Chapter 690: Dao-sense Peak

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Chapter 690: Dao-sense Peak

“Don’t worry, you will still be my mount later on. Of course, half of your mark will be left behind at the Giant Bamboo Country while I try to find a better location for your other half. You will have two places then.” Said Li Qiye with a smile in response to the bull’s complaint.

“Moo—” At this time, the bull called out again. It seemed to be satisfied with Li Qiye’s new arrangement.

The madam was amazed. This ordinary buffalo before her was very spiritual. Meanwhile, Li Qiye noted her expression and shook his head while smilingly saying: “You are looking down on this bull. In the future, it will become a true dragon. At this moment, it just can’t seem to pass the final test. Of course, when it breaks through the chains of its bloodline, it will become a dragon. Naturally, it can turn into a supreme, divine buffalo as well.” 1

Keep in mind that both true dragons and divine buffalos were true divine beasts with unimaginable power. Moreover, this buffalo was only one step away from becoming a real divine beast, so one could only imagine its power.

The Imperial Draco-Bull pulled the carriage out of the valley and walked through Allpine Mountain. No matter if it was a deep gorge or a dangerous mountain, it kept on pulling the carriage with a consistent speed as if it was on flat ground.

In fact, the bull didn’t need a driver. With Li Qiye’s command, it could take Li Qiye to any destination. Madam Zi Yan, as the driver, only sat and kept him company; there was no need to control the bull.

As one of the eight grand veins, Allpine Mountain was extremely vast with countless valleys and peaks in its territory that spanned tens of millions of miles. In this place, there were too many beautiful and dangerous sceneries to be described with words.

Rolling mountains were everywhere, and some even reached the high clouds in the sky. There were also mysterious gorges as well as many tall and old trees with vines crawling everywhere. There were also lingzhi roots and amazing grasses. As for the beasts, one could hear the cries of cranes and the hoots of birds as well as the roars of tigers alongside hidden dragons… 2

Even ten days and ten nights would not be enough to visit all the places in this vast land despite the carriage being able to go through all the menacing terrains as if they were flat.

Li Qiye closed his eyes to rest inside the carriage. He had a lazy appearance as if he didn’t get enough sleep, so he had to make up for it right now.

The madam next to him noticed him resting the whole way without batting an eye. He didn’t appreciate the sceneries at all, so she couldn’t help but softly ask: “Didn’t Young Master want to see the beautiful sceneries of Allpine Mountain?”

At this time, Li Qiye opened his eyes slightly to look at the madam and cheerfully said: “Zi Yan, for me, sceneries aren’t appreciated with the eyes, but with the heart. Use your heart to sense just how vast this land is; use your mind to feel its wonders.”

Upon hearing this answer, the madam understood that her Young Master was not here for sightseeing at all. However, she didn’t inquire any further and only gently placed a soft fur coat around his body.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye enjoyed the madam’s care and lied down as if he was falling asleep.

Their carriage attracted a lot of attention. Since there were so many guests at Allpine Mountain, each peak and valley were occupied. Moreover, the guests went around everywhere, causing quite a lively atmosphere.

A plain person like Li Qiye shouldn’t have been notable, and his carriage was lacking even more pomp. Among the new arrivals, too many of them used auspicious beasts as mounts. For some people with higher status, even a dragon horse was only the lowest type of mount, so Li Qiye and his buffalo appeared to be peasants. Such a person with such a carriage wouldn’t be able to steal a glimpse from others.

However, the other person sitting on the carriage was Madam Zi Yan. She was not only a ruler as a great Demon King, she was also a beauty. Thus, among the younger generation, she still enjoyed quite a reputation.

But now, a belle like Madam Zi Yan was accompanying Li Qiye. She was in charge of the reins while waiting on him with an attitude as soft as water. How could such a picture not garner many askance views from the wandering guests?

She had many admirers and suitors, so many were both envious and jealous after seeing this scene. They found it strange and wondered what this ordinary junior’s identity was to win such favor from the madam.

The carriage moved at a steady pace as many passengers whispered while pointing with their fingers.

However, Li Qiye’s eyes remained closed, resting as if he was asleep. The madam sat there and occasionally, she would look down at the sleeping Li Qiye.

This young man before her had no notable characteristics and was even younger than her, but for an unknown reason, when sitting beside him and giving him company, it gave her an indescribable tranquility as well as an unprecedented sense of security. She felt that even if the world was torn asunder and the nine worlds faced destruction, she would be fine just by staying close to this man.

Only after contact would one be able to understand just how unimaginably unfathomable this seemingly ordinary man was. He was full of mysteries and had a strange charm that attracted everyone in a sublime manner. It was as if he had an answer for all things in this world since he was the ruler of the universe.

