Chapter 490: Divine Spark Bloodburn

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Chapter 490: Divine Spark Bloodburn

A member of the ghost race scowled in disagreement: “This Phoenix Maiden has zero regards for other people’s lives. She even dared to sacrifice the blood of members of the ghost race.”

However, this was only to express their dissatisfaction, no one actually dared to touch the Phoenix Maiden since she was Di Zuo’s fiancee. Her cruel method garnered discontent views, but great characters of the ghost race were reluctant to fall out with her because of this.

“Bang—bang—bang!” The blood cauldron rocked back and forth. A huge palm print emerged on the surface. It was apparent that Li Qiye wanted to break through the wall from inside the blood cauldron to escape.

This blood cauldron was powerful beyond imagination, so even though Li Qiye was destroying everything inside to the extent where he managed to deform the cauldron, he still couldn’t break through the walls.

After waves of attacks, the noises in the blood cauldron quieted down before eventually disappearing altogether. It seemed as though Li Qiye couldn’t break the cauldron and had finally been refined inside.

Noticing the silent atmosphere, a person murmured: “Li Qiye probably lost. This move was too cruel and Li Qiye could only die before this blood ceremony.”

Another ghost member’s heart was thumping fast as he uttered: “The Divine Spark Bloodburn is really terrifying, what a vicious move.”

At this time, many human experts held their breaths. They knew that something was wrong when the blood furnace turned quiet, but they were still convinced that Li Qiye was not dead. At the end of the day, a ferocious person like him was the pride of the human race in the Sacred Nether World, and this notion would be further emphasized after this battle.

Qiurong Wanxue turned pale while shaking her head in disbelief after seeing the immobile blood cauldron: “No, it can’t be…”

In contrast to her shock, Lan Yunzhu was very calm. Lan Yunzhu then consoled her: “Don’t worry, if this ordinary method could kill him, then how could Li Qiye oppose an emperor’s lineage? The emperor’s lineages that could influence the entire Sacred Nether World still hadn’t come out yet, so how could a single Phoenix Maiden and the Divine Spark Country kill him? How can he fight against the rest of the world if he can’t make it through this?”

Qiurong Wanxue took a deep breath and finally managed to calm her emotions. She then gazed intensely at the blood cauldron and hoped that Li Qiye could come out alive more than anyone else.

“The Phoenix Maiden’s method was quite impressive!” Seeing the quiet cauldron, a ghost expert emotionally stated.

Although using tens of thousands of ghost experts to obtain this result made many ghost experts unhappy, they had to admit that this was a good move.

Perhaps, in the beginning, the Phoenix Maiden had predicted the worst possible outcome. The great bounty that she issued was only to call in more lackeys. At the end, once necessary, she would use them as a blood sacrifice to kill Li Qiye! Maybe everyone here was just pawns in her plan; both Li Qiye and the experts that sought to claim the bounty had been played.

Even the great characters from the ghost race shuddered. The Phoenix Maiden’s method was brilliant; she was not all brawn and no brain.

Di Zuo’s invincibility was already a source of dread, and with such a virtuous wife like the maiden as his strategist, he would become even more formidable. In the future, their combined strength would push the Myriad Bones Throne to the peak and usher forth a new golden era!

Many people suddenly realized that the Phoenix Maiden becoming Di Zuo’s fiancee was for a reason, it wasn’t just because of her great beauty!

In fact, amongst the billions of lives in the Sacred Nether World, there were countless lovely women. As the descendant of the Myriad Bones Throne, Di Zuo was one of the most outstanding geniuses of the current generation. He had many options to choose from if he wanted to get married. Countless golden daughters and princess from the ancient kingdoms and great sects were willing to marry him; they would even go to the throne to propose in person.

However, Di Zuo and the Myriad Bones Throne chose the Divine Spark Phoenix Maiden from the Divine Spark Country. Although it was still a first rank country, this status was far from being comparable to the monstrous existence that is the throne of bones. It was now obvious that this was due to the Phoenix Maiden’s great talents as well as her wisdom and strategic mind!

The maiden sat in her phoenix carriage while coldly gazing at the blood cauldron. There was no emotion on her charming and beautiful face. It was as if everything was within her expectations.

“Such a worthy wife for Sir Di Zuo.” A person sighed and continued: “This was not only to take revenge for her little brother but also to eradicate Di Zuo’s biggest threat in the future.”

