Chapter 538: Long Zuntian

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Chapter 538: Long Zuntian

At this time, a sect master from a great power coldly sneered and said: “The Thousand Carp River still isn’t satisfied after taking all the treasures in this nest? Hmph, such greed like a snake trying to swallow an elephant… Watch out, you might not be able to handle eating everything and perish instead!”

Li Qiye simply looked at the old pond and didn’t care for the others. After a while, he revealed a smile. Lan Yunzhu asked: “How is this pond? Can one enter?”

Lan Yunzhu had this question for a while because the Diamond Carp disappeared at its nest after being chased by the group of Daoist Bao Gui.

How could a huge creature like the carp suddenly disappear? Could it be that the carp jumped into this pond? But judging from its size, this pond was not big enough to contain it.

“It is possible to enter, but that will depend on the person. Not just anyone can tread inside.” Li Qiye smiled and responded while looking at the pond.

“Is it very dangerous?” Lan Yunzhu looked at the pond and asked.

It looked very ordinary without any eye-catching features, but even a Heavenly Gaze couldn’t see through it.

“For some, it would be easy like taking a stroll, but for others, it would be impossible like reaching the heavens. They wouldn’t succeed even if they tried for the rest of their lives.” Li Qiye replied with a smile.

These words made a lot of people unhappy. The first to voice his annoyance was the Ghost Insect Evil Child: “Such big tone!” He then continued with an ominous smile: “I wonder how many steps the proclaimed genius of the human race can take?”

These provocative words made the crowd glance at each other; many were happy to see this situation. They all knew the feud between Li Qiye and the Evil Child, which had been going on since the golden sea event.

Li Qiye raised his brows and lazily asked: “How many steps did you take?”

“Nine steps!” The Evil Child sneered and then spoke in a deep voice: “How about you try it? Let’s see which of us is better?”

At this time, the Evil Child was full of confidence.

“Nine steps…” Li Qiye burst out in laughter and said: “Are you a little caterpillar? Such an easy trial yet you only managed to take nine steps. I can go further than that even with my eyes closed.”

“You…!” The Evil Child became enraged by Li Qiye’s teasing as his body shivered with coldness. Frightening glints appeared in his eyes.

Li Qiye was too lazy to look at him. Instead, he waved his sleeve dismissively: “Only nine steps yet you still dare to provoke me? Go play in a corner and don’t interfere with my grand matters.”

“Is that so? Li, how many steps do you think you can take?” Another cold laugh appeared. The speaker was the descendant of another emperor’s lineage, the Titanic Crescent Saint Child.

“How many steps?” Li Qiye gave a yawn in response and added: “I’m not looking down on you guys, but to speak the truth, you already dare to challenge me just by walking a few steps? You don’t know the limits of your own abilities. I’m too lazy to care to argue with people at such a low level.”

“You challenged our ghost race and even the entire world! You don’t think you are the one who doesn’t know your own limits?” An arrogant voice appeared at this time. A phoenix chariot slowly approached and stopped by the pond. A supreme beauty stepped down; it was the Divine Spark Phoenix Maiden who escaped last time.

The atmosphere became heated with her arrival: “The Phoenix Maiden is also here!”

Everyone then looked back and forth at Li Qiye and the Phoenix Maiden.

She fled during the last battle, but now she came back with great fanfare. Everyone wanted to see the conclusion between Li Qiye and the maiden.

Li Qiye leisurely stared at her and quipped: “Oh, so it is the loser from before. Since when did your Divine Spark Country become part of the ghost race? Are your ancestors ghosts?”

“Being a daughter-in-law of the ghost race means that I’m part of the ghost race.” The Phoenix Maiden was not angry at all; she calmly answered him with grace. Her excellence was part of why she could become the daughter-in-law of the throne of bones.

“Yes, you are quite right.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “So? The miserable loss last time was not enough so you want to lose again?”

It was as if the maiden came prepared; she was not angry or anxious and instead leisurely spoke: “Li Qiye, you do have the ability to act arrogant, but do you think you are unbeatable in this world?”

Li Qiye lazily looked at her and said: “I myself don’t know if I am unbeatable in this world, but I only have one answer to those who oppose me, and that is that they will all be killed without mercy! Even if it is everyone in this world.”

“Young man… Such bold words.” A middle-aged man who followed after the maiden spoke: “You have the same arrogant style as I did back in a simpler time, but your arrogance ends here.”

