Chapter 489: Massacring Tens of Thousands of Enemies

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Chapter 489: Massacring Tens of Thousands of Enemies

From the beginning until now, Li Qiye had not used any powerful weapons. Even his sword and saber were cast from ordinary iron; the majority of the time was spent killing his enemies with his bare hands.

He annihilated countless enemies with just his hands alone, and these enemies were not trivial characters either. All of them were young and famous geniuses or prestigious predecessors, including hundreds of Heavenly Sovereigns that ruled over lower realms!

How frightening was the scale of this battle? And yet, Li Qiye still managed to create bloody rivers and forced even ghosts and devils to lament. If this was the case without using weapons, then how ferocious would he be with a heaven-defying weapon? Wouldn’t he be able to massacre all of them in the blink of an eye?

From seeing Li Qiye’s weaponless style, a previous generation ghost king realized something and murmured with a changed expression: “To him, this is not a life and death battle. He is refining his merit laws with blood. He wants to drive his arts to their utmost culmination. What is more amazing than understanding the ultimate profundities of a technique during the heat of battle? What is more appropriate than reaching a new level with a single punch or fist in actual combat?”

So far, Li Qiye had used different merit laws, such as the Trinity Sword, the Kun Peng’s Six Variants, and the Heaven Traversing Eight Saber… All of these merit laws were reaching their most sublime state after continual usage. After killing these enemies, there were minute changes to them as they reached a new height.

“This kid is too vicious.” Seeing Li Qiye rampaging without batting an eye despite his numerous wounds, an old undying that was hiding in the shadows commented with a dimmed expression.

These old undyings didn’t want to show their faces even more since they understood what Li Qiye wanted to do. They didn’t wish to be his sharpening stones; if they got buried by him here, then their lifetime’s prestige would become ruined in the hands of this human junior. Thus, they maintained their hidden state. Plus, there would still be opportunities to kill Li Qiye later, as long as he doesn’t escape the Sacred Nether World.

As for the younger generation, the young ghosts turned pale while their hearts throbbed after seeing this scene. They absolutely couldn’t demonstrate the same domineering attitude and succeed in such an aggressive task. Those amongst the younger generation who were capable of fighting against tens of thousands till the sky rended and rivers started to flow with blood could be counted with one’s fingers.

Imperial descendants such as the Ghost Insect Evil Child and the Titanic Crescent Saint Child had an extremely ugly expression as they watched this battle. They glanced at each other and knew that without an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure or True Treasure, they would not be able to match Li Qiye. This human brat was too terrifying.

Tian Lunhui loomed in the horizon and had a serious expression. Intuition told him that this human junior carried a great threat. Tian Lunhui was at the top of the younger generation where even Jewel Sovereigns and World Sovereigns from the previous generation would be wary of him.

But now, Tian Lunhui, one of the three heroes, couldn’t not take Li Qiye seriously and had to consider him as a formidable opponent.

In the crowd, no one knew Li Qiye better than Lan Yunzhu. She gently sighed after witnessing his carnage. She knew that Li Qiye had extremely heaven-defying items that were no weaker than emperor’s weapons. She understood that he had the confidence to be the last man standing after seeing how Li Qiye didn’t take out any treasures. After all, she knew that he had absolute confidence when he threatened to start a massacre in the Thousand Carp River. No matter how powerful the enemies were, the end result would still be the same.

Elder Zhi and the young group of six followed Lan Yunzhu and got a chance to watch the battle from the distance. Li Qiye’s massacre caused them to become aghast with paleness. They didn’t think that Li Qiye was heaven-defying to such an extent; he was capable of slaughtering everyone!

“Even the three heroes cannot be any stronger than this.” Elder Zhi quietly murmured. He was an elder of a small tribe with limited knowledge, but he still understood Li Qiye’s might after witnessing this battle.

Qiurong Wanxue was watching this battle while holding her breath with trepidation. She noticed that Li Qiye was covered in wounds; she couldn’t help but worry for her Young Noble. She gripped her fists tightly and prayed that her Young Noble would be the last one standing!

“Bang!” On the bloody battlefield, a deafening blast resounded. Li Qiye’s ordinary saber could not withstand the Black Mountain Corpse King’s attack with a Virtuous Paragon weapon. Despite the endless energy pouring into the saber and turning it into a divine blade, it still shattered at this moment. Li Qiye’s fist penetrated the Corpse King’s chest and, in just a split second, this ferocious Corpse King exploded into a mist of blood.

