Chapter 692: No Strangest, Only Stranger

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Chapter 692: No Strangest, Only Stranger

Li Qiye’s statement immediately soured the expressions of many cultivators here. Both young and old were here to learn the mystery left behind by Immortal Emperor Wan Shi, so Li Qiye’s statement offended them all.

The madam couldn’t help but wryly smile at this as well. To immediately offend everyone with his first sentence — this truly required some skill. However, she had already grown accustomed to this since this was not her first time seeing her Young Master act so arrogantly.

“You don’t know the immensity of the heaven and earth.” The Lion Young King’s expression turned cold as he thunderously denounced: “How could a little alchemist like you understand the mystery left behind by Immortal Emperor Wan Shi? Don’t stand here and embarrass yourself. It is one thing if Miss Zi Yan could understand a bit, but a little alchemist like you spouting nonsense? Get to the side and don’t bother people trying to meditate here…”

The Lion Young King was already annoyed at Li Qiye, so now after hearing his blustering, it was just in time for him to yell so that this little alchemist would know his place.

Li Qiye was too lazy to look at the young king. He swung his sleeve as if he was chasing away a fly and said: “Zi Yan, where did this stupid creature come from? Chase this eyesore away from my presence.”

“You!” The young king’s expression became extremely unsightly. He was the ruler of an entire country, a character with status, but he was now being humiliated by a nobody, how could he not be enraged?

The madam slightly shook her head and said: “Lion Young King, please leave. Our Young Master does not welcome you.”

The young king trembled from anger. He didn’t expect for the madam to speak these words to him; he couldn’t help but utter: “Miss Zi Yan, if your country needs an alchemist, our Lion Country will do our best to help you find an amazing young alchemist. Why do you have to show consideration for this nobody and suffer this injustice…”

“Lion Young King, I appreciate your kind intentions, but our Giant Bamboo Country’s matters will be handled by us.” The madam slowly said. Her attitude clearly showed how she wanted to chase him away.

The young king was very displeased. Today, he had suffered a great disgrace. He was already humiliated by this nobody Li Qiye, and now, even the madam was not being welcoming towards him. Nothing could be more shameful than this to him. He coldly scowled and gave a chilling glare towards Li Qiye before walking to the side.

Li Qiye ignored the young king and told the madam next to him: “Zi Yan, with such a good treasure displayed before everyone yet no one wants it, I’ll take it and give it to you as a small gift.”

“Such a big tone.” At this time, a cold voice came from the crowd. One person stepped out from the group and snorted to say: “Nameless brat, do you know what this is? This is the supreme mystery left behind by Immortal Emperor Wan Shi. Since the ancient ages, even the most talented were unable to understand the slightest bit within it!”

The person who came out from the group was a young man. After coming out, his body emitted an unbearable heat and his steps created a metallic sound. He had sharp brows and bright eyes, culminating a handsome appearance with a proud aura.

“Vinepill King.” A person exclaimed after seeing this young man ahead.

“I’m a nameless brat?” Li Qiye chuckled at this young man’s address and leisurely said: “Where did this dog come from to dare bark in front of me like this?”

This response caused an uproar from the crowd. One person couldn’t help but yell: “Ignorant fool who doesn’t even recognize the Vinepill King, you are a frog under a well!”

The youth called the Vinepill King turned red from anger after hearing this. Although he was not the most powerful or famous character in present times, he was still very notorious, not to mention he had a remarkable background.

“Nameless brat, listen well. This young noble is a disciple of the Heavenhoof Ravine, and people call me the Vinepill King…” The youth couldn’t swallow this anger, so he stated his title.

In fact, the cultivators here, both young and old, were very afraid of this youth. Regarding fame and cultivation, the Vinepill King couldn’t compare to famous geniuses in the present times or a great Demon King like Madam Zi Yan. However, he indeed had an amazing background as a disciple of the Heavenhoof Ravine. Moreover, he was highly regarded by its elders.

He was a demon monarch specializing in the dao of alchemy. His original self was a vine coiling itself around an ore, and with the fiery spark of this ore, it eventually became illuminated with the dao. This resulted in him having amazing flame control skill. Because of this, after joining the ravine, he was immediately valued by the elders and had the potential to be a leader of its alchemy section.

Although his strength and fame were less than the descendant of the ravine, the Golden Crow Prince, his position there was still very high. In addition to this, he was famous among its youths.

It was needless to say more about the Heavenhoof Ravine; this was an imperial lineage with two emperors that controlled fifteen countries in the Beast Realm with their great might.

After giving out his name, even those who didn’t know him would have heard of the Heavenhoof Ravine and its background, thus becoming fearful.

