Chapter 539: Divine Spark Phoenix Maiden’s Scheme

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Chapter 539: Divine Spark Phoenix Maiden’s Scheme

Li Qiye didn’t take note of Long Zuntian’s words, he simply smilingly said: “If you want to teach me, then come anytime. I agree with the sentiment that there is always someone better and that there is a heaven vaster than this heaven, but as for the whatever ancestors here who want to kill me…” Li Qiye laughed and declared: “So what if they are ancestors from great powers? Try it and I’ll slaughter all of them. Anyone who blocks my path will be killed without mercy!”

His words offended all the sects and lineages and even the entire ghost race. Of course, this was not his first time offending the ghost race.

In just a split second, many great powers coldly glared at Li Qiye. No one made a move right now, but their intentions were as clear as day: sooner or later, they would annihilate this arrogant human.

“Young one, it is not wrong to be arrogant, but words are like spilled water; once spoken, they cannot be taken back.” An ethereal voice appeared.

No one knew who the speaker was, but the tone was thunderous, causing everyone’s hearts to thump. This surely was an ancestor of a great power.

Many ancestors had come into being and entered the Prime Ominous Grave, so of course they were annoyed when Li Qiye provoked them publically like this.

However, for the time being, none of them made a move against Li Qiye. These old sly foxes didn’t want to be the first to oppose the Thousand Carp River.

Li Qiye smiled and said in response to the ethereal voice: “I always take responsibility for my words. I don’t care if you are ghosts or from another race, I do not show mercy to those who stand before me!”

“Hmph! You are acting as if people are blocking your path. That’s simply not true, you can easily enter the pond.” The Titanic Crescent Saint Child sneered.

Li Qiye looked at the Saint Child and spoke: “Oh? You don’t believe me? If I can enter, then will your ghost race withdraw?” These words made even more people unhappy.

A ghost sect master deepened his voice and uttered: “This pond does not belong to you, so why does our ghost race have to withdraw?”

“I don’t know much about the ghost race, but I do know one thing: if I obtain the fortune inside, then your ghost race will definitely sneak attack me and rob it just like you did with the Thousand Carp River. Do you dare say that you haven’t and will not commit such sly thievery?” Li Qiye calmly asked.

“Then do you want to settle this matter with our entire ghost race?” The Phoenix Maiden slowly spoke.

Li Qiye glanced at her and chuckled to say: “Divine Spark Phoenix Maiden, I know you are digging a hole for me to jump, aiming to maneuver the entire ghost race against me. Am I right? Very well, we’ll do it your way. Everyone come so we can end this. Your ghost race does not like to look at humans like me, and I’m also annoyed at ghosts like you. Just make your move and I’ll entertain all of you till the end!”

This answer left people looking at each other in confusion. Even non-ghost cultivators rolled their eyes. Such arrogance! Li Qiye, alone, challenged all the ghosts! This brat must be crazy.

However, older cultivators of the other races felt that this made sense after thinking it through. Back at the Snow-shadow Tribe, Li Qiye had already killed tens of thousands of ghosts in one breath. His relationship with the ghost race was already irreconcilable.

It was clear that Li Qiye would be a thorn for the three heroes in the future. The ghost race would definitely not accept him in the competition for the Heaven’s Will at this time, so there would be a war between the two sides. Those who backed the three heroes would not sit idly by and watch.

The cultivators of the other races thought that if Li Qiye didn’t want to be bothered by ghosts for a long time, then the most direct way was to kill them until they were scared. This was not only to strengthen his domineering fame and test his own cultivation but also a way to sweep through his future obstacles.

A few great characters from these races thought that defeating the ghost race before they became united was possible. However, the first requirement was that Li Qiye needed to be strong enough.

Thus, these other races chose to watch on the sideline as the ghosts glared at Li Qiye.

The group of the Titanic Crescent Saint Child and Ghost Insect Evil Child angrily glared at him with murderous stares after hearing his provocative statement. These geniuses truly hated Li Qiye; the two sides had a long-running feud and moreover, they had the ambition to kill him for their own future!

They would become famous after killing Li Qiye; Li Qiye could be the paving pebble for their path towards becoming the Immortal Emperor.

As opposed to last time, the two geniuses were full of ambition right now. Their expression alone clearly indicated their wish to kill Li Qiye. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Since they carried secret cards, they were confident in killing Li Qiye.

