

He looked at the coffin meticulously without missing a single detail. He did so again and again.

Imp finally got through everyone’s items. There were only two that he was slightly interested in. One belonged to the Divine Spark Prince and the other was Golden Child’s eye.

The prince and the Golden Child were secretly happy since their chances were very high.

“Aizz, you guys don’t have many good things.” Little Imp looked at the item from the prince again. He was a bit tempted, but not by much. After all, the item in the bronze coffin was very valuable.

The prince was ecstatic. If Imp wished to trade, then he was the most promising client.

“If Senior doesn’t mind, I can take out a few more things from Necropolis.” The Divine Spark Prince hastily added.

“It’ll depend on what they are.” Imp nodded.

“Would you like to make a bet?” However, before the prince could take out his items, Li Qiye suddenly spoke to Imp.

The prince was not pleased, so he coldly spoke: “Human Junior, scram to the side. Do you not see that I’m doing business with Senior?”

Li Qiye ignored the prince and continued on: “This junk is not worth mentioning. Don’t you feel that this transaction is quite unfair for you? How about we make a bet; I’m sure that you will be satisfied.”

Li Qiye’s words not only offended the prince, but even Golden Child’s group. He suddenly became public enemy number one.

The eyes of Golden Child and the Divine Spark Prince became sharp. Golden Child then coldly smiled and said: “A human ant still dares to act so presumptuously?”

A murderous glint appeared in the Divine Spark Prince’s eyes as he coldly uttered: “Wait until I’m done trading with Senior before speaking, do not bother us!”

Naturally, the prince wanted the bronze coffin really badly, and clearly, Imp was a bit inclined to trade it to him. At such an important moment, Li Qiye suddenly decided to interfere, so how could the prince not become outraged?

Li Qiye ignored them and asked Imp again: “Will you bet or not!?”

Imp stared at Li Qiye while gesturing for everyone else to quiet down. The enraged prince’s urge to kill rose higher and higher. The common proverb was right — cutting someone’s road to riches was the same as killing their parents.

“What kind of bet?” Imp said with great interest. He was indeed tempted by the Divine Spark Prince’s item, but he also thought that it wasn’t valuable enough alone.

Li Qiye continued with a smile: “I will guess what is in your coffin. If I am correct, then the coffin will belong to me. If I’m wrong, then I will compensate you with an item.”

“Hmph! What kind of treasure can a human junior possibly have? Don’t waste Senior’s time.” The Divine Spark Prince sneered: “Senior, I still have several other good items that were taken from Necropolis, how about you take a look?”

Imp waved his sleeve, signaling for the prince to shut up. This caused him to become very angry and he wished to kill Li Qiye on the spot. A meal was right in front of him, yet it flew away. 1

Imp enthusiastically asked: “What will you take out to bet with me?”

Li Qiye handed a bottle to Imp and smiled: “Take a look, I’m sure you will accept the bet.”

Imp opened the bottle and was immediately shocked. He instantly closed it, took a deep breath, then said: “You’re on!”

Li Qiye only smiled because this was within his expectations. The bottle contained Myriad Star Water, something that even Immortal Emperors lusted for, so how could Imp possibly resist? In fact, it wasn’t just the water itself, even the bottle alone was already an amazing treasure. How could a bottle capable of containing Myriad Star Water not be wondrous?

The bottle was the War God Temple’s greeting gift to Li Qiye!

No one knew what Li Qiye’s bottle contained. Qiurong Wanxue was also very curious, but she was more curious as to what the bronze coffin contained.

Earlier, Imp traded seven items away to others. With the exception of the first item, the other six did not interest Li Qiye, but the eighth caused him to act. She was curious about the item that could tempt even Li Qiye in such a manner.

Imp gave the Myriad Star Water back to Li Qiye and impatiently urged: “Okay, you can guess now.”

The Divine Spark Prince hated Li Qiye even more after seeing this turn of events. Such a sale was undermined by this fool!

Li Qiye put away the water and smiled: “Slow down, let me look at your bronze coffin first.”

Imp immediately agreed: “As long as you can guess correctly, it will belong to you.”

