Chapter 47 : Dao Instruction Life Teaching (1)

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Chapter 47 : Dao Instruction Life Teaching (1)

“Come back here!”

Li Qi Ye’s eyes became cold, and he seriously said:

“You challenged my authority, and now you should come taste my authority!”

“We’re afraid of what? He is only one person, and we have so many people, like this! All go! Ah!”

A disciple, with big guts, loudly yelled. He then took out his weapon, and he jumped forward.

“All together!”

With one person leading, the remaining dozen became emboldened. They loudly exclaimed, and they took out their weapons, moving forward.

“Bang… Bang… Bang…”

However, having more people was of no use. In front of the Serpent Punishing stick, cultivators under the Heaven’s Primal rank, they only had one option; the only option was to be beaten. The dozens of students were like little snakes, encountering their nemesis. The moment they made a move, the Serpent Punishing stick immediately hit their face, and as each strike came along, blood covered their faces. They fell down to the ground on the spot.

“Bang… Bang… Bang…”

For the ones leading this rebellion, Li Qi Ye showed no mercy, ruthlessly whipping without stop. Even if they were on the floor, he would still strike.

Li Qi Ye went all out with the whipping until these students wailed like ghosts and howled like wolves; struck until these students’ bodies were covered in blood and lying on the ground. They wouldn’t be able to stand up for an hour.

Li Qi Ye was so fierce, it made the spectating students shiver in fear; they turned pale.

“All of you, come over here for me!”

Li Qi Ye pointed at another group of disciples with his stick, and he coldly said.

“Sen-Senior, we, we, we didn’t rebel.”

The female disciple with big eyes frightenedly said.

“I know.”

Li Qi Ye dismissively said:

“My first class is very simple. It is to let you all know that anyone can challenge me; however, the result of challenging me, will be as you all can see with your own eyes.”

“Bang… Bang… Bang…”

Li Qi Ye ignored whether the disciples made a move or not; he made a quick dash over to them, and sent a quick strike, beating them down!

In reality, Li Qi Ye was already at the Yun Physique rank, and some of the disciples were weaker compared to him. Even without the Serpent Punishing stick, he could still take care of them; thus, Li Qi Ye dashed like a fierce lion into a pack of lambs, and, in the blink of an eye, he had beaten half of them down.

“Run ahhh…”

They did not know who was scared with broken wits, but they turned around and fled.

Unfortunately, the moment they tried to escape, they were thrown back by Nan Huai Ren. They essentially couldn’t get away, and some of the ones who were thrown back started to defend themselves; however, a stick immediately flew toward them, and in a moment, they were lying on the ground in the same spot.

“Bang… Bang… Bang…”

Against the disciples who didn’t rebel, Li Qi Ye went easy on them. He only brought them down to the ground. They were not like Luo Feng Hua, struck to the a bloody pulp.

Eventually, all three hundred disciples, without an exception, were struck to the ground. All of the disciples’ faces were deadly pale. The Serpent Punishing stick was indeed their nemesis; one strike on their body, even if it didn’t leave a wound, still hurt to the bones.

The Serpent Punishing stick, this was the best treasure to discipline students who didn’t listen – rare in this world. Otherwise, Li Qi Ye wouldn’t use it to discipline Min Ren and his group of little boys! In this moment, the entire martial hall was a relay of constant and agonizing moanings; all of the disciples were beaten by the Serpent Punishing stick to the ground. The ones that stubbornly fought back, these were beaten even harder by Li Qi Ye. Especially the dozens in the group of Luo Feng Hua. After he brought them to the ground, he even ruthlessly whipped them even more. He did so until their skins cracked and bones broke.

After carefully discipline these disciples in front of him, Li Qi Ye slowly went back to his seat on top, stared at the disciples on the ground, and he casually spoke:

“Provoke me, I very much welcome it; however, the result… Ah, you all can decide for yourselves. Today is the first lesson. It was only an appetizer! Later, I will not show such mercy; until I break your bones, I will not stop!”

Still staring at these disciples lying down in the same place, Li Qi Ye continued:

“I am your instructor, I will take charge of everyone here! Hard bones without submission? That is fine! I will hit them until he or she submits! Otherwise, be obedient disciples for me! In front of me, everything you have learned before, whether you are a genius or not, throw it all away! In front of me, geniuses and dog shit are of little value! A dragon, coil yourself for me; a lion, lie down for me; otherwise, I will beat you until your arrogant egos are shattered!”

Right now, a bunch of students were lying down there, they couldn’t even stand up, so no one dared to talk back.

“The first lesson, today, will stop here.”

At this point, Li Qi Ye smiled; before he left, he said:

“Of course, if you guys are dissatisfied with me, you can go complain. However, you should remember well; if you complain about me, I will entertain you really well!”

Sure enough, that afternoon, Sectional Leader Zhou came to his door; once they met face to face, Sectional Leader Zhou coldly said:

“Teaching disciples under you, you should put Dao teachings at the top. The Cleansing Jade Peak disciples, in the future, will be the pillars of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. If something happens to them…”

“If Sectional Leader Zhou is unhappy with me, then go to the Elders and complain.”

Li Qi Ye interrupted Sectional Leader Zhou mid-sentence, and he then said:

“Since I am now responsible for the Dao instruction, how to teach – that is my business. I do not need someone else to wave their hands and dance their legs while telling me what to do. If Sectional Leader Zhou doesn’t have any other business, see yourself out.”


Met with Li Qi Ye’s fighting words, especially how Li Qi Ye essentially didn’t put him in his eyes, this made Sectional Leader Zhou shiver with rage.

“Sectional Leader Zhou, please take your leave.”

