Chapter 640: Meeting Again

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Chapter 640: Meeting Again

In the main hall, Madam Zi Yan sat there, waiting, accompanied by seventeen Demon Monarchs. This was quite a grand showing. It could be said that all of the most powerful rulers in the Giant Bamboo Country were here.

Such a showing could only be seen when greeting Virtuous Paragons. Ordinary grand characters would never see such a big gesture.

Initially, Madam Zi Yan wanted to go see him alone, but the other monarchs also wanted to see just what this illustrious person who could refine pills like cooking named Li Qiye looked like, so they followed to add to the fun.

Anyone who had never witnessed such a grand team before would tremble upon seeing a Demon King and seventeen Demon Monarchs together. However, upon his arrival, Li Qiye was still as relaxed and comfortable as ever.

The monarchs were stunned to see Li Qiye since he was completely different from what they had imagined. They assumed that a supreme alchemist with such great pill refinement skill should at least have a floating immortal aura; each of his steps should give birth to lotuses or at least have an imposing momentum.

However, Li Qiye looked quite bland and lacked perceivably excellent qualities. If they didn’t know of his skills beforehand, they wouldn’t believe that this ordinary man before them was the famed alchemist.

Madam Zi Yan was also astounded to see Li Qiye since she didn’t expect to meet him again in these circumstances.

Li Qiye sat down and glanced around before stopping on Madam Zi Yan, then he grinned.

He laughed when he saw her dazed expression and said in a carefree manner: “Your Majesty, we meet again. It has been a while.”

The monarchs were surprised as well as they all looked back at Madam Zi Yan. They didn’t expect for their Demon King to have met Li Qiye once already.

Ultimately, she was still a Demon King, so she quickly composed herself and revealed an elegant and noble smile to say: “I also didn’t expect that you were Young Noble Li.”

So it turned out that Madam Zi Yan was the woman Li Qiye met in the ancient house on the outskirts of the capital on that night! She didn’t expect that man who spewed out such arrogant words and was lost in his delusions to be the supreme alchemist, Li Qiye.

In fact, it was not quite a coincidence. That night, Li Qiye went to the ancient house in order to recall his past. As for the madam, she went there whenever there was a big issue to contemplate in silence, to follow the example of her Matriarch.

“Young Noble’s arrival is our Giant Bamboo’s honor.” The elegant Demon King Zi Yan said: “I am very busy and couldn’t greet you right away, so please excuse the lack of hospitality. Today, we prepared some meager gifts as an apology.”

A servant carried a chest forward. It had yet to be opened, but the immense sound it made when it dropped to the ground showed that the items inside were not ordinary.

Li Qiye didn’t open it for a look, however. The majority of treasures was nothing in his eyes. He only revealed a carefree smile instead: “To meet is to be connected by fate; Your Majesty can be straightforward with me.”

Madam Zi Yan replied: “I heard our Demon Monarch say that Young Noble is interested in being an alchemist of our country — I wonder if this is true?”

Li Qiye smiled and said: “We can talk about the alchemist position later, but I heard Your Majesty needs someone to participate in the Alchemy Conference for the Giant Bamboo Country. I can lend you a hand with this.”

The monarchs glanced at each other, and the madam was shocked as well. No one thought that Li Qiye would agree so readily.

A supreme alchemist was highly sought after no matter where they were in the Stone Medicine World, even imperial lineages were no exception.

One must pay a tremendous sum to invite such an alchemist. Even the Qing Clan negotiated quite a lot with the Giant Bamboo Country just for entering the Alchemy Conference. After all, alchemists were quite popular, especially the young and talented ones.

So now, Li Qiye’s swift agreement was outside of everyone’s expectations.

However, Madam Zi Yan understood that there was no free meal in this world, so she asked straightforwardly: “May I ask what your wishes are? Or what can the Giant Bamboo Country do to assist you with? If you need anything, just say the word.”

Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “I am not looking down on the Giant Bamboo Country, but this country does not have the things I desire. I trust that Your Majesty is quick with your intel. So, do you feel that I lack treasures or wealth?”

These words were quite arrogant and caused some of the monarchs to be unhappy, but they all admitted that he was only speaking the truth.

Even Madam Zi Yan had to smile bitterly. Spending two hundred Immortal Emperor Refined Jades to buy an Alchemy Fowl… Such a wasteful act was indicative of his riches. Even if the country mustered up its entire treasury, it would still be very difficult to produce two hundred Immortal Emperor Refined Jades.

