Chapter 687: Mysterious Girl

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Chapter 687: Mysterious Girl

“He wants my consultation?” Li Qiye chuckled and said: “A bit interesting, a grand disciple of the treefather wants to ask me questions. Interesting…”

It was needless to talk about the treefather’s status, but as the grand disciple and the current sect master of the Allpine Mountain, the Maple King’s status in this world was not less than the sect master of an imperial lineage. But now, such a grand character wanted to consult a no-name junior — this was indeed worth pondering.

“Maybe, news of the Divine Guardian’s actions had reached the Allpine Treefather.” Madam Zi Yan said: “Our Divine Guardian and the treefather are referred to as the two Demon Forefathers of the Stone Medicine World, and our guardian had not taken any action for millions of years. But now, it suddenly acted. Perhaps the Allpine Mountain is curious about this.”

Li Qiye smiled since he knew more things that the madam couldn’t have speculated.

“Will Young Master meet the Maple King?” The madam asked while rubbing Li Qiye’s temples.

The Maple King had a great reputation in the Stone Medicine World. Others wouldn’t be able to meet someone with such a high status, but now, it was the complete opposite.

However, the madam felt that this was how it should be. She understood that not just anyone could earn her Young Master’s approval.

“We’ll meet him then.” Li Qiye smiled and lightly said: “Tomorrow, send a message to the Allpine people and tell the Maple King to come to my place.”

The madam acknowledged the command without saying anything else.

On the second day, she sent out the message and told the Maple King to come meet Li Qiye. Meanwhile, Li Qiye was still staying in the valley as if he had nothing else to do besides happily sunbathing.

“Hey, do you have a secret place for me to hide?” While Li Qiye was still leisurely bathing in the sun, a pleasant voice suddenly appeared next to him.

At this time, he slowly opened his eyes to look at the direction of the sound. A girl could be found standing next to him.

She wore a light-coloured dress. Although it was simple to the point of being plain and was without a single accessory, it still couldn’t hide her dazzling appearance.

She was like a jewel whose brilliance even the night’s darkness couldn’t conceal.

It could be said that the girl ahead was kingdom-topplingly beautiful. Whether it was her features or her figure, all were without complaints.

Her figure was outstanding despite her loose clothing. One could still see her towering peaks rising and falling, full and firm. Her breasts could only be described as perfect. Such a pair of rich breasts could still show off its perfect outlines despite the loose clothing. Her narrow waist could easily be embraced with one’s arm — round and slender. Her pretty thighs in combination with her tall and thin figure could only be considered unparalleled.

Li Qiye had many women around him, but regarding such an alluring figure, only Chen Baojiao would be a match.

However, the girl ahead was different from Chen Baojiao’s sexy demeanor. Her features and temperament were completely different.

She had beautiful, golden hair to match her proud and unrivaled figure. It gave off a very exotic appearance, creating an irresistible temptation.

However, these were not her most attractive points. The most seductive aspect about the girl before him was her eyes. They were as bright as stars and as clear as a spring.

Her face was peerless and had an oval contour that exuded a unique nobility. With just a glance, people would know that she came from a high standing family. Moreover, there was an indescribable aura, gentle yet strong, mixed together. This aura was completely unique and full of flavor.

“Do you have a place to hide?” The girl hastily asked Li Qiye once more while revealing a very anxious look.

Li Qiye sat up and smiled. He casually prepared a chess board on the table in front of him and said: “Come, play a match with me.” 1

The anxious woman was taken aback, but she was very clever and immediately sat down on the opposite side of Li Qiye. At this time, Li Qiye gently waved his sleeve and the girl’s appearance immediately changed. Although she was still a girl, her clothes and appearance were completely transformed.

This girl was also quite unfathomable. After sitting down, she was initially very nervous. However, in an instant, she immediately composed herself and began to make moves with her pieces.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but chuckle at the calm girl in front of him and leisurely played against her.

As their match went on, a commotion rang outside and a group of people quickly rushed in. All of them had soaring blood energies and were very powerful.

They were led by a middle-aged man that appeared to be very ordinary, but he had a frightening aura as if there was a dragon hidden inside his body. Even if this man wanted to hide his aura, it would still be akin to high tides slamming into a beach; one could easily imagine how powerful he must be.