Li Qi Ye didn’t want to glance at him much. With his level of character, he didn’t want to waste his time arguing needlessly.

Sectional Leader Zhou was outraged to the point of vomiting blood; his anger soared to the sky, and he almost crushed his teeth from grinding them. In the end, he was so angry that he smiled, and he coldly said:

“Good, good, good! Until the day of the assessment, let us see how you teach these disciples to pass it!”

Finished speaking, he turned around and left.

After Sectional Leader Zhou left, Li Shuang Yan appeared out of nowhere. She coldly watched Li Qi Ye, and she indifferently said:

“You make enemies in all four directions, are you not afraid of others cutting you?”

“Cultivation, isn’t everything.”

Li Qi Ye, comfortably looked into her eyes, and he said:

“To kill, is not a difficult task. It is more about how to kill; additionally, is it worth killing, is the question.”

“Speaking of killing!”

Li Qi Ye couldn’t help but smile, and he then said:

“At the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, so what if a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses appear? The numbers that come are the numbers that will be killed!”

Li Shuang Ya stared at Li Qi Ye, and she coldly said:

“So, you are very confident.”

“However, don’t forget. You are my sword maid; protecting one’s master is your responsibility.”

Li Qi Ye was too lazy to talk about such matters, so he reminded her.


Li Shuang Yan’s face was reddened because of Li Qi Ye’s attitude; she had cultivated for so long, and her Dao willpower was very stable; however, since she met Li Qi Ye, many times, she was angered to the point of vomiting blood.

In the end, Li Shuang Yan was a favored daughter of the heavens; she took a deep breath, and she finally calmed her mind. She stared at Li Qi Ye, and she eventually said:

“Making me submit, it is also not a difficult task. At the very least, you have to give me a reason on why I should submit.”

“Pure Crystal Physique; one of the twenty-four Emperor Physiques is not a bad physique.”

Li Qi Ye stared at her, and he then casually said:

“Stay by my side well. In the future, I will teach you a little bit. As long as you work hard, with my instruction, cultivating to the Void Imperfection Physique will not be a problem!”

“Such strong words, Void Imperfection Physique!”

Li Shuang Yan couldn’t help but to glare at Li Qi Ye; she coldly proclaimed:

“Do you even know the meaning behind Void Imperfection Physique? It is one of the twelve Immortal Physiques! From the ancient times till now, the people that could cultivate an Immortal Physique was just a very few! I currently am practicing a Saint Physique merit law; this is the apex of physique merit laws!”

Li Shuang Yan was born with an Emperor Physique, this was a matter that made one proud; Pure Crystal Physique was extremely rare, and it was one of the twenty-four Emperor Physiques. The current physique merit law she was cultivating was one of the top physique merit laws in the world; however, even for her, to turn the Pure Crystal Physique into the Pure Jade Physique, this would require many moons!

Pure Jade Physique, this was one of the eighteen Saint Physiques. Once a Saint Physique was completed, unlimited power; it could not be underestimated!


Li Qi Ye without a word, his Life Wheel suddenly appeared. Behind his head was a heavenly rotating aura; blood energy like a hurricane, and, in a split second, like a Kun leaping from an ocean, his Fate Palace floated up and down. Within this moment, Li Qi Ye ferociously extended a kick towards Li Shuang Yan.

Li Shuang Yan’s expression changed; her white hands covered the air, holding a silver shield to block Li Qi Ye’s kick.


A loud noise rang the air; under one kick, heavy as ten thousand mountains, profoundly deep without words. This was such a kick. For Li Shuang Yan to block was not so easy. A “Crack crack” sound occurred; under this kick, her silver shield immediately shattered into pieces. Even though she had successfully received the kick, she still had to take a step back. The stone bricks on the floor was trampled by her movement.

Suddenly, Li Shuang Yan’s expression greatly changed; this one kick, from Li Qi Ye, was not the power of the Dao. It was not from a powerful force, but it was weight; the power of pure weight.

It was as if one leg of Li Qi Ye was as heavy as ten thousand mountains. Under this one kick was enough force to crush mountains and rivers! This was something impossible. Li Qi Ye’s cultivation was still shallow; there was no way his kick could be this powerful!

“Heaven’s prideful daughter, these three words you do deserve without shame; to be able to bear the weight of this one kick, your cultivation is immeasurable.”

Li Qi Ye took a glance at her once, and he then said:

“You practice the Pure Jade Sacred Heart method from the War God Temple. It is not a bad Physique method.”

He left after these words.

Li Shuang Yan was silent for a long time; her mind was shocked like never before. Since she had met Li Qi Ye till now, Li Qi Ye had only given a mysterious feel. This caused others to not see through him; but today, with his heavy kick, he had completely stunned her!

She believed that Li Qi Ye’s cultivation definitely did not exceed the Yun Physique rank; however, that one heavy kick from Li Qi Ye had shook her to her core. She felt that it wasn’t only grand Dao energy or power; it was but, simply, the force of weight.

It was absolutely impossible for a human leg to be this heavy; at least a Mortal Physique couldn’t have reached this level! Why was it that Li Qi Ye’s leg was heavy like this? Thinking about this, Li Shuang Yan’s heart couldn’t calm down!

Speaking of Physiques; with heavy constitutions, there were several different Physiques. For example, the Xiantian Physique – Mighty Mountain Physique. Another example would be the Devil Suppressing Physique within the Emperor Physique trees, even the Hell Suppressing Physique was within the Saint Physiques.

However, one could see that Li Qi Ye was not of Xiantian Physique, and he was also not of Emperor Physique; definitely not Saint Physique! Natural born Emperor Physique and Saint Physique definitely couldn’t escape other’s eyes.

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