“Never heard of it.” Li Qiye waved his hand and interrupted the Vinepill King’s introduction. His attitude made the king angry to the point of wanting to vomit blood. It was as if he was talking to a wall! He assumed that his lineage would be able to frighten a nobody like Li Qiye. After all, there were very few lineages in the Stone Medicine World who weren’t afraid of his sect.

The madam next to Li Qiye only chuckled. It seemed that there were very few things in this world that could make her young master look twice.

“This brat is ridiculously arrogant…” Many people here gently shook their heads at the sight of Li Qiye’s arrogance. They knew that those who offended the ravine would not have a good ending.

Remember that the Alchemy Kingdom, the reclusive Jianlong Clan, and the Beastmaster Citadel did not care for the secular world and hid from everyone’s eyes. Because of this, the Heavenhoof Ravine was now arguably the most overbearing and powerful sect in present times. As long as the three previously named monsters didn’t come out, no one would be able to contend with the Heavenhoof Ravine.

Nevertheless, Li Qiye didn’t care for the Vinepill King. He told the madam: “Zi Yan, watch, I will get you the item left behind by Immortal Emperor Wan Shi.”

The madam was taken aback this time. Earlier, she thought that her Young Master was just joking because everyone knew that this mystery had been left behind for countless years and was studied by numerous geniuses. The only person that was rumored to have found success was the Allpine Treefather.

But now, this entire mystery seemed so trivial when it came out of Li Qiye’s mouth. It was as if he had it within his grasp. While the madam was still startled, Li Qiye had already walked to the cliff and looked at the palm print, smiling.

The most upset with Li Qiye was the Lion Young King, so he coldly uttered: “What an arrogant junior. For millions of years, many geniuses yearned to comprehend it, yet all have failed. A worthless junior like him actually dares to try to solve the mystery of Immortal Emperor Wan Shi?”

However, Li Qiye paid no attention to the crowd. At this moment, he pricked his finger and let a drop of blood drip onto the palm print on the cliff.

“Haha, this young noble actually thought this nobody would have some incredible method, but this joke is actually using blood to try to gain the treasure’s acceptance. Truly a frog under a well, a real country bumpkin. You think this treasure has its own consciousness? Or do you think you are the descendant of Immortal Emperor Wan Shi? To actually drip your blood onto the treasure, this type of joke can only trick little children.” After seeing Li Qiye dripping his blood onto the palm print, the Vinepill King exploded in laughter.

Ridiculing Li Qiye before everyone allowed him to recover a bit of face.

A genius cultivator snorted and shook his head to say: “Ah, earlier, he was spouting some really outrageous stuff, so I thought he actually had some earth-shattering method. Who would expect for him to play this game of blood acceptance? Which village did this brat come from? To actually try this trick… Has he never seen the real world before?”

“Just an ignorant brat, nothing more.” At this time, the Lion Young King sneered and continued to beat the drowning dog: “Immortal Emperor Wan Shi left behind a supreme mystery, an invincible secret art, a treasure…”

However, after Li Qiye completed the blood rite and placed his palm onto the print, a buzzing sound could be heard. At this second, overflowing strands of light came out from the print and rushed into Li Qiye’s palm like tidal waves.

“Buzzz—” A series of metallic sounds resounded as these lights encompassed both of Li Qiye’s hands and turned into an old pair of gloves that emitted an ancient luster.

“What…” Before the Lion Young King could finish his mocking, this scene had already occurred, causing his mouth to open wide. He became unable to speak.

In fact, all the spectators were currently dumbfounded and stared at Li Qiye in a daze. They all felt that this moment was too unbelievable. Their mouths were big enough to cram a goose egg inside, and they couldn’t close them for a very long time due to their astonishment.

Even the madam stood there looking silly. She couldn’t believe it; this was too irrational. How could such a thing happen?

However, what was considered impossible by all had become reality. Everyone on Dao-sense Peak at this moment witnessed it with their own eyes and felt that it was too devilish.

“This… is unreal… it, was it really that simple?” A person simply couldn’t believe what they saw and thought that it was only his own vague and unclear sight.

However, one person could make this mistake, but it was impossible for everyone to have the same illusion all at once. This matter actually happened.

Everyone struggled to regain their sanity. Those who laughed at Li Qiye earlier felt their faces burning up. Li Qiye’s actions was simply a violent slap to their faces.

“This is so… irrational… Didn’t the emperor leave behind a supreme secret art? Why, why did it turn out to be a treasure? Moreover, moreover, it is uncovered by the old trick of blood acceptance?” Even after calming down, an older cultivator still found this whole thing to be inconceivable.

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