The Phoenix Maiden only smiled with a smile that could be described as kingdom-toppling. This was the result she wanted. She then slowly spoke: “Li Qiye, you are the one who said this. I am only a little girl and does not dare to speak for the entire ghost race. However, since you provoked our ghost race, I will be the first to oppose you. Even a little girl like me will not tolerate a human ant like you challenging our ghost’s supreme prestige!”

“Amazing! Women are no less capable than men at all!” Li Qiye clapped his hands and smiled. He saw through her aim but was too lazy to retort.

Lan Yunzhu only smiled. She understood the Phoenix Maiden’s scheme, but she also knew that Li Qiye didn’t care for these little tricks since he was not afraid at all!

While the young geniuses wished to kill Li Qiye to pave their path, the majority of the older crowd remained relatively calm.

Although Li Qiye and the ghost race had drawn daggers, there was no direct conflict of interest between him and the majority of great powers. At least, for now.

These sly foxes all knew that the Phoenix Maiden was trying to pave the way for Di Zuo. Anyone could see that Li Qiye would be a huge threat for him in the future. As his fiancee, she wanted to borrow others to kill Li Qiye for her husband.

“There has been too much killing recently, and the downpour of blood only brings about weariness.” The Phoenix Maiden acted as if she didn’t hear Li Qiye’s praise. She then gracefully continued on: “If you challenge our ghost race, we of course cannot stand down. How about we have a non-violent competition? For example, this pond. If Li Qiye can go deeper into the pond than us ghosts… Although I cannot represent the entire ghost race, at the very least, the Myriad Bones Throne and many other ghost tribes will not make it difficult for you from now on.”

“If you lose, then hand over the Prime Ominous Key. Whoever beats you will get the key.” She put out an irresistible bait and said: “The fortune inside the Heavenly Cemetery should belong to us ghosts. What say you, everyone?!”

Her words prior were not enough for the other ghost tribes to act as her blade, outside of the ambitious young ones like the Saint Child and Evil Child. Everyone with eyes had seen the battle outside of the Snow-shadow Tribe, and being the Phoenix Maiden’s henchmen did not end well. But now, her words tempted the minds of many.

“I heard that there was no treasure inside the Heavenly Cemetery. However, if one is lucky, they might be able to get a unique fortune. This harvest would not be any less than the Diamond Carp’s nest.” The Phoenix Maiden lightly said: “For such a fortune, no matter what, I still want to challenge you, Li Qiye!”

Her words caused many hearts to beat faster alongside many swift glances.

Lan Yunzhu lamented after being exposed to the maiden’s scheme: “What a formidable ability to concoct such mind games.”

The Phoenix Maiden was quite devious. She pushed Li Qiye up to the front of the waves and winds. At this time, anyone would want to challenge him.

“Is that true?” A young person couldn’t help but ask his senior after hearing the maiden’s words.

Everyone knew that the Heavenly Cemetery was inside the Earth Realm. Rumor has it that after killing into the cemetery and making it out alive, one would be able to obtain a great fortune. However, not just anyone dared to try. Even the ancestors were hesitant, let alone the younger generation. But right now, Di Zuo was making his way into the cemetery!

“It is true.” A great character answered his junior: “The Prime Ominous Key can be exchanged for a great fortune inside the Heavenly Cemetery. The magnitude of this fortune depends on the person, but in short, the exchange is real.”

Prior to this back at the Snow-shadow battle, many people wanted to take the key from Li Qiye, but many gave up right after. Now, the maiden’s words raising this issue again provoked a lot of people.

At this point, many held their breaths while looking at Li Qiye since everyone knew that he had the key.

Li Qiye simply smiled at the maiden’s scheme. She employed numerous methods to kill Li Qiye. This, right now, was only a spark and the goal was to cause Li Qiye to fight against the entire ghost race.

“Li Qiye, do you dare to accept our ghost race’s challenge?” The Phoenix Maiden slowly enunciated each word.

Although she did not represent all the ghosts, the expressions of many proved that they were lusting after the key in Li Qiye’s possession.

“Li Qiye is not necessarily at a disadvantage in such a challenge.” The Jadewater Queen spoke: “It is not about cultivation but enlightenment when it comes to walking deeper into the pond. One step, one world, but the main essence is that it is still a pond. If one could see through its profundities, then there would still be a promising chance. Having a higher cultivation actually brings about more restrictions.”

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