Chapter 537: Mysterious Old Pond

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Chapter 537: Mysterious Old Pond

The Jadewater Queen looked at the old pond before her and took a deep breath, then she finally stepped into it. After taking one step inside, she suddenly disappeared.

“I wonder how many steps the queen will be able to take.” A person saw this and murmured.

A ghost cultivator responded: “Two days ago, the Titanic Crescent Saint Child took eight steps and the Ghost Insect Evil Child took nine steps. These were already the top young geniuses. An ancestor of a great power predicted that in order to reach the middle, one has to take at least three hundred steps.”

At this time, all eyes were on the old pond. Even great characters from the emperor’s lineages didn’t blink once. They all had their Heavenly Gazes activated because without it, they wouldn’t be able to see the Jadewater Queen.

In the last several days, many powerful characters tried their best with their Heavenly Gazes, but they couldn’t see through anything. An emperor’s lineage even used a supreme treasure mirror to shine into this pond, but there was no result.

At this time, geniuses like the Saint Child and Evil Child held their breaths as well. Unparalleled geniuses like them could only take eight or nine steps.

A moment later, these two lost their colors because their Heavenly Gazes showed that the queen easily crossed the ninth step and onto her tenth.

“Amazing! She’s indeed worthy of being a Charming Spirit. Rumor has it that she has become quite unfathomable so maybe fifteen steps wouldn’t be an issue.” A Royal Lord from a country spoke.

In a short amount of time, the queen already took fifteen steps into the pond and, moments later, she made it to the twentieth step.

“Twenty steps!” Even an ancestor of a great power was shaken as he murmured: “Two days ago, an ancestor of the Bronze Tree Ghost Tribe made it to the twentieth step then disappeared without returning.”

Very few could see her trail after she made it to the twentieth step. Even great characters who tried their best couldn’t see her; only the hidden ancestors were able to. At this point, her expression showed that she was struggling. She finally stopped at the thirtieth step.

Meanwhile, the hidden ancestors all stared at her intensely.

She ultimately stopped at this point and came back. The crowd was very curious as they watched her safely leave the old pond.

“How many steps did the queen take?” A person asked.

An ancestor revealed that it was thirty steps, to the surprise of many. They shockingly exclaimed: “This is equal to an ancestor of a great power! Thirty steps yet still managed to retreat safely… She’s even better than an ancestor. Charming Spirits… Their divine reflections are indeed capable of seeing through truths and mysteries.”

No matter how great her cultivation may be, it couldn’t be at the Virtuous Paragon level. Her prestige was not as great as Di Zuo’s or Tian Lunhui’s, but being able to take thirty steps was already very amazing. Many became envious and admired the divine reflection of the Charming Spirits. They were indeed favored by the heavens.

The great powers who were camping near the old pond were very curious. They wanted to know her understanding of the pond. A great power with good relations began to ask her for some information. She then talked to its royal lord and said: “This pond is a mystery. Each step is an entire world. Taking one step further is the same as crossing into another world. If you can reach the middle of the pond, then it should be equivalent to walking across three thousand worlds.”

All were moved after hearing this. What a scary thing it was to cross over three thousand worlds. Who could easily accomplish such a task besides Immortal Emperors?

Another sect master inquired: “Are there any treasures in the pond?” This was the sect master’s biggest concern and also the question many wanted to ask the most.

The Thousand Carp River chased after the Diamond Carp and took nearly all the treasures, leaving only this pond untouched. The river sect couldn’t see through the pond so it hastily withdrew.

Everyone knew that the sect obtained many treasures, but they didn’t obtain any unbelievable immortal treasures. They were also aware that there was a great fortune in each realm, but the issue was finding the right place. Many people searched the Water Realm without any results or met any great fortunes.

Afterward, after the river sect chased the Diamond Carp to its nest, many people speculated that if there was indeed a great fortune at the Water Realm, then it should be at this place.

This was why even emperor’s lineages showed up and not only great powers. They hoped to obtain this supreme fortune.

