Chapter 46 : Not Convinced? I’ll Beat You Till You Are Convinced! (2)

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Chapter 46 : Not Convinced? I’ll Beat You Till You Are Convinced! (2)

“A boy younger than I am… What methods could he teach us? Won’t this create a mistake in our cultivation? In less than a year, I want to pass the assessment; in the one out of ten thousand chance that I don’t pass, then, I would have to wait for another five years!”

A discontented disciple said.

There were many unhappy disciples. Another one couldn’t help but to start complaining:

“This is true. We have such bad luck! A person younger, compared to us, has been sent here to instruct us on the Dao; this matter is intolerable bullying towards us.”

“Hmmph, a trash Mortal Physique and Mortal Fate Palace could still become our Prime Disciple; it is truly a disgrace to our Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect!”

One disciple with good talents scowled, and he then said, with disdain:

“Shhh, older brother Luo. Careful or he will hear us.”

A disciple whispered while he pulled at his older brother.

In fact, prior to this, Sectional Leader Zhou had implied to make things difficult for Li Qi Ye. This matter was not a big deal, and there would be no one to step up in place of him. This was why the martial hall disciples became bolder.

“So what if he can hear us?”

The disciple called older brother Luo raised his voice higher instead, and he loudly said:

“He is only a rubbish straw bag, and he is no different from anyone else! Even if he held the thighs of the Nine Saint Demon Gate; we can’t allow him to delay our cultivation because of that! Why did we tortuously cultivate these past few years? It is so that we could pass the examination and become a disciple in the sect. If we are taught by a piece of trash like this, our efforts in these few years would be in vain.”

“This is true.”

In that moment, many students echoed:

“We can’t let a piece of trash waste our many years of effort in vain! We want to send him away! Change to a different instructor!”

Suddenly, around a dozen disciples chimed in. They surrounded him together, in a circle, and they started to heckle and rebel. Seeing this situation, Nan Huai Ren, frowning, wanted to step forward, but he was stopped by Li Qi Ye.

“Get rid of this waste; he is not qualified to instruct us on the Dao!”

The dozens of students loudly jeered.

“True that! A person who had only recently joined the sect isn’t even equal to me, and he still has the audacity to instruct us in the Dao!”

A disciple contemptuously said:

“What is a Prime Disciple worth? Pfft, he is not worth a single coin!”

Older brother Luo yelled:

“Correct! His cultivation isn’t as strong as us, but he still wants to instruct us on the Dao. This is truly shameful! Wanting to instruct the Dao to us isn’t a difficult thing; he just has to beat us first, and then we can talk.”

“That won’t be good.”

A female disciple’s big eyes, having some fear, said:

“Provoking the instructor; this is not a light charge.”

“Bah, provoking the instructor? He needs to have the qualifications to be our instructor; then we can talk.”

Older brother Luo loudly said.

“Not wrong, without the qualifications to be our instructor, he can’t talk about Dao instruction. How is this called provoking the instructor?”

Many disciples agreed and without a double, this older brother Luo commanded high respect within his peers.

“So, you all are completely not satisfied with this senior?”

Now that Li Qi Ye started to open his mouth, the disciples here quickly became silent. They looked at Li Qi Ye while Li Qi Ye looked back at them. No matter what, Li Qi Ye still was the Prime Disciple sent by the Elders.

“Not satisfied, eh? One could say that I am a very open-minded person.”

Li Qi Ye laughed so hard that his eyes were shut.

Seeing Li Qi Ye’s smile caused Nan Huai Ren, who was standing next to him, to shiver. The expression of Li Qi Ye’s smile created an illusion in his mind; it was as if a Desolate Wasteland fierce beast had opened its jaw while licking its white-as-snow fangs and stared intensely at a group of lambs.

At this moment, many students made a rattling sound from turning around to look at older brother Luo. Without a doubt, brother Luo was someone they trusted, and many people here were waiting to see his attitude.

This brother Luo, that was confident enough, suddenly stood up. This brother Luo was sixteen or seventeen years old, and he looked at Li Qi Ye, who was even younger than him; he coldly smiled:

“Yes! We are not convinced! You are just a new disciple! What gives you the qualification to instruct the us on the Dao. Hmmph! Casually pulling a bag of straws to instruct the Dao to us! This is no different from destroying our futures!”

“This younger brother, what is your name?”

Li Qi Ye wasn’t angry with this. No, he still had his eyes closed and a smile on his face as he said this.

This brother Luo proudly look over Li Qi Ye, and he responded:

“I walk without changing my first name, and I sit without changing my last name; Luo Feng Hua is who I am! You want revenge, coming to me is enough!”

After hearing this name, Li Qi Ye let off a brighter smile; he had seen the roster, and this Luo Feng Hua he naturally knew of. Luo Feng Hua had joined for almost four years now, and his talents and physiques were not bad. After four years, he had reached the Provision Palace rank.

As an outer disciple, without the chance to practice superior merit laws, on top of the fact that three hundred disciples were instructed by only one sectional leader, and him using four years to reach the Provision Palace rank, even if his physiques and talents were not worthy of pride, he would still be considered a small genius.

“Besides this younger brother Luo, are there any others who are dissatisfied with me?”

Said Li Qi Ye, maintaining his eyes shut and wide smile.