Everyone today saw that, although Li Qiye’s cultivation was not as powerful as Di Zuo’s, he would become the biggest threat to the three heroes if he was given enough time. In the future, the human Li Qiye could have been the person to end the Myriad Bones Throne’s invincible prestige.

But now, all of this would just be mere speculations. Li Qiye had died and would no longer be a threat for Di Zuo.

“Pluff—pluff—pluff!” A series of faint sounds appeared. Right when everyone thought that Li Qiye was certainly dead, flowers suddenly bloomed from the blood cauldron’s wall, flowers of blood.

Seeing how the cauldron suddenly became filled with wreaths of dense, bloody mists, many spectators started to exclaim: “What is happening?”

The cauldron suddenly began to burn furiously with crimson lights.

A great ghost character emotionally uttered after seeing this sudden change: “No, Li Qiye is not dead. The Divine Spark disciples were offering themselves!”

The maiden’s expression quickly changed as she stood up and glared at the cauldron.

“Clank crack!” At this point, the blood furnace began to crack while issuing cracking noises. It then shattered into pieces and fell down to the ground.

The bloody mist inside the blood cauldron was burnt dry as universal laws in the form of red chains sealed the sky. Once Li Qiye’s shadow appeared, a series of snapping noises resounded as the bright red chains retreated. They turned into a huge lock that latched onto Li Qiye’s body before disappearing.

Everyone noticed that all of his wounds had vanished as if he was never hurt in the first place.

“Hmm. Quite a bit of blood has been sacrificed to refine my fire universal law… Pretty good supplement.” Li Qiye cheerfully smiled as the nine suns behind him disappeared when he landed on the ground.

In the past, the Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law was an extremely vicious sealing technique. A forbidden technique like the Divine Spark Bloodburn was nothing compared to this ancient law. The blood ceremony was incinerated by the nine suns, and all of the essence from the ceremony was refined into fire universal laws to enrich Li Qiye.

Qiurong Wanxue was jubilated to see Li Qiye fine and well. With tightened fists, she exclaimed: “Good!”

Lan Yunzhu already knew that this outcome would be inevitable, so she shook her head to say: “Everything is over since Di Zuo didn’t come.”

The human experts couldn’t help but cheer after seeing that Li Qiye was alive: “Haha, I knew it, how could our human race’s Fiercest be killed so easily?”

The ghost cultivators, on the other hand, felt that this atmosphere was suffocating them. A great character murmured: “This brat is too heaven-defying. To actually stay alive after that… If he has an emperor’s weapon in his hand, then what? Who would be able to stop him?”

Li Qiye comfortably stood on the battlefield while gazing at the Phoenix Maiden in the far distance. Then, he smilingly said: “Use whatever schemes you have left while you still have the chance.”

“Boom!” A thunderous sound exploded. Eighteen experts that were guarding the maiden’s carriage rushed forward to stop Li Qiye’s path.

These eighteen were different from everyone else. They wore masks that were decorated with insects, and they exuded a cold aura that made it clear to everyone that all of them were battle-hardened veterans.

An emperor’s power suddenly erupted around them as hovering universal laws appeared. The eight of them were about to turn into an Immortal Emperor True Canon.

“The Eighteen Beasts!” A great ghost murmured in shock after seeing them: “This is the last and most powerful line of defense for the Phoenix Maiden, the eighteen guards from the Myriad Bones Throne!”

The Eighteen Beasts were not from the Divine Spark Country but from the throne of bones. All of them were powerful Grand Sovereigns, but what made other wary was that they cultivated emperor’s laws.

There would be a certain gap between Grand Sovereigns from an ordinary sect and Grand Sovereigns from an emperor’s lineage. Those who cultivated emperor’s laws had an advantage and were much stronger than their lacking counterparts.

Was there really a need to say more about the Myriad Bones Throne? A one sect, three emperors lineage; it had more emperor’s laws than any other sect. Heavenly Sovereigns from this sect cultivated several emperor’s laws each. Other sects could not afford such luxury; this was the difference between them and weaker lineages.

“The Eighteen Beasts! Rumor has it that their defense is extremely strong and that they could stop the full-on onslaught of a Heavenly King.” A person couldn’t help but murmur.

A great ghost nodded his head in agreement: “Their defense is indeed very strong, even a Heavenly King would be unable to breach it. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been assigned to protect the Phoenix Maiden.”

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