All of a sudden, Li Qiye opened his eyes and smilingly said while looking at the madam’s pretty face: “Don’t go crazy over me; I am only a legend.” 3

This caused the madam to jump. Her face flushed after hearing Li Qiye’s words. She couldn’t help but reveal the appearance of a young lady as she coquettishly glared at him and asked: “Is Young Master always so narcissistic?”

As a great Demon King, she always gave off a dignified impression to others, but today, her appearance that resembled a young lady was truly dazzling and beautiful.

“This isn’t called narcissism.” Li Qiye chuckled and slowly said: “This is called a matter of course. Your Young Master’s irresistible charm is capable of conquering all existences.”

“Young Master, ‘irresistible charm capable of conquering all existences’ is a phrase used to describe girls; you are a man!” The madam didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as she gave him a stern yet flirtatious look.

Li Qiye smiled and gently caressed her jade-like hand before closing his eyes again, saying: “Of course I would conquer everyone with my charm. However, you also ‘conquered’ me. I like girls of your type the most.”

The madam faintly smiled, and inside this smile, there was an indescribable sweetness as if she understood that Li Qiye wasn’t just teasing her. This gave her a satisfaction like never before.

It seemed that at this moment, even the Imperial Draco-Bull pulling the carriage slowed its pace. It didn’t want to disturb this moment of peace and enjoyment for Li Qiye.

The carriage moved forward, and after a while, it passed by a towering mountain. This mountain was gigantic and towered all the way up into the clouds like a huge hand planted in the firmament.

“Would Young Master be interested to go to Dao-sense Peak for a look?” The madam looked at this high mountain and asked Li Qiye: “Many people who visit Allpine Mountain would also go to the Dao-sense Peak at least once. Not only is it famous here, it is also renowned throughout the entire Alchemy Realm.”

“Dao-sense Peak?” Li Qiye opened his eyes at this time to look at the towering mountain that barged into the clouds.

“On this peak, one can further their understanding of the dao. So, does Young Master wish to go?” The madam looked at him and gently smiled to say: “Who knows, maybe Young Master can become enlightened and obtain a grand dao.”

“Obtain a grand dao? I am the grand dao.” Li Qiye arrogantly proclaimed. However, he looked back at the madam sitting next to him and said: “Well, since we are here already, we might as well take a look.”

There was no need for any instructions from the madam, the bull dragged the carriage towards Dao-sense Peak. The moment they made it up the mountain, they saw a straight cliff that was very vast and full of runes. These complex runic arrays were naturally formed as if this wall had withstood an eternity and began to crack, forming these lines.

Among the cliff full of intricate patterns, a large palm print could be found. It was bigger than a table. Moreover, it didn’t seem like it was chiseled via tools, someone must have left their mark on this cliff. Nevertheless, it still had a natural appearance as if it had been given shape with time.

In front of this cliff on Dao-sense Peak were many people. The majority belonged to the younger generation, mostly the geniuses. They sat cross-legged before it and carefully gazed at the cliff. Some also stood under the shade of the trees nearby with their eyes closed while trying to sense something. Others hovered in the sky, wishing to understand the mysteries within…

All in all, cultivators on the peak were observing the cliff from all possible angles with great vigor in order to sense any fluctuations that might emanate from within. These young cultivators from sects all over the world hoped to gain some harvest in grasping the mysteries of the tall cliff.

Dao-sense Peak was famous in the entire Alchemy Realm. Anyone who came to Allpine Mountain would take a trip here to look at this cliff in hopes of becoming enlightened in the dao.

The reason was very simple; Immortal Emperor Wan Shi left behind a palm print on this Dao-sense Cliff even before the birth of the Allpine Treefather.

How great was Immortal Emperor Wan Shi? He was the first Immortal Emperor of the golem race! He came from the Stone Medicine World and stunned the entire world as he trod on a supreme path to become an Immortal Emperor.

1. A Kuiniu/buffalo is a polysemous figure in ancient Chinese mythology. Classic texts use this name for the legendary musician Kui who invented music and dancing; for the one-legged mountain demon or rain-god Kui that is said to resemble a Chinese dragon, a drum, or a monkey with a human face; and for the Kuiniu wild yak or buffalo.

2. Bird here is actually a mythical bird resembling the phoenix, a luan. However, using mythical bird here didn’t seem to fit the context. Perhaps I could just use phoenix here, but that would be inaccurate although fitting.

3. Don’t go crazy over this Young Master, this Young Master is only a legend — this would be the raw.

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