Li Qiye alone was capable of throwing out such a sum without a care; he clearly was not short of money. Since even an entire country was not necessarily richer than him, the gap between the two sides was considerable.

Li Qiye smiled and asked: “However, if Your Highness really wants me to provide a condition… This wouldn’t be hard either. I will participate in the Alchemy Conference for the Giant Bamboo Country, but I have a brother who wants to be a court alchemist, what does Your Highness think about this?”

Ancient Pine quietly reported to Madam Zi Yan. After hearing his words, she asked Li Qiye: “Is Young Noble talking about Shi Hao?”

“Correct.” Li Qiye nodded and said: “It is by fate that we’ve met, so although I will not take in a disciple, he has learned a bit of my pill refinement skill. Brother Shi’s clan was once loyal subjects of the Giant Bamboo Country, and he also wants to contribute to the country. I trust that he will be able to do so in the future.”

Madam Zi Yan nodded her head in agreement: “I can’t ask for more regarding this matter. As long as Envoy Shi Hao is willing, the imperial court welcomes his registration at any time.”

The other monarchs were quite ecstatic as well. Since Shi Hao had learned some pill arts from a supreme alchemist like Li Qiye, he would surely become a great talent in the future for the Giant Bamboo Country.

Li Qiye commanded Bai Weng: “Tell Shi Hao to come meet Her Majesty and the other monarchs.” Li Qiye trained him not just because he valued Shi Hao, it was also to train a talent for the Giant Bamboo Country.

Soon, Bai Weng led Shi Hao into the room. Prior to this, Bai Weng had clearly told him of the situation, but Shi Hao’s legs still shuddered the moment he saw the monarchs and Madam Zi Yan.

All the monarchs were of the Ancient Saint and Heavenly Sovereign realms. Needless to say, Madam Zi Yan was a Heavenly King with even greater prestige. Shi Hao had never encountered such a situation before, so he was quite nervous.

He actually felt that this was all a dream. He had aspirations of reviving his clan, to be a court alchemist one day and slowly rebuild his family. However, these were only dreams buried deep inside his heart since, as a little envoy, he was very far from reaching these aspirations.

Prior to this, he didn’t even dream about meeting Her Majesty, but it was one of his wishes during his youth.

His dream came true too fast and he was not mentally prepared. He stepped inside the room while quivering, clearly having lost his calm.

Seeing Shi Hao’s anxiety, Li Qiye encouraged him: “Shi Hao, go greet the monarchs and Her Majesty. Her Majesty has agreed for you to become a court alchemist.”

Li Qiye’s reminder caused the nervous Shi Hao to calm down. He kneeled down and bowed: “Shi Hao from the Shi Clan greets Your Majesty.”

“Rise.” Madam Zi Yan accepted his bow and nodded her head: “The Shi Clan from the Calm River County had always been loyal subjects of the Giant Bamboo Country with great contributions. Today, you may enter the court and will bring prestige back to the name Shi.”

Shi Hao was still overwhelmed by the swift and sudden realization of his dream. Her Majesty had personally allowed for him to become a court alchemist!

While Shi Hao’s mind was still foggy, Bai Weng led him around to meet the other monarchs to fulfill his responsibility as Shi Hao’s caretaker.

After greeting all the monarchs, Shi Hao composed himself and prostrated before Li Qiye and emotionally uttered: “Big Brother…”

Countless words ran rampant in his mind, but he didn’t know where to start or how to express them. He understood that everything he gained today was because of Li Qiye.

Li Qiye also accepted his prostration and calmly said: “Do your best. It is not difficult to repay me as long as you don’t bring shame to my refinement technique. My pill technique is the best across the eons, so even if you have only learned a little bit, as long as you keep trying hard with diligence, then you will surely become a Legendary Alchemist in the future. I would be disappointed if you couldn’t achieve this.”

His words caused the madam and the monarchs to take deep breaths. What a bold tone, claiming himself to be the best of all time! Even the Alchemy Kingdom wouldn’t dare to make such a bombastic proclamation regarding their pill techniques.

However, such words from Li Qiye’s mouth carried great confidence and calmness as if it was not merely outrageous and ignorant blustering.

Shi Hao took a calming breath and clenched his fists to say: “Big Brother, rest assured, I will definitely not let you down!” He had a new goal in his mind while being full of ambition. He must become a Legendary Alchemist!

Prior to this, he only wanted to become an Alchemy Master to be eligible to join the imperial court.

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