The Jadewater Queen answered with confidence: “Yes, there is surely a treasure. From twenty steps and beyond, there were treasures under the water. From thirty steps and up, there were incredible items as well. In order to find a supreme fortune, I think one has to go at least one hundred steps. There must be an unparalleled item there, maybe even an era-toppling immortal treasure, but I can’t say for sure.”

“An unparalleled item!” The heart of this sect master trembled. For generations, those who obtained a great fortune in the Prime Ominous Grave all became either Immortal Emperors or invincible existences.

Her answer quickly spread to the outside. Many were here for this supreme fortune, but previously, it was only mere speculations. Now that it has been confirmed, how could a furor not break out among these cultivators and great powers?

Previously, everyone couldn’t enlighten themselves with the pond, so many were jolted into leaving. However, after hearing the first half of the queen’s findings, the group became excited and no one else wished to leave. However, this group also became dumbfounded after hearing the latter part.

“One hundred steps!” No matter how powerful their sects or tribes may be, these people all gasped as they became dejected.

“What kind of genius would be able to take one hundred steps?” This was a blow to many people. An ancestor of the Bronze Tree Tribe disappeared after twenty steps, so what kind of existence would be able to take one hundred?

A person calculated: “Perhaps a legendary master or an eternal existence would be able to take one hundred steps.”

“Hmm, maybe even an extremely ancient ancestor… Someone from the Myriad Bones Throne might be able to do so.”

A great ghost also began to calculate and came up with this conclusion: only an eternal existence would be able to take one hundred steps, not even a legendary master would be able to.

The sudden burst of excitement was quickly deflated. One hundred steps was an impossibility to the people present.

In fact, many ancestors from the great powers all came to the Prime Ominous Grave. These old undyings didn’t mind paying a huge price to leave their Blood Era Stones for the great fortunes from the legends. They hoped to use these fortunes to prolong their lifespans as well as strengthen their own sects.

However, after witnessing the failure of the Bronze Tree Ancestor, many of these ancestors began to hesitate. They had lived for a very long time and paid the greatest price to seal themselves in these blood stones. Now, they all became very cautious at such a dangerous venture.

These undyings were afraid of death more than anyone else; they valued living above all else. They didn’t want to die before obtaining a great fortune at this place.

So after hearing the words of the queen, these ancestors who were hiding in the darkness remained still, waiting for their chance to see if there was any other method to enter the pond.

During this moment of stillness, a person suddenly had an idea: “Maybe not just a powerful cultivation is required for entry. The ancestor of the Bronze Tree Tribe only took twenty steps, but the Jadewater Queen made it to thirty and even left safely.”

Although this idea was out there, no one wanted to confirm it. Everyone carried the attitude of letting someone else go in first. In these last several days, some famous great characters had all failed, so it was understandable that these cultivators were hesitant. The fate of dying without a corpse remaining instilled shivers into these spectators.

While the great powers adopted a wait-and-see attitude, Li Qiye and Lan Yunzhu finally arrived.

Li Qiye came and looked at the pond before him with a serious gaze. Countless ghost powers were here, but Li Qiye didn’t bother giving them a single glance.

His arrival attracted the attention of many since they immediately recognized him and Lan Yunzhu: “Fierce Li Qiye and Fairy Lan are here!”

A great character from the ghost race snorted in dissatisfaction and said: “The Thousand Carp River still hasn’t given up.”

It was all ghosts around the pond since humans and other races couldn’t mingle with them. It could be said that this entire area was under the jurisdiction of ghosts.

Many ghosts were unhappy and scowled to see the two of them here. This was not strange at all since the Thousand Carp River took pretty much all the treasures, and those who came after them only found leftover soup and a belly full of jealousy.

At that time, there were some great powers who tried to sneak attack the river sect for their treasures, but alas, they were too powerful and killed several great characters one after another, creating a huge deterrence. If it was any other sect, then it would have been slaughtered by the crowd on the spot.

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