Chapter 535: Simple Mountain Immortal Kingdom’s Quest For Treasure

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Chapter 535: Simple Mountain Immortal Kingdom’s Quest For Treasure

Li Qiye and Lan Yunzhu then left the lost garden of the immortals. They intended to leave the Wood Realm but only made it through several mountain ranges before a series of loud explosions shook the entire realm.

“What is that?” Lan Yunzhu looked over at a certain direction.

There was an unbelievable tree that seemed to be covering the entire Wood Realm.

Li Qiye looked at the tree that was growing bigger and bigger to pierce the heavens and narrowed his eyes to say: “The Simple Precious Tree…? It wants to risk it all?”

In the beginning, Lan Yunzhu didn’t recognize the tree since, right now, it was even bigger than normal. It was as if this tree was unleashing all of its potential to become even stronger.

“What is it trying to do?” Lan Yunzhu asked with surprise.

“Keep watching.” Li Qiye responded with a smile.

Lan Yunzhu and Li Qiye then rushed to the area of interest and found that more than thousands of experts were already there. All of them were the strongest masters of the great powers inside the Wood Realm, and there were even ancestors.

All of them watched with a serious expression as the Simple Precious Tree took root on top of a mountain range with its gigantic body as if it was a drill piercing the surface. It seemed to want to penetrate this mountain all the way down to the core.

“Bang—bang—bang!” It attacked one strike after another, causing the ground to shake and others to worry about whether it would collapse or not.

Lan Yunzhu looked at the tree that was trying to reach down to the core and whispered: “What does the Immortal Kingdom wish to do?”

Li Qiye replied: “They are trying to find a certain something, an item that the Immortal Kingdom had always desired.”

“What is this item that they desire?” She then remembered a certain legend had been spreading across the Sacred Nether World for a very long time now. This prompted her startling exclamation: “Could it be the other half of the everlasting life method?”

“If there really was such a method in this world, then I would definitely be the first one to go and seize it.” Li Qiye smiled and continued: “It would still be worth it even if I had to kill gods and immortals in the process!”

Lan Yunzhu was taken aback for a moment before regaining her senses to ask: “What is it then, if not a method for everlasting life?”

In the Sacred Nether World, there had always been the rumor where the Immortal Kingdom had one half of a method for eternal life.

“This is something that Immortal Emperor Di Yu had wanted for a very long time now.” Li Qiye answered: “I have to start from the beginning. In the past, the emperor obtained something really incredible from the Prime Ominous Grave. Later on, he mulled over it and realized that this thing was not complete. Thus, he wanted to come back to the grave. However, as the emperor, he had lost his chance for another grave opening, so he couldn’t complete it.”

“Later on, the Immortal Kingdom had always been searching for it. Alas, it was to no avail.” He smiled at this point and continued: “Before, they were mistaken, but now they became smarter and realized a couple of things.”

Lan Yunzhu looked at the tree drilling into the mountain and asked: “Can the tree find it?”

Li Qiye nodded and said: “They had searched all five realms and now they have gotten to the right spot in this Wood Realm.” He then gazed over at the gigantic tree and said: “If the tree can break through the last fortified rock barrier of this vein, then it can take root in the deepest part of the earth. Without any unforeseeable circumstance, the Immortal Kingdom will be successful. The heavens did not let down those who tried after generations of searching; they will finally obtain it.”

“Rumble!” Explosions emerged one after another as the tree continued to attack the earth while the experts that were watching all held their breaths in anticipation. They understood that the Immortal Kingdom was looking for something incredible underground, so some of them had devious thoughts.

“Boom!” After another deafening blast, the earth was penetrated with a trembling blow. Dense worldly energy rushed out from the ground like a waterfall.

“Did they do it?” A group recognized something as they suggestively glanced at each other.

“Roar!” At this time, while people were still lost in speculation, the roars of phoenixes and dragons appeared. The surging worldly energy from the ground had faint images of true dragons and immortal phoenixes. Although they were not the real deal, they did exude the divine aura of these mythical beasts.

