Chapter 693: God’s Hands

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Chapter 693: God’s Hands

Ever since the Desolate Era, legends had always dictated that Immortal Emperor Wan Shi left behind a secret art or even his entire legacy at this place. A treasure map was also a possible outcome.

Because of this, countless people and geniuses came to unravel the mystery left behind by the emperor. They tried to sense any changes within the cliff and felt a certain fluctuation, which was believed to be the remnant of an imperial aura.

However, who would have thought that the emperor left behind a treasure instead of any of the three listed in the legends?! Taking a step back, even if people predicted that it was a treasure, who would have thought about the simplest method to obtain it?

A blood acceptance rite had been done before. Most of the time, this method would only be used by ancestors to leave behind items to their descendants. Only the descendants with their bloodline would be able to successfully perform this rite.

In fact, very few people would use this old trick. Moreover, Immortal Emperor Wan Shi was an amazing emperor and the first of the golems who brought about a new era for his race. Such an emperor would more or less leave behind a trial to test the future generations for them to obtain his inheritance. For example, a test for talent or intelligence, or perhaps a test of the dao heart…? Only by passing through these tests would one be able to obtain the treasure. This would have been more the style of an emperor, unlike using the laziest method that resembled a joke — a blood acceptance rite.

A famed emperor left behind a treasure for the future generations, and those who were destined would obtain it, but he actually used the most old-fashioned and simple method for them to get it. This was complete nonsense!

“Immortal Emperor Wan Shi… Wan Shi.” Li Qiye chuckled while looking at the gloves in his hands.

To the world, an Immortal Emperor had unrivaled prestige and was unreachable. However, Li Qiye, who had lived for many ages, knew that Immortal Emperor Wan Shi was special among the emperors, just like his name, Wan Shi. To mischievously trick the people of this world — this was the real meaning behind the name Wan Shi. 1

The emperor left behind a treasure not to test the future generations, it was simply him playing around on a whim.

Li Qiye had come here before. Throughout the ages, Li Qiye had seen many mysteries and treasures, so after looking at this cliff, he knew that this place hid a treasure and not a supreme technique like what was recorded in the legends.

However, at that time, Li Qiye was also puzzled at the reason why the emperor left behind a treasure here. Later on, he had something else to do and didn’t stay behind to research this any further. It wasn’t until much later when Li Qiye, in his Dark Crow form, thought about all the achievements of the emperor that he understood why the emperor left a treasure behind. He was just casually doing it to mess with the future generations.

Nevertheless, although Li Qiye had come and gone to the Stone Medicine World later on, he still didn’t take this treasure away. Eventually, Allpine Mountain finally had a new master once the Allpine Treefather rose to eminence.

Although this treasure was amazing, Li Qiye didn’t have time to come take such a treasure. Keep in mind that his treasury in the past had countless treasures.

Li Qiye looked at the gloves with enjoyment, then he glanced at the group of the Lion Young King and Pillvine King while nonchalantly saying: “Earlier, who said that this was a country bumpkin’s method? In the end, who is the real idiot for not even being able to see through such a method? Boasting in front of me with such meager intelligence, talking about the immensity of the heaven and earth and a frog in a well… If I’m a frog in a well, then you who can’t even see through such a simple method aren’t even qualified to be the insects stomped beneath my feet.”

Li Qiye’s mouth had always been vicious and especially unforgiving to his enemies.

At this time, many people’s faces were burning up since they laughed at Li Qiye earlier. Now, they were met with a slap to their faces. This kind of karma came biting back a bit too soon…

“Hmph, a frog in a well is a frog in a well.” At this time, the Lion Young King snorted and coldly said: “It is only one treasure, why the need to act so triumphantly? What’s the big deal?”

To the young king, his feud with Li Qiye had already been established, so he thought of this argument to vent his anger.

“Is that so?” Li Qiye leered at the lion king. If this nonsensible thing wanted to provoke him, then he would be very happy to teach him a good lesson. Li Qiye leisurely said: “Just this one treasure… I’m afraid that even if your bullshit Lion Country mustered all of its strength, it still wouldn’t be able to find a treasure like this!”

“Such presumptuousness!” The young king’s expression greatly changed. He was the ruler of a country but was now being slapped in the face by this nobody — how could he swallow this anger? He sneered and said: “Ignorant brat, you think you are the best just because you obtained one treasure? I’ll teach you a lesson in your parents’ stead so that you will learn that just because you obtained an amazing treasure, an ant like you is still trash…”

“Come.” Before the young king could finish, Li Qiye gestured with his finger towards the king and said: “If you want to fight with me, then good, today, I’ll beat you so that even your mother will not be able to recognize you.”

This provocation enraged the young king. With a fierce expression, he shouted: “Ignorant brat, I will have your head today!”

