Chapter 643: Dao Of The Ointment

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Chapter 643: Dao Of The Ointment

At this time, Madam Zi Yan and all the other Demon Monarchs truly understood what Ancient Pine had said before — compared to Li Qiye, the four alchemy prodigies are nothing, as common as the clouds in the sky.

The truth was that it wasn’t just the four prodigies, the majority of the contemporary alchemists, including Legendary Alchemists from the previous generation, were not comparable to Li Qiye.

All of them felt that him becoming the Alchemy Emperor was certain since no one could touch him. As long as he remained alive in this world, his alchemy throne would be assured.

Eventually, the alchemist monarch looked at Li Qiye in disbelief and stammered: “How… can this be? Our clan’s ointment formula… We definitely didn’t expose it to outsiders… so how… did you know?”

He couldn’t believe it. He absolutely wouldn’t believe this if he had heard it, but alas, he had seen it with his own eyes. Not even in his wildest dreams would he expect his secret formula to be refined by an outsider using a method that even their clan couldn’t replicate. Even their progenitor who created this formula couldn’t perform his method.

“There is no need for me to know it.” Li Qiye answered with a smile.

The alchemist monarch shockingly said: “Im… possible. How could you refine and temper it if you didn’t know the formula?”

The rest of the crowd stared at Li Qiye. They weren’t alchemists, but they knew about the common laws of the alchemy dao since they were cultivators of the Stone Medicine World.

One absolutely wouldn’t be able to refine ointments without the formula — this was the most basic of all rules. Everyone knew about it.

“Is that so? But that only applies to others and not me.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said: “Whether it is purifying Longevity Medicines, refining Fate Pills or tempering ointments, the crux of all these processes is to extract their essences and utilize their effects. As long as you know all the medicinal properties, you would be able to uncover the effects of the individual ingredients once mixed together.

“For example, with your ointment, there is Crimson Scorpion’s venom and Yin Snakegrass, so the venom has to match the grass. The combination of the essences from these two things will be able to stop bleeding and reconnect broken bones. In order to temper these two together, you need a powerful flame. Among the rest of these ingredients, you also have Inner-Cold Stone; this type of stone is best when burned to harmonize the two essences previously stated…” Li Qiye took his time to explain his process.

The most profound and complex alchemy dao became easy to understand as if it was an ordinary matter when it came from Li Qiye’s mouth.

He was able to describe — in detail — each of the reasonings behind the medicinal effects from the ingredients to an unbelievable extent.

The eighteen monarchs and Madam Zi Yan became astonished after listening to his explanation as they stood there, frozen. Even those who weren’t alchemists could understand and realize how frightening Li Qiye was.

He looked at the frozen bunch and lightly said: “For any kind of pills and creations, in principle, we are not the ones who create them, and neither are the recipes. We only manage to recognize the formulas because the alchemy foundation has always existed, it is only that the world had yet to discover its magical effects.”

The group continued to be speechless. It didn’t matter whether they were the arrogant type or not, at this moment, they were truly convinced. They were shaken by Li Qiye’s skill in the dao of alchemy and felt that no one in the world could compete with him in this regard.

In the end, the alchemist monarch said while still slumped: “My life… I’ve wasted my life studying… I didn’t even know the basics…”

This alchemist monarch could be said to be the most skillful among the loyal subjects of the Giant Bamboo Country, and others called him the number one Demon Monarch alchemist. But today, he felt that his knowledge and skill regarding the alchemy dao that he accumulated throughout his entire life was not worth mentioning. The young man before him, Li Qiye, was a vast ocean while he was only a drop of water.

A drop of water was indescribably insignificant compared to the vast sea.

Today, Li Qiye had shattered his confidence since he felt that he didn’t even manage to grasp the basics of the alchemy dao. Several other demon monarchs slumped as well and understood how frightening Li Qiye’s skill was.

