Chapter 647: Huangfu Hao

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Chapter 647: Huangfu Hao

Although he received a grand reception from the Giant Bamboo Country after entering the alchemy garden, he was still feeling very upset. He should have attended the conference for this country — this was already a done deal. He was full of ambition and wanted to show his alchemy skills at the conference to become renowned in the world.

However, this set-in-stone matter suddenly changed as a saboteur jumped out of nowhere to steal his seat. He even lost his chance to be part of the reserve!

If his spot was stolen by a renowned alchemist like the four prodigies, then Qing Yu would have no grievances. However, Li Qiye, who stole his spot, was an alchemist no one had heard of before.

How could Qing Yu, who people referred to as the number one alchemist in Giant Bamboo, be happy when a nobody stole his spot?

He didn’t dare to reveal his anger in front of Demon King Zi Yan, but his expression said it all.

“Young Noble Huangfu has arrived!” A message came from outside of the door and rang across the alchemy garden.

After hearing this message, many alchemists shuddered and turned around to look at the entrance. Some of them whispered: “Even the First Young Noble of the Huangfu Clan is here.”

Many of their hearts thumped once. Even the more arrogant alchemists had to hang their heads low at the moment and let go of their pride.

“We are extremely lucky to attend a party with Huangfu Hao.” A group of alchemists cheerfully said.

Huangfu Hao was very famous in the Alchemy Realm and even the entire Stone Medicine World. He was not only a genius at cultivation but a prodigy in the dao of alchemy as well.

As the First Young Noble of the Huangfu Clan, he did not let his upbringing down since he was already a Heavenly King at his young age. Although the Difficult Dao Era had already ended, it was still quite amazing for him to reach this realm and was indicative of his commendable talents.

However, the accomplishment that was talked about the most was not his cultivation, but his skill at the dao of alchemy. In this world, some people once said that if Huangfu Hao didn’t spend so much effort on cultivation, then he would have had the chance to be part of the four alchemy prodigies.

Even though his alchemy skills were vastly inferior to the four prodigies, people in the Stone Medicine World still called him the fifth prodigy.

Many thought that he was only second to the four prodigies and others couldn’t compare with him among the younger generation regarding alchemy.

He was a golem, so as he stepped into the alchemy garden, his stout stature seemed impressive. This would be the case no matter the location.

The divine rings pulsing around his body were even more shocking. At this time, he didn’t try to hide his presence and seemed to want to suppress everyone. The divine rings made his already-tall figure seem as omnipotent as a deity.

Many young alchemists palpitated since they could feel the Heavenly King aura coming from his approach. They all took a deep breath and didn’t dare to compete with him.

As the host, Madam Zi Yan came to greet him: “Your presence brightens this party.”

“It seems that Your Majesty has been particularly busy, it has been a struggle to see you.” Huangfu Hao was secretly annoyed. Recently, Madam Zi Yan had denied all of his requests to meet. Although the Giant Bamboo Country didn’t show a lack of formality with Demon Monarchs entertaining him, that was not what he wanted.

Madam Zi Yan calmly replied: “A few trifling matters in the country had been a bit onerous, please excuse me.”

Huangfu Hao took a deep breath to calm his dissatisfaction and slowly spoke: “I have heard of your country’s famous alchemy garden before. I wonder if I could have the honor of Your Majesty taking a walk around the garden with me?”

Madam Zi Yan looked at him and nodded her head: “If you are interested, then I do not mind.”

She led Huangfu Hao to look at the different plants in the garden. The truth was that Huangfu Hao was like a drunkard whose heart was not tempted by wine at the moment. He simply wanted to have a chance to be together, so he asked Madam Zi Yan to lead the way. 1

During their viewing, Huangfu Hao had mentioned the matter of marriage several times, but they were all rejected tactfully by Madam Zi Yan, causing him to be quite helpless.

He liked her very much and wanted to marry her. Unfortunately, Madam Zi Yan was not interested and had no desire to have a marriage alliance with the Huangfu Clan.

The young alchemists were envious at this scene of the two walking together. She was renowned; not only was she a wise ruler, she was also a beautiful and smart woman. Despite her numerous suitors in the Alchemy Realm, no one had earned her attention.

Although many were quite envious, what could they do? A Demon King like Madam Zi Yan… Perhaps only a Heavenly King like Huangfu Hao from a prestigious clan would be a good match for her.

