Chapter 586: Thousand Carp’s Reversion

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Chapter 586: Thousand Carp’s Reversion

“This is not the place for your human race to do as you please!” Several enraged Heavenly Kings from imperial lineages took action to stop Lan Yunzhu. Although her Heaven’s Will Secret Law was powerful, it couldn’t break the barricade of several kings.

“Capture her alive!” The ghost race clamored when they saw her being trapped by several kings: “We’ll sacrifice her as well so that the humans can know of our might!”

Many ghost experts then came to catch her. Lan Yunzhu swiftly responded with a scowl: “Hmph! You’re all courting death!” A single fresh flower suddenly rose from behind her with blooming petals. Night Era Flower — day would turn into night when it blooms. Darkness swiftly encompassed the sky.

“Pluff!” Its petals bloomed completely and created a scene of carnage as the hearts of the cultivators surrounding her all exploded; their bodies quickly blew up right after as well.

Such a terrifying scene scared everyone since even the Heavenly Kings that surrounded her all had their hearts blown up.

The blossoming of the flower caused hearts to explode; anyone would be intimidated by such a scene. The ghost experts quickly retreated.

“Open!” Lan Yunzhu ignored these experts and channeled her Heaven’s Will law, slashing the altar with her halo to save the mortals from the other races.

“Boom!” However, her attack couldn’t slash open the altar since it was blocked by another ancestor. This ancestor took an imposing step towards her and snorted: “Thousand Carp River! My Titanic Crescent Sacred Ground will annihilate all of you. We’ll start with your descendant first!”

An unstoppable imperial aura came striking down. His first move was to use an Immortal Emperor True Treasure; it was apparent that he didn’t want to give her any chance at all.

How deep of a feud would it have to be to warrant an imperial ancestor killing a junior instantly with a true treasure? This was all due to Li Qiye stealing the Declivity-Mountain Bell and using the Diamond Carp to swallow three of their ancestors. It was not only a terrible loss but also a great humiliation.

Because of this, another ancestor personally came out, bringing along an emperor’s true treasure. They initially wanted to find Li Qiye, but unfortunately, he had died in the path of death so they now shifted their hatred towards the Thousand Carp River and Lan Yunzhu.

An ancestor attacking with a true treasure was quite terrifying. All realms were alarmed while gods and devils prostrated before its destructive might. No one would be able to withstand such a blow. At least, that was the thought on everyone’s mind regarding Lan Yunzhu’s fate since not even a Virtuous Paragon would be able to escape.

Lan Yunzhu quickly took out an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure and cried out: “Samsara Cycle!” The Heaven’s Will moved as a river of stars lit up. She was using her secret law to empower this life treasure.

“Splash!” A huge carp jumped out from the surface of this river of time back to the origin. Time suddenly reversed, at least, for Lan Yunzhu. Her time was being reversed back to the moment when the Titanic Crescent Ancestor appeared.

“Splash!” After another splash, Lan Yunzhu’s time began to flow once more. The invincible attack from the emperor’s true treasure only issued a slight noise as it didn’t hit her and instead hit the spatial area where time was reversed.

Everyone was astonished and filled with disbelief at someone capable of reversing their own time by several seconds.

The ancestor’s heart thumped as he saw the life treasure in her hand: “Thousand Carp’s Reversion, Cyclical River of Fate! This is the reversing of time from the legends!”

The Thousand Carp’s Reversion was a life treasure left behind by Immortal Emperor Qian Li. Legends spoke of them being able to use his secret law in conjunction with the life treasure to reverse time to a maximum of three minutes.

This meant that Lan Yunzhu had an extra three minutes of consideration when in precarious positions. As long as the secret law could channel the treasure, then time would go back to any second in the last three minutes.

Many were jealous at her having this emperor’s weapon. There was no medicine for regret in this world, but Lan Yunzhu was different; she could fix any mistake within a short three minutes.

“Hmph! Girl, I want to see how many times you can activate that emperor’s weapon.” The Titanic Crescent Ancestor declared gravely.

