Chapter 486: Combat

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Chapter 486: Combat

The human cultivators were startled after seeing Li Qiye get blown away. These were eight Grand Sovereigns so their combined power was quite terrifying.

“Rumble!” Li Qiye got up from the pit. Although the powerful strike from the eight monks caused his blood energy to churn, due to his formidable physique, it was still far from being able to kill him.

“Yes! Amazing! He is still fine after a blow from eight Grand Sovereigns!” The human cultivators excitedly shouted after seeing Li Qiye get up. They naturally didn’t want to see his downfall.

Li Qiye stretched his body and laughed: “I love direct confrontations the most, this is the best type of training.”

“Bang—bang—bang—bang!” At this time, all of his palaces appeared above his head while issuing continuous banging noises.

As each of them appeared, a person was counting one by one: “One… Two… Three…” Once all of them appeared, someone shouted, aghast: “Nine Fate Palaces!”

“Crack!” With a ground-breaking sound, a completely new palace flew out from Li Qiye’s Ne Gong meridian. This newly completed Fate Palace was finally opened successfully. Universal laws descended as it came together with the other nine.

Li Qiye had opened the tenth palace at this place as he was enjoying the endless blood energy pouring down from his Longevity Treasure. He then said with a smile: “Just in time, this is a good chance to hone it.”

Many people gasped in shock after seeing the tenth palace: “What? Ten palaces? How… is this… possible!?”

Even the Phoenix Maiden sitting on her chariot greatly changed her expression. Having ten Fate Palaces was indeed very frightening.

Even in the distant horizon, the mysterious Tian Lunhui’s eyes narrowed and flashed with a profound glimmer.

“Ten Fate Palaces…” Suddenly, people both young and old became dejected.

Nine deserves utmost veneration, ten embodies extreme perfection! This was common knowledge to all cultivators. The limit for even the most devilish genius was nine palaces. Ten signified grand achievement — true flawlessness.

A sect master looked at Li Qiye’s ten palaces and absent-mindedly exclaimed: “It has been a very long time since the Sacred Nether World has seen someone with ten palaces!”

At this point, even the most talented genius was sent into a daze. At this minute, even the most confident prodigy felt themselves eclipsed.

A genius whispered while in a daze: “Could… this be a second Di Zuo? No… Maybe, from now on, the Sacred Nether World will have four heroes?”

However, Li Qiye’s terrifying display did not stop there. Stars began to illuminate the sky. The ten palaces turned into a kingdom as nine stars also rose. An endless kingdom appeared above Li Qiye’s head as these bright stars turned into a bright starry sky.

Four palaces to form a domain, eight palaces to form a kingdom!

Li Qiye had ten palaces with nine stars illuminating his kingdom. Suddenly, this kingdom was no longer a kingdom, it had become its own world with a majestic worldly energy and an endless life force. The power of the grand dao, along with other energy sources that stemmed from this kingdom, all poured into Li Qiye’s body.

Li Qiye now carried the force of an entire world. It was not a borrowed strength nor an illusion, he truly grasped this powerful source of energy.

Having nine stars meant eternal prestige and having ten palaces embodied perfection! An eternal perfect kingdom was called a heavenly kingdom, something that could turn into its own world.

A few undyings hiding behind the curtains were alarmed as they said: “Nine stars for eternal prestige and ten palaces for perfection… This is an eternal and perfect kingdom… Is this brat still human…?”

The power of an entire world encompassed Li Qiye, creating a horrifying and awe-inspiring scene.

A young genius couldn’t help but loudly curse: “Fuck, nine stars and ten palaces! How are we going to live from now on?” Ten palaces alone would be jealousy-inducing enough, let alone nine stars as well.

“Ten palaces… He is way too abnormal.” Far away at Necropolis, Lan Yunzhu watched and couldn’t help but smile helplessly. Before, she already knew that Li Qiye had nine stars, but she didn’t expect him to also open ten palaces. Lan Yunzhu was an amazing genius with dual saint talents, but even someone who others claimed to be a devilish genius like her was still overshadowed by Li Qiye’s miracle.

Qiurong Wanxue’s group was also dumbfounded. Having nine stars and ten palaces was a legend to them, an unreachable miracle, a thing that they did not even dare to think about. But today, this legend and miracle was very close to them.