They rushed over and looked around as if they wanted to see through the entire valley. Eventually, their eyes fell upon Li Qiye and the girl. However, it was just a passing glance, they didn’t pay too much attention to them.

At this time, the madam returned and saw quite a few people in the valley, thus she inquired: “What’s happening?”

At this time, Li Qiye finally lifted his head and commanded: “Zi Yan, we have some guests so go greet them. Wait until I am finished with this match.”

Meanwhile, the middle-aged man took a look around and found nothing suspicious, so he cupped his hands towards the madam and said: “Royal Lord Zi Yan, please excuse us. Goodbye.”

With that, he didn’t wait for a response and quickly led his group away. It was clear that this man was in a hurry; he didn’t linger at all.

The madam stared at the departing group with some surprise. She went closer to Li Qiye while looking at the chess match between him and the girl and had to ask: “Young Master, what actually happened?”

At this time, Li Qiye smiled while looking at the girl ahead: “It is nothing, someone only wanted to hide at our place for a bit.”

At this time, the girl laughed and excitedly exclaimed: “Haha, you lost!” After a series of moves, she immediately pushed Li Qiye’s pieces to checkmate and obtained victory.

Li Qiye glanced at the match and smiled to say: “Amazing, truly amazing. To be able to see everything with just one move, interesting… interesting.”

The girl did not gloat too much, she only smiled while standing up. The moment she got up, her face and clothing returned to normal. She was already supremely peerless, so the moment she smiled, her country-toppling smile was able to seduce all living beings.

Although Madam Zi Yan was also considered a great beauty, she couldn’t help but sigh before the supreme beauty ahead of her. She was indeed far from being comparable.

At this time, the supreme beauty looked at Li Qiye and asked: “How did you know that this little trick would fool them?”

Li Qiye smiled lightly and leisurely explained: “You are smart, so you should know the techniques to deal with smart people.”

Her pretty eyes narrowed as she responded: “I see, how could he think that I would be so bold as to leisurely play chess without a care for him? Under such circumstances, I should have either ran away or went to find a special place to hide.”

Li Qiye let out a faint smile as he praised: “Very smart, a smart girl is indeed very likable.”

“Thanks.” The supreme beauty revealed a truly charming smile as she said: “You helped me this time, so I’ll get you back later.”

Li Qiye looked at the beauty and calmly said: “Later? That’s too far away, it is fine if you pay me back now. I’m not the type who asks for a lot, so I won’t mind if you pay me back with your body. I’ll just get the short end of the stick this time.”

The madam was speechless the moment she heard Li Qiye’s words. However, she had to admit that this type of teasing from Li Qiye didn’t sound dirty at all. His leisurely and calm bearing made it sound very natural.

Meanwhile, the peerless beauty couldn’t help but glare at Li Qiye, snappily saying: “I actually thought you were a good person just now. Who would have thought?!”

“You are right about that.” Li Qiye leisurely smiled and replied: “I have always been a bad person, a notorious brute who likes smart beauties the most. Of course, if you are willing to stay by my side, I would be very happy to take you in.”

“Shameless scoundrel!” The angry beauty uttered while glaring at Li Qiye. The moment her words came out, she pointed a finger at him in an extremely overwhelming manner, a finger that looked like a falling star.

“Meteor Finger, a bit interesting.” Li Qiye chuckled after seeing this approaching finger technique. Having said that, he also used a finger as a sword and swung it in the air. In this split second, his sword swept towards the meteor to cut through the girl’s supreme finger technique.

“Clank!” The two fingers met just like the collision of two divine swords. Earlier, the girl only wanted to scare Li Qiye a bit with her attack, so she immediately found herself at a disadvantage and had to take several thumping steps back.

“Hmph, you think you are so great?” After being pushed back by Li Qiye’s technique, the peerless and unconvinced girl scowled and exclaimed: “I also know this technique!”

Having said that, she pointed her finger straight up to form a sword. The moment she unleashed this technique, there seemed to be a heavenly sword swinging in the sky, causing the stars to fall.

The madam startlingly gasped after seeing this sword because this move from the girl was exactly the same as Li Qiye’s sword technique from earlier.

1. This is Xiang Qi, Chinese chess.

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