Chapter 584: Completed Palace

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Chapter 584: Completed Palace

“Eternal Damnation!” This was the heaven’s most horrifying decree! Images of myriad tribulations appeared, such as an Immortal Monarch suffering his Life Reduction, the demonic tribulation of a True God, and other terrible disasters from the heavenly dao…

All of these stunning tribulations appeared at once. Some of them had never been heard of or seen before. Any of these alone would be enough to shatter someone.

The Life Reduction was of a magnitude that even an Immortal Monarch’s blood energy would wither, turning him into a dying old man. The demonic tribulation of a True God created a terrifying heart devil that could devour all things and break even the toughest of dao hearts. Even the strongest True God would not be able to withstand this devil and would suffer a terrible backlash, resulting in insanity.

If any cultivators were here, even Heavenly Kings and Virtuous Paragons would be scared out of their wits and wet their pants! Even Virtuous Paragons had never undergone such terrifying tribulations. Any of the above tribulations would require a Virtuous Paragon to muster all of their strength to survive.

But right now, Li Qiye was facing Eternal Damnation, making everything else seem so insignificant.

Inside the myriad images were dying True Dragons, blood spilling from Godkings, an Immortal Monarch with one foot in the grave, and True Gods being driven to insanity. These images would carve themselves into the minds of spectators and wake them up at night for the rest of their lives.

“Villainous Heavens, even your Eternal Damnation cannot stop my determination!” The firmament above Li Qiye’s head strengthened its will after his cry. He turned into the ruler of the nine heavens and used the firmament’s power to stop the myriad tribulations.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Great detonations came one after another. The myriad tribulations acted as if countless Immortal Emperors were assaulting Li Qiye’s supreme will.

With another blast, Li Qiye was blown away with blood spurting everywhere.

“Rumble!” The blaring myriad tribulations became faster and louder. At this time, even Li Qiye’s firmament couldn’t handle it, causing him to be wounded.

“Crack!” At this point, his body was cracked with blood running down. The divine light inside his meridian was flickering as if it could go out at any moment.

It wasn’t only his body, his meridian and the outline of the palace were unable to withstand the force. If his meridian shattered, then the thirteenth palace would follow suit. At that point, Li Qiye would become mere ashes.

He knew that the disaster was imminent so he took out his secret move, an item. The moment it came out, a radiance filled the sky as endless immortal laws appeared.

This was a book, the defining treasure that Li Qiye obtained from the grave’s secret realm.

“The Death Scripture is here!” Li Qiye cried out: “Regardless of whether you agree or not, I will borrow this pond to open up a miracle, or else I will seal the pond!” Li Qiye then pressed down on the scripture as the book spewed out boundless primordial chaos like the opening of a new and indistinct world.

The Death Scripture, one of the Nine Grand Heavenly Scriptures, was comparable to the Physique Scripture. It had been hidden inside the lake in the grave’s secret realm.

The nine scriptures had always been a legend, and many cultivators didn’t believe in their existence. How could they know that Li Qiye not only had the Physique Scripture, but also the Death Scripture? Back during his days as the Dark Crow, he had expended numerous efforts because he knew of a secret, that the defining treasure of the grave might be the Death Scripture.

Although it was only a speculation, Li Qiye had always been researching it and he was finally successful in this generation. The defining treasure was indeed the scripture that he had been yearning for.

With his hand pressed against the scripture, unparalleled ancient runes appeared then slowly sank into the pond as if they had their own consciousnesses.

“Boom!” A flash appeared in the primordial chaos as it was torn apart, creating an extremely moving and majestic spectacle.

This light that signaled the start of a new world suddenly fell into the thirteenth palace. It was a brilliant ray from before even the start of time, the first of its kind. This was the beginning of myriad dao, the source of a new era.

Only with this light would the world be able to have its own dao; it was the foundation for myriad dao!

“Boom!” This light allowed the thirteenth palace to fly out from Li Qiye’s meridian with a deafening blast. In just a moment, the palace had left its cocoon.

It was finally successful. The thirteenth palace, at this time, jumped into the nine heavens and achieved a never-changing eternality. It emitted a powerful seal that flew into the sky and left its will as a mark in the heavens.

“Rumble!” With resounding blasts, a mark had been carved on the heavens by the palace. The myriad tribulations then receded like a tide.


Inside the Prime Ominous Grave at the Earth Realm above the Heavenly Cemetery, the Ancestral City had erected four gigantic altars right below the lost island, one in each corner.

Each of them was protected by the experts from the city along with other ghost cultivators, including those of the ancestor level.

This was beyond being forced by the Heavenly God Decree; many great powers wished to contribute and earn some merits as well as praise from the Ancestral City. Maybe they could receive the supreme origin arts. Because of this, they worked hard and volunteered to carry out the decree.

In just one short day, the great powers had returned from their hunts and gathered cultivators and mortals from the other races all over the Nether Border.

The Divine Guard Captain commanded after seeing their return: “Throw all of them into the altars. Once we have enough, we’ll commence the blood ceremony.”

In just a short moment, the prisoners were thrown into the altars that resembled gigantic urns, falling down like “human rain.” Each of these altars had their own independent space that could accommodate tens of millions.

“Grandpa, where are you? Grandpa, Grandpa…” Screams for the adults rang across the altars.

“Mother, Father, do you not need Wan’er anymore?” Children cried out for their parents.

“Zhu’zi, Zhu’zi, are you okay?” Parents were also trying to find their children among the sea of people.

They were powerless to stay together with their families amidst this disaster.

“Son, Shi’er, where are you? Are you still alive?” A gray-haired old man cried out painfully for his child.

The ocean of people emitted many miserable screams. There were also desperate pleas and prayers mixed together, creating a gloomy and sorrowful atmosphere.

Earlier, most great powers from the other races had already left the Prime Ominous Grave, but some ancestors were still hiding behind in the shadows right outside of the Heavenly Cemetery. Seeing such a scene shook them since they understood what the Divine Guard Captain wanted to do after capturing these millions of mortals.

“The Ancestral City is insane! They actually want to sacrifice the mortals!” The pupils of a great character from another race were about to burst open from anger after seeing this scene.

Someone else, in their fury, wanted to rush out but was stopped by an ancestor that stood right next to them. The ancestor gravely said: “Are you going just to die? Not to mention that the city lord and the captain alone are enough to kill us old men, there are also a bunch of great powers and their ancestors and even legendary masters from the ghost race. Even if you try, you won’t be able to accomplish anything!”

Despite their rage, they were powerless and could only keep hiding in the dark. All of the ghost masters were here; it was a force capable of sweeping through everything in this world. Even an imperial lineage would have a hard time opposing them.

“Open!” A cultivator screamed while within the gourd-like altar. There were some cultivators that were captured along with the mortals; among them were famous Heavenly Kings.

Alas, they had no chance to show their prowess since there were ancestors here as well. They had to obediently accept their captivity.

“Boom!” A few explosions occurred. Some cultivators used their strongest merit laws to attack this ceremonial prison, but it was useless.

This altar was personally created by the Divine Guard Captain to become a powerful prison; ordinary cultivators couldn’t break it.

“Use my blood to lead the glory of my ancestors. May the laws of the myriad ages enter my body…!” A trapped Heavenly King used his strongest forbidden law along with his flesh and True Fate to empower this art.

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