Chapter 725: Ambushed

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Chapter 725: Ambushed

“An existence more powerful than the Allpine Treefather? Who could it be in the Stone Medicine World?” After hearing this, the madam couldn’t help but be moved.

In this world, everyone knew of the treefather’s prestige. Although he didn’t claim to be a Godking, many people in this world respected him as one. For many generations, it was common knowledge that outside of Immortal Emperors, it would be hard to find someone stronger than him.

The madam had heard that there were a few existences even stronger than the treefather, but she had never met them or even heard of them.

Tie Yi shook his head and said: “I don’t know the details, I only heard that Supreme Celestial Being Ye Qingcheng is unbelievable and actually managed to convince a few old undyings to come out. An old undying that had slept for millions of years also emerged to be his dao protector.”

“Invincible giant?” Li Qiye grinned and said: “So what? Those who block my path, no matter who they are, shall be killed without mercy!”

Having said that, he glanced at Tie Yi and said indifferently: “It seems that your news is quite up to date, you really know many things.”

“Haha, thank you for your praise. This little one has only heard rumors, that’s all.” Tie Yi rubbed his palms together and wryly smiled in a very humble manner.

Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t delve deeper. He said: “Let us go. Once we settle down and prepare the ingredients, I will start the cauldron for you.”

Tie Yi became excited and immediately responded: “Thank you, Young Noble. As long as Young Noble gives the order, I will obey it even at the risk of my life.”

Li Qiye didn’t say anything else and got on his carriage to continue the journey. However, they didn’t get far when suddenly, a buzzing sound rang in the distance. A dao rune appeared above them and turned into an ancient formation at an unbelievable speed.

“Whooosh—!” The ancient formation suddenly rained down countless arrows that quickly sealed the surrounding thousand mile radius.

“We’re being ambushed!” The madam shouted with a shocked expression. The moment she wanted to protect Li Qiye, she found that the rain of arrows from the sky was not aiming at them.

“Clank!” The sound of a series of chains clanking together appeared. In the blink of an eye while the madam was startled, the entire space here was sealed by the arrows that turned into a giant lock.

This ancient lock could seal the heavens above and suppress hell below. It suddenly appeared with the intention of sealing the entire group.

“This is…” In this split second, both the madam and Tie Yi were astounded since they couldn’t move; it was as if their bodies were chained by something.

Even Li Qiye was no exception. A gigantic lock capable of sealing even time itself trapped him despite his incredible power.

However, Li Qiye remained calm unlike the frightened madam and Tie Yi. Only his eyes narrowed as he gazed at the formation in the sky.

“Moo—” During this perilous moment, the Imperial Draco-Bull used an unbelievable might to escape the lock. It roared and pulled the carriage into the sky! It traversed thousands of miles in just the blink of an eye with astonishing speed.

Right when it escaped the border, the formation in the sky emitted a bright light. Countless arrows — once again — shot over the earth to create a new lock to seal the bull once more.

However, as the bull traversed the sky, it was like a dragon soaring in the nine heavens and seemed to be able to escape the shackles of the world’s laws. It seemed to have eluded the fabric of space and time. No matter what the lock tried to do, it was unable to stop the bull.

With continuous detonations, the bull was able to pull the carriage away from the thousand mile radius that the formation encompassed and crossed the earth. In the blink of an eye, it traveled over one million miles. Such speed would stun just about anyone! Of course, its great name was not just for show.

By the time the bull stopped, it had thoroughly escaped from the formation; the locks around Madam Zi Yan and company all disappeared. The madam finally calmed down, but she was still quite shaken despite being a Heavenly King. She took a deep break and said: “Who ambushed us? I’m afraid that that formation was either of the emperor or Godking level!”

She was quite powerful, but the seal from the lock in the sky had rendered her immobile without any opportunity to resist. Such a powerful suppression astounded her!

“Is it that group from the White Cloud Temple?” The madam asked with doubt. Earlier, they had a fight with the temple, and now, someone suddenly ambushed them. This was quite a coincidence.