The middle-aged man had a special divine aura when he stepped out. A spirited bearing combined with a composed presence created a unique charm with a momentum as if he was the only one who could tread on the endless grand dao.

“Long Zuntian!” Many great ghosts exclaimed after seeing this middle-aged man.

Even the ancestors put on a serious expression.

Long Zuntian was a legendary character in the Sacred Nether World. He was a proud sun in the sky and his dao journey was full of magical tales.

Long Zuntian sought the dao during the Difficult Dao Era as its most dazzling genius in the Sacred Nether World. At a young age, he proudly cultivated as if even this era could not impede his path towards the apex.

He became a Heavenly King at a very young age. At that time, he garnered a lot of attention from everywhere. Many even thought that he had the chance to defeat the Difficult Dao Era to reach the top.

Unfortunately, he was born in the wrong age and embarked on a journey during the Difficult Dao Era. He wanted to reach a higher realm using force, leading to a Life Reduction and an untimely disaster.

Fate Calamity was the demon of the heart and Life Reduction was the withering from the heavens. To cultivators, a Life Reduction was one of the hardest trials, and countless geniuses died because of this.

What was even more unfortunate for him was that, during the Difficult Dao Era, Life Reduction was even more fatal. Many assumed that he wouldn’t be able to surpass it so his death was assured.

However, before the deadly blow, Long Zuntian managed to counter attack and powerfully surpassed his Life Reduction. This matter shocked the entire world. However, this left behind an incurable wound and his cultivation slowed down.

Nevertheless, his fame still threatened the eight directions. Many ancestors from the great powers viewed him highly. Many of them were even cautious when they talked about him.

He was only an amazing Heavenly King, but he also was a grand completion Saint Physique, the Diamond Saint Physique!

The Diamond Saint Physique was the one below the Indestructible Diamond Immortal Physique. This Immortal Physique was impenetrable by countless weapons and untouchable by myriad laws. A cultivator of this physique would neither be afraid of any weapons nor laws in this world.

Although it was not an Immortal Physique, Long Zuntian still had this extremely powerful grand completion Saint Physique. A rumor stated that he once used his own body to block an attack from an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure. No one knew if this story was true or not, but this was enough to prove the toughness of his physique.

“I can’t believe Sir Di Zuo actually convinced Long Zuntian. An extremely talented genius like Long Zuntian views Sir Di Zuo so highly! Surely Sir Di Zuo will be able to shoulder the Heaven’s Will and become an Immortal Emperor.” A person emotionally uttered after seeing Long Yuntian protecting the maiden.

In the past during the Difficult Dao Era, Long Yuntian’s fame thundered across the Sacred Nether World. It was not until his Life Reduction did his fame slowly receded before the public, giving rise to the three heroes.

He started as a vagabond cultivator and many great powers and even emperor’s lineages wanted to recruit him. Even the Myriad Bones Throne wasn’t an exception, but Long Yuntian was very arrogant so he decisively refused.

Who would expect that many years later, once Di Zuo came to the light and became a great genius would he be able to convince Long Zuntian? From then on, he became the dao mentor of Di Zuo.

Although the throne of bones had some amazing ancestors at the level of legendary masters, a person like Long Zuntian was very rare to find. Di Zuo surely benefitted greatly from having him as a dao mentor.

The arrogant Long Zuntian agreeing to be Di Zuo’s mentor after rejecting the Myriad Bones Throne in the past was indicative of Di Zuo’s brilliant talents and his future potential to become an Immortal Emperor.

Li Qiye was still nonchalant as he looked at Long Zuntian. Then, he said with a smile: “Oh? You want to teach me a lesson?”

Long Zuntian stared back and shook his head, grinning: “I’m too old and do not feel like exercising. I only want to give you a piece of advice: there is always a better person and another heaven outside of this heaven. Today, there are many ancestors here. You are indeed a supreme genius, but if a Virtuous Paragon takes action, you won’t be as lucky.”

“Heed my words of advice and recede your arrogance. Otherwise, even if I don’t do it, someone else will.” Long Zuntian continued: “Of course, if you really want a shot at me, then I don’t mind teaching a young one a lesson!”

Long Zuntian spoke aggressively and was full of confidence. Of course, he was qualified to act so domineeringly. Although he was only a Heavenly King and cultivation-wise, he was not a match for a great power’s ancestor, he also had a grand completion Saint Physique. Even these ancestors would have to think twice before acting against him.

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