Luo Feng Hua looked at the other disciples, and he then raised his voice:

“If you are not satisfied then say you are not satisfied; this is not a big deal! We’re not a bunch of cowards! We should unite and chase away this bag of straws; this is for our own good! If we let a bag of straws instruct us on the Dao, he will destroy all of our hard effort from the last few years. If there are any punishments, then they can come at me! I will shoulder them!”

This Luo Feng Hua, still speaking loudly, had some capability for leadership.

“This is not wrong! Our rights, we need to personally fight for!”

Under Luo Feng Hua’s lead, many disciples were tempted, and they all stood up.

Suddenly, there were almost a hundred disciples standing up, and some loudly yelled:

“A person even younger than us joined the sect later than us. He is not qualified to instruct us on the Dao! You should immediately get out of the Cleansing Jade Peak!”

“That’s right! Immediately get out! Get out!”

Different disciples were shouting.

In this moment, the roaring was higher than a wave, and the disciples, who were silent before, under the surging mob, couldn’t help but start to loudly echo their voices.

“It seems like all of you are very dissatisfied with me.”

Facing these discontent disciples, Li Qi Ye still smilingly said:

“However, this was a decision made by the Elders, wasn’t it? Since you guys are dissatisfied with me, I want to listen to your demands. You guys can talk; what type of person would have the qualifications to instruct you on the Dao?”

Even though the crowd was emotional and loud, Li Qi Ye, on the other hand, was not angry. With a consulting appearance, he made this group of young teenagers hesitate for a moment. No one had their own opinion, so they couldn’t help but looked over at Luo Feng Hua.

Luo Feng Hua met the group’s expectation, and he coldly sneered:

“To be our instructor is not difficult. At least be stronger than us! Then one will be eligible to be our instructor. If one can’t compare to even us, they shouldn’t talk about instructing the Dao!”

“So, you want to have a match with me?”

Li Qi Ye smiled at Luo Feng Hua, as he said.

Luo Feng Hua, with a proud attitude, replied:

“Correct; if you can beat me, you will have the qualification to instruct the Dao to us! Hmmph! However, if you can’t beat me, don’t blame me for being ruthless! Against my enemies, I never hold back. At that point, don’t blame me for beating you and rolling on the floor. Once I make a move, I will cut your ribs from your body!”

“This… This is not good.”

Next to him, the female students, with big eyes, timidly said:

“Everyone having a match is good, but we should know the right time to stop.”

Li Qi Ye shook his head, and he smilingly said:

“I feel that this younger brother Luo makes a lot of sense; if we stop at the right time, then it is not a real fight. Isn’t this right, everybody? If we want to fight, we have to use everything!”

“Good, winning or losing depends on the cultivation of the fighters!”

Li Qi Ye stepped up, and he loudly yelled:

“I will fight with you!”

This Luo Feng Hua, truly was courageous.

Li Qi Ye smiled again, his eyes were still shut, and he said:

“You want to fight? I will fight with you here.”

Finished speaking, he slowly took out his Serpent Punishing stick that was hung to his waist, and he said:

“I am the senior, I will not make the first move. You make your move.”

“Hmmph! You don’t know your own strength. Older brother Luo is at the Provision Palace rank! You dare to challenge older brother Luo with a wooden stick? This person doesn’t know life and death!”

Someone saw Li Qi Ye taking out his Serpent Punishing stick, and he said with disdain.

Nan Huai Ren shook his head; he knew that he had bad luck. Even an expert like Xu Hui was beaten by the Serpent Punishing stick until he rolled on the floor, let alone this Luo Feng Hua ahead.

“You don’t know your own strength!”

Li Qi Ye taking out a wooden stick, to Luo Feng Hua, was very humiliating. He opened his mouth, let out a loud roar, and he took out a sword; this was a True Treasure with a relatively low rank. The sword was out, and a “Onggg” sound rang in the air. In the blink of an eye, many surging sword shadows appeared; one “Heavenly Vast River Sword” attack flew towards Li Qi Ye.

Luo Feng Hua’s sword, that just came out, was immediately knocked away by the Serpent Punishing stick.

A bang occurred; the next stick strike caused Luo Feng Hua’s view to be covered with yellow stars. His face was hit violently once, and fresh blood painted his whole face; he, essentially, couldn’t escape the Serpent Punishing stick.

“Bang… Bang… Bang…”

Li Qi Ye was without mercy, and Luo Feng Hua was clubbed dozens of time. Suddenly, he brought Luo Feng Hua down to the ground, and sure enough, Li Qi Ye continued to beat him. Luo Feng Hua screamed out in pain; Li Qi Ye was especially brutal towards Luo Feng Hua. He swung at him very hard; he did so until his eyes and nose were covered in nothing but blood.


In the end, when Li Qi Ye finally held himself back, Luo Feng Hua didn’t even have the strength to scream; he could only quietly whimper.

A person below Heaven’s Primal rank, in front of the Serpent Punishing stick, could only accept the beating!

Nan Huai Ren couldn’t help but pitifully glare at Luo Feng Hua. Even Xu Hui’s teeth were hit till they scattered on the floor. This time, Li Qi Ye’s beating could be considered mercifully restrained.

At this point, all of the disciples were frozen. In just a blink of an eye, Luo Feng Hua, the strongest person in their group, was beating to a bloody pulp.

“All of you step forward right now; all of you can come together.”

Li Qi Ye held the Serpent Punishing stick, and he pointed at the disciples that were chiming in with Luo Feng Hua; he said this dismissively.

“But… But… We.”

Seeing the end result of Luo Feng Hua, these disciples couldn’t help but take a step back.

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