Tie Yi shuddered and exclaimed while aghast: “The person who ambushed us must be a legendary master at the very least. Even if they aren’t a God-Monarch, they would still be an incredible Virtuous Paragon!”

Li Qiye glanced at Tie Yi before speaking nonchalantly: “We’ll find out right away if we go back and take a look.”

“Go back?” The madam shuddered and said: “The enemy might still be there. If we go back now, isn’t it the same as walking back into their trap?!”

“Into their trap?” Li Qiye smiled and said: “If they have left already, then it is their fortune. After all, there would be no leaving otherwise.” His eyes became fierce after finishing these words.

In this instant, both the madam and Tie Yi couldn’t help but feel a chill. Li Qiye’s fierce eyes made them think that he was an awakened beast from prehistoric eras, capable of devouring the heaven and earth. The madam had an illusion that Li Qiye was grinding his white fangs, ready to sink his teeth in.

He emitted an aura that would instill chills in just about anyone! He let the bull pull the carriage back. The madam and Tie Yi didn’t dare to underestimate their opponents, so they acted cautiously with frayed nerves, paying attention to every single detail.

The moment they made it back to where they used to be, the ancient arrows locking the area had disappeared. The formation was gone as well, let alone the lock that could suppress the world.

In its place was another ordinary looking carriage. It seemed that this carriage had just got here as well. The driver was an old woman. At this time, she jumped down from the carriage and was looking around.

“Who are you?” After seeing this old woman, the madam immediately stood up and went to the front as if she was about to face a great enemy.

The old woman looked at the madam and said: “Madam Zi Yan, I am not your enemy.” Having said that, her eyes fell upon Li Qiye sitting in the carriage.

The old woman was able to reveal the madam’s identity, yet she herself knew nothing about the old woman’s origin, leaving her anxious. She didn’t know whether the old woman was friend or foe.

She couldn’t help but look back at her Young Master, wanting to leave it up to him. Li Qiye took a look at the old woman, then at the carriage stopped at the side.

Li Qiye couldn’t be more familiar with this carriage. Back when he was traveling towards Celestial Peak Mountain, it had appeared before! At that time, this old woman was the driver as well.

Li Qiye dismissively said: “I don’t know whether we are enemies or not, but first, come out of your carriage to talk, stop hiding inside.”

These words made the old woman change her expression. In the blink of an eye, she seemed to have turned into a completely different person. Her old eyes sucked in and expelled starry glimmers as an entire galaxy emerged from within!

“What do you want to do?!” The madam also felt how terrifying this woman before her was. With an alarmed look, she continued to stand before Li Qiye, ready to protect her Young Master!

The old woman didn’t take action and instead only spoke coldly towards Li Qiye: “Young Noble Li, please speak with a little respect. We mean you no harm.”

“Is that so?” Li Qiye said: “Whether you are malicious or not doesn’t matter to me. Not long before this, you had followed me, and back at the Celestial Peak, you also spied on me! At that time, I didn’t do anything because I was in a good mood. But right now, that is no longer the case. Since you happen to be here, you must comply to my whim!”

“Young Noble Li, you are being way too overbearing. This world is vast, who says that we cannot appear at the location that you are already at?” The old woman asked coldly.

She was now angry. They had an earth-shattering origin. Those who knew them would tremble in fear, so who would dare to provoke them? But now, Li Qiye was acting extremely aggressively.

“I don’t want to mince words.” Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye and spoke with a cold demeanor: “Right now, get out of your carriage or I’ll smash it apart!”

The old woman’s expression greatly soured. At this time, her blood energy erupted to the sky like a True Dragon soaring into the air. She coldly uttered: “Young Noble Li, do you really think you are invincible in this world?!”

The eruption of her blood energy astonished both the madam and Tie Yi. They clearly knew that this old woman was a frightening and absolutely amazing Virtuous Paragon!

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