Chapter 641: Invitation

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Chapter 641: Invitation

And now, his goal was to become a Legendary Alchemist. He was able to dream of this due to Li Qiye.

Shi Hao and Bai Weng then took their leave. Shi Hao was still young and inexperienced, so he needed an older alchemist like Bai Weng to keep watch over him in order to avoid detours on his future path.

After the two left, Madam Zi Yan asked Li Qiye: “Since Young Noble is our representative for the Alchemy Conference, is there anything we can do to help prepare?”

“There’s nothing too important.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “However, I am used to being alone and doing my own things, so I hope that during the conference, there will be no accompanying alchemists. That would just be a waste of my time.”

Madam Zi Yan nodded her head and promised: “Don’t worry, Young Noble. As long as you attend the conference, you will be our only participant.”

This guarantee caused the Eagle Demon Monarch’s expression to dim. Prior to this, the Giant Bamboo Country intended to have the Qing Clan’s descendant as a participant, and Eagle was quite familiar with the Qing Clan.

However, he was not unhappy about this at all since it was quite beneficial for the Giant Bamboo Country. It was just that he had yet to see Li Qiye’s true abilities, so there was a thorn in his heart.

“I have no other requests then. Wait until the conference, I trust that the Giant Bamboo Country will return triumphantly.”

After a moment of silence, Madam Zi Yan asked: “I wonder if Young Noble is interested in accepting an alchemy position at the Giant Bamboo?” She truly wanted to keep Li Qiye since anyone would want to recruit such a supreme alchemist. Moreover, she always had a love for talent, so a wise Demon King like her wouldn’t give up on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Her invitation caused him to smile and shake his head: “Madam, I am not trying to be arrogant, but if I wanted to seek power, then I wouldn’t choose the Giant Bamboo Country. As long as I say the words, I trust that countless imperial lineages will want me. However, if we take a step back and say that I wanted to stay at the Giant Bamboo Country, then you wouldn’t be able to handle my condition.”

Others would be unhappy with Li Qiye’s arrogant tone, but Madam Zi Yan was a modest person and smiled: “What is your condition? I would like to hear it.”

Li Qiye looked at her and couldn’t help but smile back. The Giant Bamboo Country didn’t have anything for him to desire. He spoke clearly: “If you really want to hear my condition… I am currently missing a driver by my side, are you interested in this position?”

This was met with immediate displeasure from all the Demon Monarchs. One of them stepped out and shouted at Li Qiye: “How presumptuous!”

“Young Noble, you went too far.” Even Ancient Pine couldn’t help but stand up and speak for his ruler.

All the monarchs glared at Li Qiye. To them, Li Qiye’s statement just now was humiliating both to their Royal Lord and country.

Although Giant Bamboo was no imperial lineage, it was still a first-class power. It had a considerable status in the Stone Medicine World. Moreover, not to mention that their Demon King was a Heavenly King, she was also extremely beautiful and without a lack of suitors.

In fact, many young prodigies tried to court her. If she so desired, she could have married into an imperial lineage already. However, she let go of her personal matters and focused on the Giant Bamboo Country.

So now, when Li Qiye requested for her to be his driver, how could the other monarchs stand it? This was clearly insulting their Demon King and country.

They were furious, but Madam Zi Yan waved her hand to calm them. She looked at Li Qiye and suddenly remembered the words he said back in the ancient house.

She noticed his calm and nonchalant appearance devoid of any sign of hubris, but she couldn’t tell where he was getting his confidence from.

If a person acting in this manner was not arrogant, it meant that they were strong enough. Others might feel that this type of action was overbearing, but to him, it was natural and not a big deal.

If Li Qiye was the powerful type, then she had failed to see through him — this young man standing in front of her.

Anyone else would instantly be driven insane or would walk away after hearing such humiliating words, but Madam Zi Yan was both humble and understanding as she showed no sign of anger.

She looked at him and slowly spoke: “Young Noble is truly confident.”

Li Qiye smiled and shook his head to say: “The truth is, I selected you because I appreciate Giant Bamboo, and I feel that your personality is not bad. This has nothing to do with confidence. To be frank, when it comes to qualifications, even a descendant of an imperial lineage might not enter my sight.”