“Boom!” A Life Wheel appeared behind Lan Yunzhu’s head with boundless blood energy. It emitted a sacred light that allowed the blood energy to become inexhaustible. She arrogantly declared: “You can rest assured, my Saint Wheel will allow me to use it at least three more times. I wonder how many more times you can use your True Treasure at your old age? I’m afraid your blood energy has already started to wither.”

She was a person with dual saint talents, so her Saint Wheel had already predetermined her rich blood energy that was more abundant than anyone else. If others could only use an emperor’s weapon once, then she would be able to do so three to four times at the very least. This was the magical property of a Saint Wheel.

The ancestor’s expression greatly changed. Lan Yunzhu was right, he was indeed old!

Even in the face of an ancestor from the sacred ground, Lan Yunzhu was still fearless as she let out a cry: “Die!” The Night Era Flower bloomed again with a pop.

The ancestor, aghast, recalled his true treasure and used an imperial law to protect his body. Despite this protection, the blossoming of the flower carried a transcendent power.

“Bang—bang—bang!” The imperial laws shook before the flower’s onslaught, leaving the ancestor shocked. Luckily, the flower didn’t bloom the entire way, or else it would truly be unbeatable. Anyone who came close would die to its blossoming petals.

After the attack was over, the ancestor’s eyes became sharp: “Time to end this!” He wanted to unleash another true treasure attack to give her a fatal blow.

Nevertheless, Lan Yunzhu was still rushing forward with a battle cry. She had a bronze tube in her hand.

“Pluff, pluff!” Two temporal rays shot out at an undodgeable speed.

Frightened, the ancestor quickly raised his weapon again to protect his body.

“Boom!” The rays slammed into the imperial law, causing the ancestor to take two steps back.

The Reverse-time Shuttle unleashed rays of temporal attacks non-stop. Anyone who came close would suffer from this chaotic barrage and lose all their life essence while growing older.

After being struck multiple times by the shuttle, the true treasure dimmed as the ancestor was forced to retreat continuously.

Meanwhile, Lan Yunzhu didn’t halt her offense and kept on firing at him. Once the shuttle shot out all of its temporal rays, the ancestor furiously roared: “I’ll end you!”

He tried to attack one more time with his weapon, but then, it was time for the Night Era Flower to blossom once more. Of course, the aghast ancestor had to use his weapon for defensive measures instead.

“Pluff, pluff, pluff!” Petals began to spread, preventing the ancestor from doing anything but protect his own body.

Once the flower’s attack ended, the ancestor thought that he could attack again, but he was met with another onslaught from the Reverse-time Shuttle. Temporal rays aimed for his body once more.

“Rumble!” The ancestor had to retreat even further. This situation drove him crazy to the point of vomiting blood. Lan Yunzhu’s nonstop rotation of the flower and shuttle rendered him unable to counterattack.

And even if he could unleash an invincible attack, Lan Yunzhu still had her Thousand Carp’s Reversion so she had three whole minutes to revise her strategy.

It could be said that Li Qiye treated her very well and gave her many things. Both the Reverse-time Shuttle and Night Era Flower made her virtually unbeatable.

At this point, the ancestor was nearly crazy because of Lan Yunzhu. He didn’t have a chance to attack against the offensive rotation of the flower and shuttle.

Lan Yunzhu couldn’t stop halfway now that she was riding the tiger’s back, so she kept on attacking with her two treasures. If she delayed for even a second, the true treasure of the ancestor would come to kill her. At the moment, she couldn’t escape, but she couldn’t kill the ancestor either. Both sides had no choice but to continue this stalemate until one side could no longer handle it!

Other people couldn’t get close. Even experts and Heavenly Kings didn’t dare to set foot on their battlefield. Everyone saw what happened earlier with their own eyes. Anyone who entered the range of the blossoming Night Era Flower would instantly explode!

Hundreds of thousands of ghosts were both envious and jealous of Lan Yunzhu’s heaven-defying methods! Such methods easily caused others to become crazed from greed. The combination of those two treasures were indeed invincible!

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