Chapter 686: Madam Zi Yan’s Hesitation

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Chapter 686: Madam Zi Yan’s Hesitation

“I like straightforward people.” Li Qiye said with a smile: “Go. I hope that you can bring me good news. Do not disappoint me.”

Tie Yi took a deep breath and cupped his hands before Li Qiye to say: “Rest assured, Young Noble, wait for this little demon’s good news.”

Having said that, he drilled into the ground and instantly disappeared.

Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t say anything else. He continued to lay on his chair as if nothing had happened.

In the afternoon, Madam Zi Yan came back and saw the hole in the ground. She was slightly surprised and asked: “This is…?”

“It’s nothing, just a mouse digging a hole, there is no need to be alarmed.” Replied Li Qiye with a grin.

Although Li Qiye said that, the madam was still looking at the hole. She was quite worried that the thing she feared would happen.

Li Qiye saw through her and said with a smile: “Don’t worry, no matter what happens, we will be fine. Moreover, we are here for the birthday celebration, not to cause trouble, wouldn’t you say?”

The madam could only smile back; she didn’t continue to pry about this matter. She sat down behind him and gently massaged his shoulders.

Only Li Qiye would enjoy such treatment. He closed his eyes to rest and enjoyed the gentle touches from the madam.

After a while, he slowly opened his eyes to look at the madam’s beauty that was without any trace of mundane vulgarity and revealed a faint smile to say: “I like people like you. As soft as water, meticulous and patient…”

The madam only charmingly smiled in response. Of course, she was not misunderstanding his intentions. She knew full well that Li Qiye was not referring to the kind of affection between a man and a woman.

“I believe in Young Noble. With your abilities, you will surely have a grand future.” The madam continued to gently rub his shoulders while softly speaking: “But I don’t know anything about your origin.”

She was very confident in him becoming a renowned Alchemy Emperor in the Stone Medicine World in the future — there was no questioning this. However, she had her own concerns, especially about his origin.

Of course, she was fully aware that Li Qiye didn’t want anything from her, especially not her beauty or the Giant Bamboo Country; he was already able to obtain them.

“Zi Yan, you are looking at this the wrong way.” Li Qiye gently shook his head and said: “I don’t care for an achievement like becoming an Alchemy Emperor. As for your concern, my origin is really not important either. You only need to know one thing: by following me, you are following the future Immortal Emperor, no, much more than an emperor. Follow me and you will be following the existence at the apex in the future…

“When that day comes, the gods will tremble as all the races in the nine worlds bow their heads before us. Godkings, among my followers, would only be qualified to have the lowest positions. If True Immortals are still in this world, they would also have to be under my banner. If True Dragons are still here, then they would have to coil themselves respectfully before our presence! I am the sole ruler above the high heavens, and among the endless stretches of time, I alone am eternal!”

These words were uttered as if he was whispering to a lover, as if it was mere mumbling in one’s sleep. These dream-like words were uttered so lightly by Li Qiye.

Above Immortal Emperors? Causing the gods to tremble and True Immortals to prostrate as well as True Dragons?! These words were truly surreal, and only an ignorant or crazy person would say such things.

However, the madam listened very carefully to his dream-like words while gently massaging Li Qiye’s shoulders.

She had heard these words before, in the building at the outskirts of the capital. However, there was a completely different feeling to them this time. At that time, she had doubts in her mind, but now, a part of her heart was shaken by these words.

Also at this time, Li Qiye opened his eyes and reached out with his right hand to gently touch Madam Zi Yan’s delicate and beautiful chin, then he caressed her pretty face.

This kind of action from someone else would perhaps be viewed as disrespectful and vulgar, but Li Qiye’s touch was without any sexual thoughts. It was natural and calm without the slightest intention of taking advantage of her.

“Zi Yan, your heart is swaying nonstop as if you are a lost baby fawn.” Li Qiye smiled while touching her cheek.

The madam’s mind returned, but she was still slightly dazed. Meanwhile, Li Qiye withdrew his hand and slowly closed his eyes again to say: “It’s nothing surprising since not too many things can hide from my eyes. It is not difficult for me to see through your thoughts.”

