Chapter 644: Legendary Immortal Nectar

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Chapter 644: Legendary Immortal Nectar

“Our Immortal Nectar…” Madam Zi Yan smiled wryly before looking at the eighteen monarchs and asked: “Has any Demon Monarch seen our Immortal Nectar before?”

This was met with silence since they only knew about it as part of a legend, a tale that told about the supreme treasure of the Giant Bamboo Country — the Immortal Nectar. However, this was strictly folklore since none had seen it before.

Generations of Royal Lords did not believe in this legend or the nectar’s existence. This doubt was not surprising at all since seeing was believing.

The monarchs were silent, not knowing what to say, and Madam Zi Yan was no exception. This mythical nectar was rumored to be extremely amazing.

In fact, Madam Zi Yan didn’t know whether to believe in its existence or not since there were formal records in the palace that verified its existence. However, its location and the method to obtain it remained unknown. As the Royal Lord, she had read many records but couldn’t find a clue of its whereabouts.

“This Immortal Nectar…” Another Demon Monarch bitterly laughed: “Who knows if this elixir truly exists or not. Since none of us have seen it before, it would be very difficult to convince Young Noble Li by using such an impalpable item.”

The Eagle Demon Monarch spoke austerely: “Not necessarily. Although people said that many had searched all over our country to no avail, there is still one location that remains untouched.”

All the monarchs glanced at each other upon hearing this. Ancient Pine deepened his tone to say: “Brother Eagle is referring to the Bamboo Garden?”

“Correct! The Bamboo Garden! If our country does indeed have this Immortal Nectar, then it is probably inside the Bamboo Garden.” Eagle answered.

A different monarch shook his head and said: “Only the heavens will know. Who has ever been to the Bamboo Garden before? Take a step back and pretend that it is in there, it would still only be like flowers in the mirror and the moon on the water’s surface.” 1

All the monarchs nodded their heads in agreement. This was indeed the case; after many generations, no disciple from the country had been to the Bamboo Garden.

It was a sacred and forbidden ground of the country. It was an extremely old garden behind the imperial palace where the huge bamboo took root.

Behind it was also the Elegant Azure Mountains, a very beneficial location. Even to the present day, this huge bamboo was the Giant Bamboo’s Divine Guardian, thus the country was named after it. However, no one had ever been able to enter this garden outside of the country’s progenitor.

No matter how powerful the future disciples were, they couldn’t enter the garden, not even Virtuous Paragons.

There were many rumors about the Bamboo Garden. One of them was that this bamboo came from the Immortal World and was personally planted in this place by a deity. After the deity planted it, he also sealed the surrounding garden of this tree. This immortal bamboo grew bigger and bigger as it became even more powerful. Eventually, it took on its present size and finally became a deity.

The seal of the Bamboo Garden didn’t weaken and instead became even more powerful after the bamboo became a deity. No one could approach it and outsiders didn’t know of the reason.

“It doesn’t matter how hard it is to enter.” The Eagle Demon Monarch said: “For tens of millions of years, countless alchemists have been interested in our Immortal Nectar, and even Alchemy Emperors were no exceptions. As an alchemist, maybe Young Noble Li will also be interested in our Immortal Nectar. If we promise him this legendary nectar, then maybe he will agree to stay. Whether he can enter the garden or not is his own business. However, if he is able to do so, then it would still be beneficial for our country.”

The monarchs pondered on this matter once more. The Eagle Demon Monarch’s method was to pass the ball over to Li Qiye since the country itself didn’t know where the nectar was.

Madam Zi Yan pondered for a bit as well and said: “It is not a bad suggestion.” However, she shook her head afterward and continued on: “But it is trickery and we of the Giant Bamboo Country shouldn’t resort to such a thing.”

The Eagle Demon Monarch quickly replied: “Your Majesty, this cannot be considered trickery. We are only promising him the nectar. As long as he can get to it, he can have as much as he wants.”

All the other monarchs were moved by this scheme since, if it was successful, the country would gain an Alchemy Emperor!

However, Madam Zi Yan still rejected the idea: “No, we will not carry this out. Whether Young Noble Li stays or not… Let us just leave it up to fate. Once this scheme comes out into the open, our relationship will deteriorate. Even if he doesn’t stay in our country as a guest, we shouldn’t try to scheme like this.”