This, of course, caused many people to freeze in horror. Some even began to retreat. Several tens of thousands of enemies had been killed, leaving behind only a couple thousand. Even a heaven-defying Heavenly Sovereign like the Black Mountain Corpse King had fallen; this caused their morale to plummet!

“It’s time to end this!” The blood-soaked Li Qiye shouted as a pair of hands took out the Nine Words True Bow.

“Whoosh!” An arrow of the word “formation” shot out.

“Xshhh—” The “formation” arrow pierced the ground, creating a terrifying arrow formation. Inside it, countless heavenly and ruthless arrows descended from the sky while numerous hell arrows shot up from the below the earth. The combination of these projectiles interweaved into a horrifying killing formation.

“Ahh!” There would be no escape once trapped inside this arrow formation. Countless heavenly and hell arrows were bombarding them. No matter how powerful one’s treasure was, it could not stop the torrents of attacks from the furious arrows. These arrows eventually created many holes through them, turning them into beehives.

“Kill!” Other experts from a different direction soared forward. Several thousand experts came together to kill Li Qiye.

“Omm—” Li Qiye responded by shooting out a “front” arrow. This mantra turned into numerous realms. In a flash, these realms moved in front of Li Qiye to block the attacking enemies.

Nine Words True Bow — this was the number one bow since time immemorial. The stronger Li Qiye was, the mightier the effect of this bow would be!

“Pluff!” The “soldier” arrow was shot out. It carried the strength of the heaven and earth in its trajectory, causing the wind to scream. The combined strength of several thousand experts was for naught since they were turned into puddles of blood by this arrow regardless of their strength and treasures. This arrow gathered all the power of the heaven and earth and instantly created a rain of blood.

This one arrow that killed several thousand experts left the survivors shivering in fear. Li Qiye was already undefeatable without a weapon, and now he had an invincible divine bow in his hands. To what horrifying extent would he unleash his wrath on his enemies?

At this minute, the combatants on the battlefield realized that they couldn’t kill Li Qiye, so their new goal was to leave this place alive.

While these lucky survivors decided to retreat, the Divine Spark Phoenix Maiden in the sky thunderously commanded: “Begin!”

In an instant, the giant army that protected the Phoenix Maiden rushed onto the battlefield. Each person held a tiny stove. Once opened, these tiny stoves spewed out a sparkling black light. With a “pop”, these small stoves sucked up all the blood and flesh on the battlefield.

The corpses here formed mountains and the blood ran like rivers, but this army with their stoves were able to suck up everything.

Seeing this scene, many people in the horizon lost their minds in fear. An expert shouted to the others that were still on the battlefield: “Run, run now! It’s the Divine Spark Bloodburn!”

“Boom!” A giant blood cauldron was created after a deafening explosion. This huge blood cauldron devoured the entire battlefield, including the army of the Divine Spark Country.

“Ahhh!!” Miserable screams emanated. The blood cauldron sucked up unprepared experts and instantly refined them into mists of blood that were drained into its body.

“Rumble!” At this time, the blood cauldron roared with curling crimson mists swirling around it, causing others to feel chills.

“Divine Spark Bloodburn — this is a method where both sides are destroyed. The enemy or the user — one of these two will perish. It’s on a whole new level compared to sacrificing one’s blood to fight the enemy!” A ghost expert felt his skin tingling as he exclaimed.

At this time, the blood cauldron became even more strangely beautiful. It was like a blood-sucking demonic furnace that caused all spectators to shiver.

The great characters that were watching instantly knew what happened after seeing the cauldron’s new form.

“The several thousand people on the battlefield have probably been sacrificed already.” They quietly whispered.

“This is a forbidden technique of the Divine Spark Country — blood sacrifice.” A sect master from a ghost sect said: “The Divine Spark Phoenix Maiden is too cruel.”

The Divine Spark Bloodburn was the most terrifying and forbidden technique of the Divine Spark Country; it used one’s own blood or the enemy’s blood as the blood offering.

At this moment, the Divine Spark army had turned into this blood cauldron, devouring the battlefield alongside several tens of thousands of ghost experts. They would keep using this blood sacrifice until they killed Li Qiye. If necessary, even the army itself would sacrifice themselves.

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