A young alchemist couldn’t help but ask: “I heard that the Huangfu Clan had married into the Alchemy Kingdom for several generations. Don’t tell me that Huangfu Hao doesn’t want to marry a disciple from the Alchemy Kingdom and instead wants to form a marriage alliance with the Giant Bamboo Country?”

Another alchemist’s blood boiled as he quickly answered: “Yeah! I also heard that the current descendant of the Alchemy Kingdom is an incredible woman — unmatched in this generation.”

Many became excited and overwhelmed with admiration once the descendant of the Alchemy Kingdom was brought up. This was because, in any generation, the Alchemy Kingdom’s descendant was always a hot topic, not to mention that it was a female disciple this time. It was rumored that she was a supreme goddess, someone exceptional throughout the ages.

Such a person would naturally become the focus of discussions for many alchemists and cultivators.

A young alchemist from the outskirts of the Alchemy Kingdom opened his mouth: “Yeah! The current Alchemy Kingdom’s descendant, Fairy Ming, is the number one beauty of the Stone Medicine World. No one in the Stone Medicine World can compare to her in this generation.”

“Hmm, yeah. Many people said that she is the number one beauty. It is a shame that I’ve never been able to see her. Have you, Fellow Daoist? Just how pretty is Fairy Ming?”

Even those who had never seen her before would be excited when they talked about the number one beauty.

The young alchemist from the outskirts said: “How could I have? She is a goddess up in the nine heavens, far from my reach. How could ordinary people like us see her? Not to mention that she keeps a very low profile and rarely goes out in public. It is too difficult for outsiders to see her.”

One yearning alchemist couldn’t help but say: “Fairy Ming is the number one beauty, so if I could just see her face once, I don’t mind losing a decade of my life.” 2

He wasn’t the only alchemist who was a big fan of Fairy Ming. All the other alchemists inevitably longed to see the number one beauty.

Ming Yexue, the descendant of the Alchemy Kingdom, was very famous throughout the Stone Medicine World. Although very few people had seen her and she kept a very low profile, her fame didn’t diminish one bit.

An innocent alchemist from a smaller sect asked: “Didn’t the Huangfu Clan have a marriage alliance with the Alchemy Kingdom for several generations? How come Huangfu Hao isn’t marrying Fairy Ming?”

This naive comment annoyed the other alchemists. In the Stone Medicine World, cultivators and alchemists, especially the younger ones, all considered Ming Yexue to be a goddess amidst the clouds. Thus, they all snorted at this comment and then glanced at Huangfu Hao standing in the distance with a contemptuous smile.

They didn’t dare to answer this question in front of Huangfu Hao. They waited for him to go far away, of course, before showing their disdain.

One of them sneered in a low voice: “How could that be possible? The Huangfu Clan isn’t worthy of the Alchemy Kingdom.”

“It is indeed impossible. Although the Huangfu Clan had a marriage alliance with the kingdom for several generations, this was limited to the regional level. As for the main branch or the imperial family of the Alchemy Kingdom, it didn’t need a marriage alliance to consolidate their position.” One alchemist who was knowledgeable about the kingdom answered: “The Huangfu Clan has no chance of a marriage with the kingdom’s direct branch. Not to mention a male from the Huangfu Clan wanting to marry a direct female disciple from the kingdom, it is already exceedingly difficult for their main daughter to marry a direct male disciple.”

“This makes sense.” The other young alchemists nodded their heads after hearing this explanation.

There were very few existences comparable to the monster that is the Alchemy Kingdom in this world, so its descendant had no need for a marriage alliance.

“Then Young Noble Huangfu wants to marry Her Majesty Zi Yan.” Another alchemist was annoyed to see Huangfu Hao standing next to Madam Zi Yan, but he had to admit that only someone like Huangfu Hao was worthy of a Demon King like her.

A young fan of hers coldly countered: “Hmph! Not necessarily. The Giant Bamboo Country is not weaker than the Huangfu Clan. Plus, she is the ruler of a country, so she absolutely won’t marry into the Huangfu Clan.”

Another alchemist interjected: “But that is not certain. I heard that Fairy Ming and Huangfu Hao are relatives, and she is actually his little cousin. If this relationship is real, then maybe the Giant Bamboo Country will use this to earn the kingdom’s favor.”

1. A comparison between an alchemist who doesn’t actually want to see plants versus a drunkard who doesn’t want to drink.

2. When people live for much more than 100 years, this guy can straight up be considered a swindler.

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