Chapter 534: Immortal Medicines Begging To Be Taken Along

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Chapter 534: Immortal Medicines Begging To Be Taken Along

Lan Yunzhu couldn’t believe her eyes. This was an Ancestor Ginseng, yet it was now begging for Li Qiye to take it along. Who would believe such a thing?

Li Qiye laughed and said: “Look at your appearance.” He then shook his head and continued on: “Although I haven’t read that many books, I do know that your medicinal juice cannot compare to Myriad Star Water. Also, I still have a bit of star water left.”

The Ancestor Ginseng became a little embarrassed and said: “Hehehe, my ginseng juice is indeed a bit weaker than Myriad Star Water. If you agree to take me along, then… When you need it, I’ll give you a bit of my ginseng roots? My ginseng roots can definitely save your life! As long as you agree, we’ll both take a vow. When you are on the verge of death, I will agree to use my own life essence to save your life, okay?”

At this point, the Ancestor Ginseng spoke with a solemn air. To an immortal medicine like itself, its life essence was extremely important. It could be said that it was putting everything on the table with this offer.

Lan Yunzhu couldn’t stop her astonishment from showing. An Ancestor Ginseng willingly giving its life essence was much better than capturing one alive then cooking it.

Li Qiye looked at the Ancestor Ginseng and smiled to say: “Very well, then we have a deal. How about using a True Fate Oath?”

The Ancestor Ginseng and Li Qiye then used their True Fates to complete this deal. From now on, it would follow Li Qiye.

The Silkworm Dragon Soulgrass ran towards him as well and asked: “Can you bring me along too?” It was a ten transformations soulgrass loved by even Alchemy Emperors, but now it was begging Li Qiye with a bashful appearance.

Lan Yunzhu didn’t know what else to say. The Ancestor Ginseng begging Li Qiye already left her dumbstruck, but now even the soulgrass wanted to come along.

“Hmm…” Li Qiye gestured with his hand and acted as if he didn’t know what to do: “You should know that I don’t want to bring along things without use. Surely you don’t want me to use you in pill refinement? What is the point of bringing you everywhere? Because you would also take up a spot to benefit from the lamp.”

The soulgrass quickly replied: “Bringing me along will be very beneficial for you. My medicinal energy alone can help your cultivation speed since I am the best soulgrass in this world!”

Lan Yunzhu agreed with these words. The Silkworm Dragon Soulgrass was the main ingredient for fate pills, and a ten transformations soulgrass was already at the limit. Such an existence might have never been seen before by outsiders. It was definitely beneficial to bring one along since, with its help, one would be able to cultivate as if they had wings; even a fool would have an immediate benefit.

“You are mistaken.” Li Qiye shook his head and said: “If I can’t use you for pill refinement and can only rely on your energy to strengthen my cultivation, then it would bring me more negatives than good. I have the lamp and can turn you into an eleven transformations, or even twelve or thirteen transformations soulgrass. More importantly, I personally focus on stability and improving step-by-step for cultivation. I don’t need to soar with a single step.”

“Not to mention, I have absolute confidence with my own cultivation. Even without your help, I can still reach the apex and become the Immortal Emperor without an issue, don’t you think?” Li Qiye cheerfully smiled at the soulgrass and added: “Your condition is not enough to tempt me.”

Lan Yunzhu didn’t know what to say. Any outsiders that knew of its existence would treat it like an ancestor. Even if they did not refine it, just by worshiping it would provide lifelong benefits due to its energy.

Li Qiye was reversing this situation. The soulgrass wanted to follow him, but he was unwilling.

Lan Yunzhu could only sigh. This was the frustrating difference between people. People prayed for a nine transformations soulgrass to no avail, but Li Qiye was being nonchalant to a ten transformations soulgrass.

“I have a dragon soul!” The soulgrass paused for a moment before speaking in a formal manner.

Li Qiye looked at it and repeated: “Dragon soul?” He then shook his head and said: “Don’t fool me. Although I haven’t read enough books, I still know that it is not time for you to have a dragon soul.”

“You should know that I was born and grew up in this place. After a period of incubation for many long years, I have obtained a dragon soul and am only one step away from reaching eleven transformations.” The soulgrass seriously said: “If you bring me along, then I will be willing to take on a True Fate Oath just like you and the Ancestor Ginseng. When necessary, I will let you use the dragon soul. I will be of many uses in the future… For example… as a lackey…”

Li Qiye nodded his head and spoke with all seriousness: “Well, it is a bit luxurious to use an eleven transformations soulgrass as a lackey.”