Imp really wanted Li Qiye’s water. A bottle of such water was enough to tempt anyone without exception.

Li Qiye stood before the bronze coffin and gently caressed it as if he was feeling his lover. He then eventually closed his eyes to feel the coffin.

Moments began to pass and Li Qiye remained still with his eyes closed. His thoughts were fixated on the coffin.

The prince coldly shouted: “Do you know what is inside or not! If you don’t, then just give up, don’t waste everyone’s time!” The prince had lost all of his patience. He didn’t want Li Qiye to guess correctly so that he would still have a chance.

“Shut the hell up!” Imp interrupted the Divine Spark Prince without any consideration to his face.

Being yelled at by Imp left the prince with an ugly expression, but he didn’t dare to act out. Earlier, Imp easily threw dozens of people out of Midtown. Everyone knew that the old man had an unfathomable power and could easily crush them, so they didn’t dare to offend him.

The prince couldn’t afford to provoke Imp, but he didn’t care for Li Qiye. This was why he placed all of his frustration onto Li Qiye. Sooner or later, he would destroy this human ant.

After a while, Li Qiye finally opened his eyes and revealed a subtle smile. Imp then quickly urged him: “Tell me your guess. If you are right, then the coffin will be yours.” He was even afraid that Li Qiye might change his mind because he really needed the Myriad Star Water.

Qiurong Wanxue held her breath in anticipation out of worry for her Young Noble. If he guessed incorrectly, then it would be a huge loss.

Li Qiye gently tapped on the bronze coffin and leisurely said: “If my guess is correct, then this thing has an ancient origin and once sealed an entire realm.” Li Qiye paused here before continuing on: “Its name is… the Heaven Sealing Pentagate!”

Imp was taken aback and could only bitterly smile: “I didn’t think someone in this world would still be able to recognize it.” He took a deep breath and then looked at Li Qiye: “One must be able to concede elegantly. The bronze coffin belongs to you.” Although he was unwilling, he still went out in style.

“Thank you.” Li Qiye smiled and took the bronze coffin away. He didn’t expect to see it here; the Heaven Sealing Pentagate — what an old legend!

Everyone wanted to see the thing inside, but Li Qiye didn’t look like he was going to open it since he had already put it away. Many people gritted their teeth with hostility while gazing at Li Qiye.

Although they had never heard of the name “Heaven Sealing Pentagate,” the fact that it once sealed a realm meant that it must be something incredible.

Imp heaved out a sigh. He was very dejected at not being able to obtain the Myriad Star Water.

“Very well, this will be the last item for auction.” Imp then gravely said: “The last coffin is absolutely worth the most precious item in your entire life. Take out the things you found in Necropolis.”

This time, Imp bluntly said that he wanted Necropolis’ items. This was his initial goal.

Everyone took out their items from Necropolis without any hesitation. In just a split second, colorful treasures appeared and displayed their multi-faceted lights.

“This is the last coffin.” Imp took out the final item. This was a small wooden coffin that was not eye-catching at all. It was around the size of one’s palm and was of a purple color. Despite its humble size, it was a delicate work of art. Runes were carved atop of it, but rather than being hand-carved, they felt natural as if they had always been there.

Everyone was disappointed to see this small wooden coffin as the final item. They all assumed that the last item would — at the very least — be contained in a treasure coffin and not such an ordinary wooden coffin.

“Don’t judge it based on its external appearance.” Imp slowly said: “Even if all of you took out all the things in Necropolis, it still might not be enough to trade for my small coffin.”

The eight treasures prior to this were already wondrous, so Imp’s sentence just now woke everyone up to this small wooden coffin’s greatness.

“Senior, please have a look, this is everything I obtained from Necropolis.” The Divine Spark Prince quickly took out all of his items.

“No, there is more than just this!” The prince then told the disciples by his side to take out everything they had and displayed them in front of Imp.

He then went on to say: “Senior, this is everything I have. As long as you are willing, they will all be yours.”

1. Raw is a duck was in front of his mouth, yet it flew away; another proverb of something slipping away before one’s very eyes.

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