The calm Madam Zi Yan inquired further: “Then so to say, Young Noble believes that I should feel honored for being chosen as your driver?”

“You are correct.” Li Qiye flatly replied: “Being a driver for me is indeed an honor. You are a Demon King, a ruler of a country, so what will your future accomplishments be? At best, you will stop at Virtuous Paragon. Will you be able to earn divine bestowment? As for Godking, this is far beyond your reach.”

His response stunned her. She was indeed aspiring to become a Virtuous Paragon, but obtaining a divine title was too difficult for her, and the title of Godking was basically impossible.

It was not due to a lack of confidence, but rather, a deep understanding of her capabilities. Since the start of time, which Godking had not been heaven-defying? Those who gave themselves the title are excluded from this, but real Godkings were all apex existences and not far off from Immortal Emperors.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “If you become my driver, then your figure will be there as we hover over myriad races. When my carriage departs, myriad races will prostrate and Immortal Emperors will come to greet us. If you stay next to my side and accept some of my pointers, you will gain boundless benefits for the future!”

“What a big tone.” The Eagle Demon Monarch unhappily snorted by the side.

Li Qiye still smiled without batting an eye and continued: “It is fine if you don’t believe me. I am only speaking the truth.”

And this was indeed the truth. For tens of millions of years, Li Qiye’s drivers all enjoyed illustrious fame. Even if they were not Godkings, they were still able to sweep through the Nine Worlds. The weak were not eligible to become his driver. Keep in mind that back when Li Qiye’s carriage was on the move, there used to be Immortal Emperors who came to greet him, thus his driver had to be extremely strong to be worthy of this role.

Madam Zi Yan waved her sleeve to prevent the Eagle Demon Monarch from speaking any further. She only sighed and didn’t say anything else.

Li Qiye cheerfully said: “Of course, I won’t force the unwilling. You can go back and think it over.”

Madam Zi Yan didn’t say anything else. This request was indeed too unreasonable for her.

Seeing the tense atmosphere, the Ancient Pine Demon Monarch rubbed his palms and changed the subject: “Hahahaha! There is nothing to worry about since Young Noble Li has agreed to represent us at the conference this time.”

“Young Noble is a supreme alchemist with unprecedented skill at pill refinement.” The Eagle Demon Monarch spoke at this time: “Recently, I’ve been trying to find an alchemist but was unable to find a suitable one. I wonder if you are interested in making me one cauldron? As long as you name the price, I will be able to satisfy your demand.”

Eagle’s words caused all the demon monarchs to stare at Li Qiye, and Madam Zi Yan was no exception.

Although Ancient Pine had recalled Li Qiye’s pill refinement process and they did not doubt him, there would be a sense of unrest looming in their minds until they saw it with their own eyes.

“Is this a test?” Li Qiye smilingly asked.

Ancient Pine stepped in to smooth things over and said: “It is a misunderstanding, Young Noble. The Eagle Demon Monarch had also gathered a lot of ingredients but hasn’t been able to find the right alchemist, so today, when he met such a matchless one such as yourself, he couldn’t help but ask…”

Li Qiye interrupted Ancient Pine. He didn’t look at the Eagle Demon Monarch but straight at Madam Zi Yan to say: “I don’t care for this test or whatever. Since Madam Zi Yan showed sincerity and I quite like her as well, if I don’t show a bit of skill, then she won’t be able to rest easy. Very well, I will demonstrate my ability, but there is no challenge with fate pills. Let us raise the difficulty or else it will be very boring.”

The other monarchs couldn’t help but glance at each other. This fella was too outrageous! Fate pills are no challenge to him? Many alchemists struggled to refine them since they were a benchmark for alchemists.

But now, Li Qiye was saying that fate pill refinement was not enough to reach the apex.

The alchemist among them spoke: “If Young Noble is interested, I have some ingredients here. They are part of my family’s ointment powder recipe. Although it is not a supreme recipe or anything, it is still quite famous.”

The other monarchs took a deep breath since refining such a thing would be impossible for Li Qiye.

Recipes for physique pastes, longevity medicines, and fate pills were all public for alchemists in the world. However, it was different for ointments. Every ointment, such as this type of powder, all had their unique characteristics and unique process of creation.

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