Lan Yunzhu could only wryly smile. Did Li Qiye even know what luxurious meant? Lan Yunzhu knew very little about the dragon soul, but seeing the soulgrass’ serious demeanor, it must be an extraordinary item.

“Very well, then we’ll seal the pact with our True Fates.” Li Qiye then said with a smile.

Lan Yunzhu couldn’t help but chuckle after seeing Li Qiye’s reluctant expression. If others knew that Li Qiye was being reluctant to sign a pact with a soulgrass nearing eleven transformations, they would all want to commit suicide from sheer outrage.

Seeing the Ancestor Ginseng and the soulgrass taking a True Fate Oath with Li Qiye, another immortal medicine crawled out of the medicine field and quickly rushed closer to say: “Can you take me too?”

The Reincarnation Heavenly Soulvine was afraid of falling behind so it let go of all reservation and quickly said: “Me too, I’m absolutely not useless!”

“Me too!” Another immortal root hurriedly rushed over as well.

Lan Yunzhu became dumbstruck after seeing three different immortal medicines running next to Li Qiye and begging for him to take them away. These were immortal medicines and normally, even the greatest characters wouldn’t be able to get a single one. Any of these medicines would be considered a defining treasure for ordinary great powers! It was completely unimaginable how all of these immortal medicines were begging for Li Qiye to take them away.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Slowly, slowly now. Tell me your good points and what I will get from bringing you with me. If you are beneficial, then I will happily sign a pact. Everyone agree?”

Completely speechless, Lan Yunzhu thought that Li Qiye was treating these immortal medicines like radishes! However, she silently lamented the fact that it was no longer strange for Li Qiye to create miracles. He had the ability and plenty of heaven-defying items.

Eventually, these immortal medicines took True Fate Oaths to seal a deal with Li Qiye. Now, only the Soldier Tree remained in the medicine field since it was still hesitating.

“Are you coming?” Li Qiye smiled at it and asked.

“I’ll go, I’ll go.” However, before the Soldier Tree could respond, a voice came from below the medicine field. A piece of mud jumped up.

Lan Yunzhu rolled her eyes at this piece of mud that knew how to speak. What kind of monster was this?

“Oh?” Li Qiye looked at it and inquired: “You want to make a deal with me? What kind of advantage and benefits can you bring me?”

“I am a part of the medicine field that had been basked in the worldly essence to eventually form my own conscience.” The piece of mud spoke: “Since you are bringing along several immortal medicines, with me, they will have a place to stay. I will create an amazing medicinal field for you. Although it won’t be as great as this one, it will be more than good enough for you to grow any medicine you want.”

“Hmm! Not bad, makes sense.” Li Qiye nodded his head and agreed: “Really beneficial. I’ll take you, then.”

The piece of mud joyfully signed a contract with Li Qiye. Now, only the Soldier Tree was left in the field.

“Are you coming?” Li Qiye smiled and said: “I’ll think about taking you in.”

However, the Soldier Tree was still hesitating. The Ancestor Ginseng then tried to console it: “Come, everyone is leaving now. Old Soldier, do you still want to stay here? The lamp has already been excavated so this is the best time for us to leave.”

The Silkworm Dragon Soulgrass also added: “Yeah, we’ll all leave together. Since we have been living together for so long, it is only natural that we leave together.”

The Soldier Tree eventually sighed and said: “Fine, how bad could it be? What else can I do now?” Finally, the Soldier Tree also signed a pact with Li Qiye. At this moment, the best and highest ranked immortal medicines in the field had all been taken in by him.

The Soldier Tree, Silkworm Dragon Soulgrass, and Ancestor Ginseng were the best, but they had been lured by Li Qiye.

“Come, let us go.” The piece of mud then turned into a medicinal field. Although it was a bit lacking compared to this field with its billowing smoke, it was definitely still a good medicinal field!

The Ancestor Ginseng’s group then took root in this new field, and Li Qiye opened his Fate Palace then placed the field inside. Li Qiye patted his hands afterward while looking at the empty field ahead.

“Okay, we’ll go now. Not a bad trip at all.” Li Qiye smiled and told Lan Yunzhu.

At this point, Lan Yunzhu couldn’t help but smile while shaking her head. It was not just a bad trip, he had such a huge harvest! Even a bigger fortune would not be able to match Li Qiye’s gains on this trip. All of the good things in this lost garden had been taken by him in one fell swoop.

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