The moment these words came out, a blood energy rose like a tide and covered the sky.

In this split second, the young king took action with a lion-like roar. His fingers turned into a claw and he pounced towards Li Qiye like a lion. It was as if this claw wanted to devour Li Qiye with just one bite.

“Scram!” Li Qiye didn’t even bat an eye against this devouring claw from the young king. He kept his palms together and, in an instant, the gloves turned into a heavenly seal that emitted divine universal laws as if the gods were descending to earth. An endless divine aura swept through the world with great ferocity.

“Bang!” After a loud collision, one could hear the sounds of bones breaking. The young king’s entire arm turned into a mist of blood under the attack of the heavenly seal. He couldn’t even scream before he was blown out of Allpine Mountain, disappearing into the horizon with an unknown fate.

This happened too quickly for the spectators to respond. One had to know that the young king was the ruler of a country. Even if he was not as strong as Madam Zi Yan, he was still an amazing expert. However, his arm was destroyed in just one move, and he himself was thrown out of Allpine Mountain. How terrifying was this attack?

“Buzzz.” After blowing the young king away, the heavenly seal disappeared as the gloves, with an ancient luster, emerged once again on Li Qiye’s hands.

A character from the older generation was shocked after seeing such a scene. He took a deep breath and murmured: “An incredible artifact…”

“God’s Hands.” Li Qiye looked at the gloves and smirked to say: “A fully justified reputation, not bad at all.” 2

After some gasps, all eyes immediately fell on Li Qiye’s gloves. When Li Qiye attacked earlier, it was as if the gods had descended along with their sweeping divine aura. Everyone then understood that these gloves were unfathomable and were definitely an earth-shattering treasure. Because of this, piercing gazes became fixated on the gloves as everyone had a look of lust.

“The treasure left behind by Immortal Emperor Wan Shi is amazing.” Another murmured.

Although the Lion Young King looked down on Li Qiye’s gloves earlier, everyone now knew that these gloves definitely had an unbelievable origin. Just think about it, who was Immortal Emperor Wan Shi? He was an invincible emperor, the first of the golems!

How could an existence of this level leave behind a simple treasure? It definitely had an amazing origin, it could even be his Immortal Emperor Life Treasure!

After thinking to this point, countless people salivated. If there wasn’t for their hesitation, some might have already rushed forward to rob it.

At this time, Li Qiye slowly glanced over at everyone, and his eyes stopped on the Vinepill King. He chuckled and said: “So? You were not convinced earlier, do you want to provoke me as well?”

The Vinepill King immediately grimaced after hearing this provocation. However, the Lion Young King had set an example, so he couldn’t help but involuntarily step backward.

However, he immediately halted his retreat. As someone from an imperial lineage, being afraid of Li Qiye was akin to shaming the Heavenhoof Ravine.

The king stepped forward with a straight posture and revealed a sneer: “Relying on Immortal Emperor Wan Shi’s treasure to show off, what is so great about that? I am an alchemist, if you are so amazing, then compete with me with the dao of alchemy.”

“Alchemy dao?” Li Qiye glanced at him and couldn’t help but smirk.

Li Qiye’s smirk left Madam Zi Yan quietly shaking her head. The Vinepill King was only bringing humiliation to himself. Competing with her Young Master in the dao of alchemy? This was simply displaying one’s slight skill before a true master!

The Vinepill King noticed that Li Qiye didn’t answer immediately, causing him to be even more confident. He arched his chest while glaring at Li Qiye and provoked him: “Oh? Are you afraid? Didn’t you want to represent the Giant Bamboo Country for the alchemy conference? Since you are an alchemist, come compete on the dao of alchemy then. Heh, that conference is where all the gifted alchemists of the three realms gather. If you are nervous now, then don’t bother going to the conference since you would only be humiliating the Giant Bamboo Country.”

At this point, the Vinepill king became even more aggressive. He thought that Li Qiye didn’t dare to compete, so his confidence was through the roof. And even if Li Qiye dared to accept the challenge, he was not afraid of a no-named alchemist like Li Qiye.

Although the Heavenhoof Ravine was not as adept as the Alchemy Kingdom regarding the dao of alchemy, as a dual emperors sect, it still had powerful alchemists, so their achievements in this regard were considerable.

1. Okay, Wan = mischievous; obstinate; to play; stupid; stubborn; naughty. Shi = life; age; generation; era; world; lifetime. However, the true meaning Li Qiye said here is a four-word phrase — Wan Xi Ren Shi, meaning Mischievously Trick the People of the World. Ren means human, so Ren + Shi = everyone/people.

2. The name is actually Hands Of The Gods to be more specific. Gods is purposefully plural here in the Chinese version, but I think God’s Hands is shorter and sounds better in English versus Hands Of The Gods each time.

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