A while later, Madam Zi Yan shuddered and calmed down, then she asked: “Young Noble Li, may I ask how long you have been studying the dao of alchemy for?”

“How long you say?” Li Qiye shook his head and said: “I do not know, but I can say that pill refinement is only a hobby for me to relax in my spare time.”

“Hob… by?” Even a Demon King like Madam Zi Yan nearly choked after hearing this. She was not the only one since something similar occurred to the eighteen monarchs.

“Only a hobby?” One monarch even wanted to prostrate out of disbelief. This was not just a literary expression.

Li Qiye’s answer sounded awfully pretentious, but since he had such abilities, no one thought that he was just bragging. Unfortunately, it had the effect of causing the alchemist monarch to want to slam his head into a wall to commit suicide. This was only a hobby? A hobby yet he could already become an Alchemy Emperor? Then those other alchemists who spent their whole life on this path should just die already. Could he at least show some mercy to those who couldn’t become an Alchemy Emperor despite striving for it throughout their entire life?

At this moment, all of them finally had their doubts erased and no longer felt that Li Qiye was being too arrogant. They decided to leave and, compared to earlier, the monarchs were much more respectful. Alchemists had a great status in the Stone Medicine World, and Li Qiye’s ability was comparable to an Alchemy Emperor, so how could they not be respectful?

Before leaving, Madam Zi Yan invited Li Qiye: “How about Young Noble Li come stay at the palace for a couple of days?”

She felt that he was a supreme alchemist and hoped that she could keep him here.

Li Qiye immediately rejected: “No need, I am quite comfortable here.”

Madam Zi Yan didn’t dwell on the issue after Li Qiye declined. Before leaving, she also told Ancient Pine to take great care of Li Qiye and ensure that nothing happened.

The next day, Madam Zi Yan started another conference in the palace with all eighteen Demon Monarchs.

She commenced the conference: “Today’s topic is Young Noble Li. Fellow Monarchs may state your opinions.”

The eighteen looked at each other and weren’t sure of what to say. One of them began: “Your Highness, we must keep a great alchemist like Young Noble Li at all costs. If we could have an Alchemy Emperor, then who in the Stone Medicine World wouldn’t respect us in the future?”

Madam Zi Yan only forced a smile and gently sighed: “What can we do to keep him here? A future Alchemy Emperor — this noble role is beyond words. What do we have to make him stay?”

The eighteen monarchs were silent. Indeed, an Alchemy Emperor, a priceless treasure, would be adored no matter the generation. Even imperial lineages would beg for one to stay.

“It is already quite good that Young Noble Li agreed to participate in the conference for us.” Madam Zi Yan lamented. It was not from a lack of confidence, but an Alchemy Emperor was simply too highly sought after.

“Shi Hao is a good place to start since Young Noble Li seems to value him a lot.” The Eagle Demon Monarch deepened his tone.

Another monarch spoke: “What the Eagle Demon Monarch said makes sense. Even if we can’t keep him here, we can invite him to the Giant Bamboo Country even if it’s only in name. Then, we’ll still greatly benefit.”

“Even if it is only titular, what do we use to tempt him?” Ancient Pine said: “In my opinion, very few things are capable of doing so. It seems that nothing can enter his eyes.”

Ancient Pine’s words were not unreasonable. Back in the Golem Square, Li Qiye threw out Immortal Emperor Refined Jades; a person who could do so would not lack divine weapons or immortal items. And even if these types of items could tempt him, the Giant Bamboo Country did not possess such things.

A Demon Monarch suddenly remembered something and said: “Oh… We do have something. This item might be something all alchemists crave.”

Madam Zi Yan’s eyes became serious and slowly asked: “Demon Monarch is talking about the legendary Immortal Nectar?”

“Yes!” This Demon Monarch replied: “I heard that even Alchemy Emperors from the Alchemy Kingdom wanted our Giant Bamboo’s Immortal Nectar. Maybe this nectar will be able to tempt Young Noble Li.”

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