Chapter 772: Conclusion Without Fighting

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Chapter 772: Conclusion Without Fighting

The floating imperial formations were being guarded by weapons along with many legendary masters, eternal existences in the divine light, and the two God-Monarchs.

At this moment, outside of Godkings as of yet unrevealed, the Alchemy Kingdom had unveiled their entire hand. However, it was still not their ace!

Those who were lucky enough to see it all were shocked and frightened by this terrifying scene. No matter who they might be, they were at a loss for words.

This was a true foundation! A few Heavenly Kings and ancestors took pride in their sect’s foundation, but compared to the Alchemy Kingdom’s, any other foundation would suddenly seem poor and unworthy of mentioning!

“The Alchemy Kingdom’s imperial family… This is the real deal!” A great power’s ancestor became dejected after realizing that his sect’s hidden power was nothing compared to the kingdom’s.

Li Qiye stood on the back of the Phoenix that emitted swaying divine fire from the tree. His body seemed to be infected by its divinity, causing him to resemble a god.

“The power of the Alchemy Kingdom, eh?” Li Qiye smirked: “I wonder if the ultimate method left behind by the three emperors will be able to save your kingdom or not; just this won’t be able to do anything to me. I’ll tell you anyway, the Phoenix below me is a real phoenix. But of course, you know this better than I do since its heart was in your possession. You should also know that once this Phoenix is truly reborn… Ah, I don’t need to say any more about its power.”

“Junior, hold your gloating.” The monarch coldly said: “Wait until it’s actually reborn, then you can say that again. There is no need for our ultimate method just to suppress it right now! Our current power is plenty enough!”

The other God-Monarch added: “Junior, this is the final warning. Hand over the Phoenix or else don’t even dream about leaving this place alive!”

All the spectators were holding their breaths. Many of them understood that any cost was worth it to the kingdom if Li Qiye handed over the Phoenix.

“It seems like all of you think that you have the ability to hold me down since my Phoenix has yet to undergo rebirth.” Li Qiye smiled: “Very well, you still have a secret move and my true ace has been prepared as well! Come! Let us battle!”

“Buzz.” The moment these words were spoken, endless immortal lights shot into the sky. The Phoenix sent out countless immortal laws like inverse waterfalls, climbing higher and higher in the sky. Each law by itself could suppress the heavens. Even before the Phoenix attacked, the entire ancestral ground was already trembling.

The entire world was shaken from the Phoenix emitting its aura as well. Many existences even had the illusion that an Immortal Emperor was arriving.

Archaic eyes opened and gazed towards the Alchemy Kingdom. This scene left even these ancient existences quiet for a long time.

A majestic pillar of light rose from the ancestral ground. Its imperial aura ravaged the earth and suppressed myriad ages. The entire kingdom trembled at this time as all the experts continued to prostrate on the ground from the pressure.

At this minute, it seemed like the Alchemy Kingdom was ready to fight to the bitter end. This was no longer a simple personal feud to them. Li Qiye had stolen their Phoenix’s heart, and they would never let this go.

“Venerable Ancestors, please halt.” At the moment when tension ran high on both sides, the prelude to the great battle, a supreme melodious voice came about.

An unparalleled beauty drifted through the sky from the depths of the ancestral ground as if she was a fairy from the nine heavens — kingdom toppling and intoxicating.

“Ming Yexue…” A big shot recognized her and became startled.

“Fairy Ming!” The moment the younger generation saw her, they immediately lost their minds due to her charm. Many of them even forgot about the upcoming battle!

The majority of them had only heard of her name and had never seen her in person. However, upon seeing her today, the younger generation was enchanted as they indulged in her beautiful appearance.

The ancestors of the kingdom grimaced after Ming Yexue’s sudden appearance when the battle was about to begin, especially after hearing those words.

One of the God-Monarchs frowned and said: “Xue’er, it is not the time to talk.”

Ming Yexue slightly shook her head: “This disciple respects all the decisions made by Venerable Ancestors. However, Ancestor Wushuang ordered for my arrival, so please, Ancestors, harmony is to be prized.” 1

“Ancestor Wushuang’s order?” The other monarch deepened his tone: “Xue’er, this matter has grave implications for our kingdom’s honor. We cannot take it lightly!”

All of the ancestors wanted to take Li Qiye down. They would not let go until this was accomplished!