The madam sighed and said: “Young Noble, this, to me, is a huge life decision.”

“I know.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Call me Young Master, I like it more this way since it has a unique flavor.”

If someone else said this, it would sound a bit twisted. However, when it came out so nonchalantly from Li Qiye, it became a bit interesting as if this was how it should be.

“Young Master…” The madam calmed down and softly whispered. She couldn’t say no to his request; it was as if she was at his beck and call.

Li Qiye comfortably closed his eyes while listening to the moving, gentle call. To him, this was a type of pleasure with a long lasting aftertaste.

After a good while of enjoying Madam Zi Yan’s gentleness, Li Qiye slowly spoke: “I can understand your hesitation and can tell you a little bit about my origin. I didn’t come from the Stone Medicine World, I’m from the Mortal Emperor World.”

Li Qiye indeed liked Madam Zi Yan a lot and held her in high esteem. He seldom had such patience. If it was some other girl, he would be too lazy to say so much. It was quite rare for him to have so much patience for her.

The madam was surprised to hear this. She carefully thought about it and felt that it was not strange. Li Qiye was a dragon among men; such a grand character couldn’t be unknown, so being from another world was the most reasonable explanation.

She couldn’t help but say after some contemplation: “However, the nine worlds are not connected at the moment…”

Li Qiye interrupted her and said: “Even though the pathways have collapsed, it would not be difficult for me if I wanted to travel through the nine worlds.”

The madam trusted these words since it came from Li Qiye despite how impossible they might sound. Nevertheless, she was still frozen from this overwhelming information.

Li Qiye opened his eyes to look at her beautiful face and said: “So? Too caught up in your thoughts?”

The madam composed herself as her face blushed. While still gently rubbing Li Qiye’s shoulders, she spoke her mind: “What kind of master is capable of training a deity like Young Master?” 1

“You are mistaken, no one in this world can be my master.” Li Qiye laughed and said: “Moreover, I am not a deity, but a brute. In the Mortal Emperor World, many people called me Fiercest, and I really like such a title.”

After hearing this, the madam couldn’t help but smile and said: “So Young Master was also living quite well in the Mortal Emperor World.” These words were so gentle that it would cause people’s hearts to thump.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile: “So, are you tempted? Of course, if you are willing to follow me, the Giant Bamboo Country will still be fine. I trust that you can find a good ruler. Plus, it is a land of peace, there is no need to compete against the rest of the world. With the Giant Bamboo as its protector, it will stand strong for tens of millions of years.”

The madam elegantly chuckled without losing her gentle demeanor and said: “Young Master is the most domineering and arrogant person I have ever seen. Sometimes, I wonder where your confidence comes from?” The madam didn’t hide her thoughts and told Li Qiye the truth.

Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t answer. The madam continued to service him and, inadvertently, they slowly had an implicit understanding as the madam undertook her role.

“How was your trip outside today?” Asked Li Qiye as he cheerfully enjoyed the tender touches from the madam.

She softly replied: “There are a few great powers in the Alchemy Realm who want to form an alliance with our Giant Bamboo Country. Their sect masters and royal lords wanted to find out our goals.”

“Not surprising.” Li Qiye chuckled and said: “The world of cultivation is where the strong reign over the weak. Once you are powerful enough, plenty of goods will come straight to your door.”

The madam didn’t want to talk much about these trivial matters since she didn’t wish to disturb Li Qiye’s rare tranquil mood. She gently rubbed his temples and said: “However, a Demon Monarch of the Allpine Mountain came to find me. He said that the Maple King wants to meet you. Would you like to see him?”

“Maple King?” Li Qiye casually asked: “A disciple of the Allpine Treefather?”

“No.” The madam gently shook her head and said: “In terms of seniority, the Maple King is only a grand disciple of the treefather. He wants to meet Young Master and ask a few questions.”

1. Deity here is just an expression, kind of like Deity Jikong Wudi back in the Mortal Emperor World.

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