And at the same time, a golden light shot up as if countless specks of golden sand were spewing up high, painting the sky yellow.

“An immortal item is coming into being!” Someone shouted after seeing this scene unravel.

In this split second, several hundred shadowy figures rushed towards the penetrated earth with lightning speed. They were all great characters from sects and countries and took advantage of the tree breaking through the ground to steal this treasure then flee.

“Woooosh!” However, before they could make it to the gigantic crater, the Simple Precious Tree swung its branches that resembled divine rods at a swifter speed than them.

“Ahh!” Shrill screams emanated as blood spurted everywhere. The sudden onslaught from the tree took these experts by surprise as they couldn’t evade the attack.

“Whoosh!” Space suddenly fluctuated while these experts were being attacked. A shadow as fast as a flood dragon with incomparable speed rushed forward with an unstoppable momentum. The shadow’s steps were impeccable as it evaded all the branches from the tree in order to rush underground for the treasure.

Feeling this invincible aura, many people became discolored and some even uttered: “A great power’s ancestor!” The eruption of this invincible aura made people realize that even an old undying from a great power could no longer sit still and personally took action to seize the treasure.

However, right when this person was near his goal, another blast resounded. A huge hand came down from the Simple Precious Tree. This palm sealed the heaven and earth as a terrifying emperor’s talisman came from it to stop everything within its grasp.

“Boom!” The shadow that was rushing down the hole became aghast. It quickly raised its hands to block the gigantic palm. In just a flash, the world collapsed with ear-splitting blasts. The shadow was blown away as his blood spewed out like a rainbow.

This shadow lost in just one move and slammed into a mountain, causing it to shatter. Because of the heavy injury, this person gave up on the treasure and quickly fled the scene.

Meanwhile, the owner of the gigantic palm on top of the Simple Precious Tree ignored the escapee and withdrew their hand as the tree infiltrated the earth.

“The Immortal Kingdom also has an ancestor with them!” Although the crowd couldn’t see the person on top of the tree, they quivered after feeling the presence of that hand.

Earlier, a great power’s ancestor couldn’t even withstand one blow and had to escape in defeat, so everyone realized that an ancestor from the Immortal Kingdom had come into being and personally came.

Thinking about a lineage at the level of the Immortal Kingdom left everyone shivering. Although no one knew why its ancestor personally came, it was a sect with two emperors; its ancestor must be a terrifying existence much greater than ordinary ancestors from the great powers. The kingdom’s ancestor was surely a legendary master or an eternal existence.

The golden light became brighter and brighter as everyone just stared at the tree proceeding downward. No one dared to try anything sneaky at this moment, no one even went closer to watch.

With the Immortal Kingdom’s ancestor present, everyone felt a chill. Even experts from the other emperor’s lineages didn’t dare to make a sound.

“They are all scared now.” Li Qiye laughed at this spectacle: “With an ancestor presiding over this excavation, it would be useless for anyone else to make a move unless a lineage like the All-Eras Ancient Kingdom or Myriad Bones Throne shred all pretense of cordiality to start a war with the Immortal Kingdom.”

Lan Yunzhu agreed as well. Any great power would have to think it over carefully when there was an ancestor from the Immortal Kingdom at this place. Even emperor’s lineages would not carelessly start a conflict with the kingdom.

Li Qiye smiled and shook his head to say: “Come, the show is over.” Then, the two of them left the Wood Realm for the Water Realm.

Lan Yunzhu wanted to meet up with the river sect’s elders, but the moment they arrived at the Water Realm, a protector from the sect contacted the two of them then quickly ran over.

Seeing Li Qiye and Lan Yunzhu, the protector quickly reported: “Young Noble, Yunzhu, the sect master and the elders are no longer in the Water Realm, they went to the Fire Realm.”

“To the Fire Realm?” Lan Yunzhu asked: “Sect Master found the Diamond Carp’s nest already?”

“We didn’t only find it…” The protector was very excited when this matter was brought up: “We had a great harvest and obtained many treasures. This time, we obtained a great fortune for our river sect!”

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