“But Your Majesty…” The Eagle Demon Monarch quickly uttered.

Madam Zi Yan interrupted him: “I will find time to carefully talk about being a guest alchemist with Young Noble Li, including the matter of the Immortal Nectar. However, we will not use any deceptive words but rather sincerity instead.”

The Eagle Demon Monarch could only sigh and didn’t say anything else after seeing Madam Zi Yan’s firm resolution.

At this time, a confidant came to report: “Your Majesty, First Young Noble of the Huangfu Clan seeks an audience.”

The eighteen monarchs all stared at the madam. She grimaced and said: “We will not be seeing guests at this moment.”

The confidant replied: “First Young Noble said that he must see Your Highness to speak about the Alchemy Conference.”

Madam Zi Yan’s expression became heavy as she raised her voice: “Tell Young Noble Huangfu that I don’t have time to see him right now!”

Over the years, Madam Zi Yan had a good reputation and was known to be both humble and generous to talents. She was keen on recruiting talented people from all over the world, so it was rare to see her act like this.

The confidant couldn’t help but lower his voice: “But a Huangfu Ancestor is also accompanying First Young Noble.”

After hearing this, Madam Zi Yan’s expression suddenly turned cold, and the eighteen monarchs’ faces contorted as well. Ancient Pine questioned: “What is Huangfu Hao trying to do? Force this marriage?”

Originally, Madam Zi Yan once said that she was seeking a gifted alchemist to participate in the Alchemy Conference to represent the Giant Bamboo Country. Any qualified alchemist could make any demand.

Huangfu Hao also participated in this. He came to the Giant Bamboo Country not only for the Golem Square’s auction but also to see Madam Zi Yan.

He told the madam that he agreed to represent them and would win what they desired.

These were not just mere words since he was dubbed the fifth alchemy prodigy by many others. Although his accomplishments and fame regarding the alchemy dao were not as illustrious as the other four, he came from an alchemy clan so his personal abilities were not bad at all. Very few geniuses could compare to him outside of the other four.

However, he also had one condition if he were to participate in the conference. He desired a marriage between the Giant Bamboo Country and the Huangfu Clan, one between him and Madam Zi Yan.

This was not a strange request at all for she had never lacked suitors and admirers. She was a charming and beautiful Demon King, and her looks, temperament, intelligence, and cultivation left no room for criticism. Moreover, she was the ideal virtuous wife for many men.

However, Madam Zi Yan immediately refused Huangfu Hao’s request with a firm resolution.

Her countenance turned cold after hearing the confidant. Normally, she carried a gentle aura, but she was now emitting a cold energy as she was quite enraged.

Huangfu Hao’s gesture was not as simple as it seemed. With an ancestor with him, it was clear that he was not just here to talk and was already leaning towards the path of coercion.

“It is rare for a Huangfu Ancestor to come to our country while keeping such a low profile.” The Madam coldly spoke.

The eighteen monarchs were furious as well. It was a different matter if the Huangfu Clan Master was to come for the marriage proposal with Huangfu Hao, but an ancestor was a totally different story.

How could an ancestor from a great power come into being so easily? Such an existence should be sealed underground unless a great matter beckoned their presence. Now, his presence meant that this marriage proposal must be successful, and this showed the determination of Huangfu Hao and the Huangfu Clan.

One Demon Monarch couldn’t help but coldly say: “The Huangfu Clan’s actions are intolerable. Do they think our Giant Bamboo Country has no one that could stop them? Hmph!”

Huangfu Hao came to their abode with force, so how could the eighteen monarchs not be furious?

At this time, the always-gentle madam emotionlessly declared: “Tell them to leave. I will not grant an audience at this moment!” As a Demon King, she was no pushover!

“Your Majesty, I’m afraid that won’t be the wisest course of action.” The Eagle Demon Monarch pondered for a moment. Although he was dissatisfied with the Huangfu Clan’s actions, he still had to voice his advice: “Although our Giant Bamboo Country will not become in-laws with the Huangfu Clan, it hasn’t come to the point where we need to break all formalities. Your Majesty should still meet Huangfu Hao and tactfully reject him. After all, even visitors such as them are still guests.”

1. It is right in front of you, but you cannot seize it.

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