“This disciple also knows that this relates to the honor of our sect, so Ancestor Wushuang allowed me to come with his seal so that I could calm this storm.” Having said that, she slowly raised an old seal.

The two words “Wushuang” were carved on this seal. The moment this seal appeared, the aura of a Godking assaulted everyone as if one had personally arrived. 2

“The seal of the ancestor!” Even the two monarchs were moved, bowing their heads after seeing this seal. As for the other ancestors, they immediately prostrated and kowtowed in worship three times.

“Ancestor Wushuang of the kingdom is actually still alive, this is incredible. After so many years, he still lingers in this world. If it was a different ancestor, they wouldn’t be able to handle this arduous journey across time even with Blood Era Stones.” Anyone would feel their heart sink after seeing this seal.

Ancestor Wushuang was a legendary existence. Some said that he had an unmatched constitution. Others said that he had three saint aptitudes. There were also those who praised that both his cultivation and alchemy were peerless. Then there were the worshippers who claimed that his lifespan was without equal, believing that he was the oldest living existence in the kingdom, a legend that had always been buried in Blood Era Stones in the deepest location of their ancestral ground! 3

Although the atmosphere was tense to the extreme, the monarchs and the ancestors eventually retreated. However, their piercing gazes remained fixated on Li Qiye.

“Young Noble Li, I am coming with utmost sincerity to calm this storm.” With boundless grace, Ming Yexue walked forward alone to see Li Qiye.

Li Qiye stared at Ming Yexue while standing on top of the Phoenix. He was silent and didn’t reply.

Her eyes that were as bright as the stars above in the night sky and as clear as flowing water looked straight at him: “I hope Young Noble Li can stop this battle.”

“So it has eventually come to this.” Li Qiye sighed softly. In the end, he didn’t attack. He had nothing to fear when it came to the kingdom, but he was not willing to massacre them even if he intended to do so since Ming Yexue came out.

Li Qiye calmly said: “I need a word with you in private.”

Ming Yexue didn’t think twice and agreed to his request.

This was vastly different from what people expected. Even the monarchs and the ancestors didn’t expect this development.

“Fairy Ming’s charm is boundless, even Li Qiye was captivated by her.” The last generation lamented after seeing this.

Many people assumed that Li Qiye had lost to her charm, but they didn’t know that this was not the case at all.

The two of them entered a room at a secretive location, unknown to third parties. Ming Yexue spoke with sincerity: “This trouble was due to a misunderstanding between Young Noble and my kingdom. I came at the request of my ancestor with goodwill to quell this disturbance.”

“Yexue, whether this is a misunderstanding or not does not matter to me.” Li Qiye lightly waved his sleeve: “I can pretend that nothing had happened, I can even return the Phoenix’s heart to your kingdom. Moreover, I can assist all of you, and perhaps, the Phoenix can truly be reborn in the future!”

After hearing this, Ming Yexue quickly responded: “Your benevolence will be met with appreciation by our kingdom…”

Li Qiye shook his head: “No, Yexue, there is no free meal in this world. I have a condition!”

Ming Yexue took a deep breath as she braced herself with a solemn expression: “What is Young Noble’s condition? If it is within our abilities, then everything is negotiable.”

Li Qiye chuckled and gave his answer clearly: “My condition can either be difficult or easy. It all depends on you. I only want you, for you to follow me!”

I only want you! Such an overbearing statement! Any outsider hearing this would have strange thoughts, inevitably thinking that Li Qiye had become fascinated by her.

Ming Yexue didn’t think that this was a confession. She was slightly dazed and found another meaning to his words!

“If I can do something for the sect, if I can prevent this disaster, then I am more than willing to follow you.” Ming Yexue responded in a serious manner: “But Young Noble, you must know that I am a disciple and I cannot make a decision regarding this matter. This isn’t something the ancestors decide either.” She gently sighed.

Li Qiye chuckled: “This is up to Hundred-Life, right?”

Ming Yexue remained unperturbed like calm water at the bottom of a well and nodded: “If Young Noble requires me to go with you, then I will have to ask the forefather. Only with his permission would we be able to agree to your demand.”

1. She is saying stop the battle.

2. Wushuang = Peerless/Unmatched.

3. Notice how all of these adjectives are synonyms of his title/name, Wushuang.

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