Chapter 728: Ye Qingcheng’s Origin

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Chapter 728: Ye Qingcheng’s Origin

The old woman became very dejected, but she couldn’t truly become angry. The bull’s strength far exceeded her imagination. She couldn’t help but feel powerless; she didn’t even have the means to resist!

Li Qiye’s arrogance was particularly upsetting. As a great character from the kingdom, she wanted to teach him a lesson about his disrespectful attitude, but she couldn’t do anything when such a powerful existence like the bull was present.

Ming Yexue slightly frowned and said: “I also came because of this. We have many experts at the kingdom, but one that can utilize such a great formation must be at the ancestor level. At this moment, whether it’s the direct branch or the side branches, no ancestors have come into being. At least, not on record.”

Li Qiye chuckled and said: “Then go look into it. This time, I will not take action because of you, but this won’t necessarily be the case next time.”

Ming Yexue gently nodded and said: “Whether it is the direct or side branches, the elders will investigate this matter to see if an ancestor had personally taken action.”

She was a decisive person, so after making her choice, she immediately wanted to go back. She told Li Qiye: “Does Young Noble Li want to go with me? If you are willing to enter our ancestral ground, I will introduce you to our elders.”

To the younger generation of the Stone Medicine World, such an invitation was definitely an honor and a great compliment. Anyone would happily accept it.

Whether it was for her beauty or to see the ancestral ground of the Alchemy Kingdom, both were irresistible to the younger generation.

However, Li Qiye only smiled and said: “You go back first. I will take a look later.”

Anyone would go mad if they knew that even an invitation from the number one beauty was refused.

Ming Yexue didn’t push the subject. After saying farewell, she went back to her carriage and quickly left in order to investigate this matter.

After watching Ming Yexue’s carriage leave, Li Qiye withdrew his gaze and sat back down.

The madam couldn’t help but ask after Li Qiye settled down: “Young Master knew Fairy Ming before this?”

Li Qiye looked back at the departing direction of Ming Yexue and smilingly said: “How should I put this… Prior to this, I have never met or known anything about Ming Yexue, the descendant of the Alchemy Kingdom.”

However, he left out a sentence. A very long time ago, he once possessed an item that he painstakingly cultivated!

Tie Yi crawled out from the ground at this time with a slightly changed expression and said: “This Fairy Ming, she’s unfathomable, very unfathomable, and scary on top of that.”

The madam nodded in agreement to this evaluation: “This is true. Although Fairy Ming’s fame is not as prominent as Ye Qingcheng’s notoriety because of her mysterious and low profile conduct, many people still consider her as an existence capable of opposing Ye Qingcheng.”

“Your Majesty Zi Yan misunderstood what I meant.” Tie Yi shook his head and said: “I’m not only referring to her unfathomable cultivation or her unparalleled talents! I am talking about her frightening origin! It is definitely monstrous!”

After listening to the ant, the madam shuddered and replied: “Many big shots in this world know about Ye Qingcheng’s origin. He might be from the golem race, but it is far from being that simple since he was initially a divine stone! An unmatched stone!”

“I have heard of this speculation as well.” Tie Yi nodded and added: “Ye Qingcheng’s past life was the Stony Edge Kingdom’s defining stone. Legend states that this stone was obtained by their progenitor, Immortal Emperor Shi Feng. However, its exact origin couldn’t be pinpointed by future generations. In short, this was the greatest stone in their kingdom…”

“It was hidden in the location with the richest amount of worldly energy at the Stony Edge Kingdom. For generations, the wise sages of the kingdom preached dao scriptures to this stone and used their blood energy to cultivate it. A few decades ago, this stone suddenly felt the heaven and earth and obtained life! It was completely unbelievable. At the moment of its inception, it immediately had flesh and blood and could be considered supreme!” Tie Yi couldn’t help but lick his lips at this moment after reciting this long passage.