“We cannot let this person live.” The Titanic Crescent Saint Child and the Ghost Insect Evil Child exclaimed in horror. Li Qiye’s achievement was too big of a threat to imperial descendants like them. Although he may not be as strong as Di Zuo right now, he would be a second Di Zuo very soon. At that time, it would no longer be three heroes but four heroes instead in the Sacred Nether World!

Li Qiye provoked the Zen Ghost Eight Buddhas: “Come, let me see just how strong eight Grand Sovereigns are. Show me the might of the Myriad One Physique.”

“Boom!” The eight buddhas chose the most direct response to Li Qiye’s provocation. The eight lined-up monks jumped up like a leaping dragon with continuous roars. Them soaring in the sky tore apart space itself as if there was no spatial resistance. In just a split second, the eight of them instantly aimed to strike Li Qiye’s chest.

“Scram!” Li Qiye let out a loud roar and then slammed his fists down like two mountains. At this moment, the eternal and perfect kingdom exuded an untold and majestic power. The stars in the sky were blinding as this world’s power encompassed Li Qiye.

“Bang!” The dragon-like eight buddhas could not handle Li Qiye’s fists even though they were Grand Sovereigns. The power of a world slammed down, causing them all to fly straight into a mountain range, piercing through several peaks.

Because all eight of them were together in a line to form a dragon, they ended up rolling around on the ground like a struggling dragon. Before they could get up, Li Qiye used the Dark Space Transformation to instantly appear before them.

“Buzzz!” The Thousand Hands Against The Nine Worlds appeared behind Li Qiye as they carried grand worlds.

“Boom!” Li Qiye’s gigantic hands blotted out the sky and pushed down on the dragon’s head, causing it to sink into the ground. The force of an entire world was enough to shatter the earth’s surface.

“Whoosh—” Suddenly, there was a sound of wind breaking as something moved ten times faster than lightning. When Li Qiye was pushing the dragon head down to the ground, its scorpion’s tail was going to pierce right into his chest like a lance.

However, before it could reach his chest, another pair of Li Qiye’s hands quickly caught the tail and then slammed it down into the ground. “Boom!”

Another pair of hands descended from the sky and struck the middle section of the dragon. The squirming buddhas were out of breath from the heavy suppression of Li Qiye. In an instant, six hands held down the dragon. Despite turning into a giant dragon with their physique, the eight buddhas still couldn’t move due to Li Qiye’s pressure.

“Bang—bang—bang!” The thousand hands pushed down hard like a storm while utilizing the Kun Peng’s Earth Transformation; these hands didn’t only carry the power of a world, they also had the force of countless boulders.

“Rumble!” The earth and sky shattered. At this time, Li Qiye became the embodiment of a thousand-hands overlord, rendering the buddha dragon powerless. Since they were pinned down to the ground, they could only take the beating.

Li Qiye used the most simple method to deal with them — fists rained down upon the eight helpless Grand Sovereigns.

People shuddered at this sight with chills. The Myriad One Physique could do naught but take the merciless beating from the thousand hands technique.

The frightened spectators could feel the pain as if they were the ones being struck by the thousand vicious and overbearing hands. Swing after swing was unleashed onto the eight buddhas.

“Boom!” Finally, the dragon-shaped buddhas were picked up by Li Qiye and then ruthlessly swung around like a whip onto the ground over and over again.

“Pop!” The final swing threw them crashing into a huge mountain. The Myriad One Physique broke apart as the eight buddhas tumbled onto the ground while spraying out blood.

The Myriad One Physique was once an extremely heaven-defying technique that allowed eight people to become one with extreme power. The newly fused body could even withstand an extremely powerful attack from treasures, but today, it had become the eight monks’ weakness as Li Qiye mercilessly unleashed his fury upon them. The destruction of the Myriad One Physique was a form of salvation for the eight monks. They rolled out and jumped up as their divine rings increased to their maximum size, screaming: “Kill!”

At this moment, they took out a big fluttering banner. The moment it came out, the sky suddenly dimmed as a darkness enveloped the land. Statues of ancient buddhas suddenly came out from the darkness as if they were coming out from hell; they all carried a dark and ghastly energy.

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