The madam also nodded and said: “Ye Qingcheng is indeed incredible. After experiencing so many wise sages expounding on the dao along with long years of cultivation, some even said that he will be the second Immortal Emperor Bi Shi. Any sect or lineage, even ones with two emperors like the Heavenhoof Ravine, hold him in high esteem and believe that he can become an emperor.”

The madam was shocked after thinking through what she just said. She recalled what her Young Master said earlier, as did Tie Yi. If Ye Qingcheng’s origin was unmatched but Ming Yexue’s origin was even more monstrous, then just what was her origin?

The madam was able to connect some dots at this moment. Until now, outsiders had always thought that Ming Yexue was the descendant of the Ming Clan — the imperial family. However, after today’s events, it appeared that she had a different origin.

“Let’s go, it is pointless to speculate these things.” Li Qiye said with a faint smile: “The alchemy conference will begin soon, so we should enter Alchemy City.”

“Well…” Tie Yi’s neck involuntarily shrank into his body after hearing this. While trying to hide, he apprehensively said: “Going to Alchemy City… might be very dangerous.”

Li Qiye glanced at him and said: “You did some immoral things that are unforgivable, so you don’t dare to enter Alchemy City, right?”

Tie Yi awkwardly smiled and said: “Young Noble is misunderstanding me. This lowly one is only worried for you. As Young Noble can see from earlier, the Alchemy Kingdom has people with malicious intentions towards us. Young Noble’s alchemy is peerless, so maybe someone is coveting it; maybe even an ancestor wants to capture you alive.”

After hearing this, Li Qiye lifted his head and gazed towards the direction of Alchemy City while revealing a gentle smile. “I’m more afraid that the Alchemy Kingdom will not take action. If they maneuver against me, then everything will be easy. However, if they are friendly and treat me as a guest, then I would truly feel bad about taking Ming Yexue away. If they want to kill me, then it would be even better.”

The madam revealed a smiled and asked: “Young Master likes Fairy Ming?”

Li Qiye chuckled and responded: “How can this be called liking? I only want that girl to stay by my side in the future! If the Alchemy Kingdom wants to do this peacefully, then I can satisfy all of their demands. If they want it the hard way, then it will be even easier!”

“Is Fairy Ming that important to Young Master?” Madam Zi Yan was moved. At this moment, she realized that her Young Master was not in love with Ming Yexue, and that he had a different reason for wanting her to stay with him.

Li Qiye didn’t answer her question. Instead, he only looked towards the far distance while reminiscing.

After a while, Li Qiye’s mind returned. He looked at Tie Yi and said: “Whether we go to Alchemy City or not is not up to you to decide. At that time, I will need to be there to refine some medicine, so if you escape and lose this good opportunity, don’t blame me for not reminding you.”

Tie Yi shuddered after this reminder. He immediately patted this chest like a drum and put on a courageous act as if he was willing to walk through fire. “Young Master, don’t worry. Wherever you go, I shall be there as well! I will definitely not embarrass you!”

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Okay, don’t speak such nauseating words, do you think I don’t know what’s on your mind?”

Tie Yi dryly coughed with an awkward look. Even the madam looked at Tie Yi one more time. She knew that he was a coward, at least in appearance. He clearly didn’t want to go to Alchemy City, but after listening to her Young Master, he lost all reservations. This really raised the madam’s curiosity about his injury!

The group traveled towards the city with the bull pulling the carriage at great speeds. It was not long before they arrived.

Alchemy City was located in an extremely strategic location. It was the first outpost before the entrance to the Alchemy Vein and only one step away from the ancestral ground of the imperial family.

Alchemy City in the Stone Medicine World was also known as Imperial City or Alchemy Capital!

Although it was called a city, it wasn’t actually a city! In the nine worlds, when big sects form their own countries, the majority of their capitals would be very huge, ancient cities.

Alchemy City, on the other hand, had no semblance to a city. There were neither towering walls nor patrolling experts at this place despite being called Imperial City.

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