Chapter 774: Duel Against The White Haired Alchemy God

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Chapter 774: Duel Against The White Haired Alchemy God

The conversation between Li Qiye and Ming Yexue finally came to an end. The moment Li Qiye reappeared before the world was back in Alchemy City, immediately coming under the eyes of many. Every spectator wanted to know how this storm would end.

Eventually, the imperial auras disappeared and the imperial family recalled their formations and weapons while Li Qiye stopped his attack.

After seeing this, everyone understood that the battle had come to a peaceful conclusion. The two sides did not reach an all out war.

They were very curious and wanted to know what Li Qiye and Ming Yexue talked about. For what reasons did the tyrannical Li Qiye agree to end this conflict?

Different speculations arose. Some thought that Li Qiye was charmed by Ming Yexue. This speculation was not strange at all. Ming Yexue had been deified as the number one beauty of the Stone Medicine World. No one was free from intoxication after seeing her.

Others guessed that the Alchemy Kingdom made concessions and eventually handed over treasures to end this battle!

Although the battle had come to an end, it was far from finished. After leaving the ancestral ground of Alchemy City, Li Qiye headed straight for the White Hair Alchemy God’s place.

This action immediately attracted others. They knew that Li Qiye was about to deal with the white hair alchemist.

“This guy really wants to sweep over everything. Now, even the white hair alchemist is about to suffer!” A big shot murmured after seeing this.

“I wonder how many experts from the previous generation the alchemist will be able to mobilize. If he doesn’t have enough, then he will be in grave danger. It might not be too late for him to run back to the Bailian Clan right now.” An alchemist was quite worried.

Prior to this, many people would’ve thought that Li Qiye didn’t know his own capabilities by going to challenge the white hair alchemist. Everyone knew the alchemist’s influence. With one word, countless near-death old monsters would be willing to work for him. However, it was another story now. A devilish person like Li Qiye was able to shake even the Alchemy Kingdom. This was more than enough for the world to look at him twice!

Many alchemists hoped that white hair could leave the city before Li Qiye’s arrival. Li Qiye had already killed Cao Guoyao, so they didn’t wish to see the white hair alchemist being disposed of as well.

However, the alchemist did not escape. When Li Qiye reached his abode, he was already standing outside of the door, waiting. He resembled a swan among a flock of hen — extremely brilliant. Especially his hair, as black as jade, that caused him to stand out.

“You’re finally here.” The alchemist was not surprised to see Li Qiye. He was well prepared for this moment.

The crowd prepped themselves, wanting to see how the alchemist would deal with this trouble. Whether he would bow and apologize or call for old undyings to help him and fight Li Qiye to the bitter end, everyone wanted to know.

“I heard you wanted my life. Very well, here I am, right in front of your door.” Li Qiye sat in his carriage and lazily stared at the alchemist.

The alchemist took a deep breath. He had always been a proud person no matter the occasion! He laughed proudly: “Li Qiye, your abilities are heaven-defying and devilish — I know this very well. However, you have killed the disciples of my clan, so regardless of whether I have the capability to gain vengeance or not, I will not back down!”

“Is that so? You have piqued my curiosity, what is your plan?” Li Qiye didn’t bother explaining the sacred doctor’s death. It didn’t matter that the Bailian Clan viewed him as the murderer.

He smiled leisurely and continued: “I’ll play with you if you want my life. Use all of your abilities now so that no one can say I didn’t give you a chance.”

The anxious spectators were all watching closely to see how the alchemist would deal with Li Qiye in this unfavorable situation!

The alchemist composed himself with a deep breath. Even when Li Qiye was fierce enough to fight against the Alchemy Kingdom, he still held his head high and looked straight at Li Qiye.

“Li Qiye, regarding methods and war, I am not your equal! I can admit at least this.” The alchemist proudly said: “However, I want to change the battlefield! I am someone who has studied longevity medicines my whole life! I want to compete against you with one batch!”

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile at the proud alchemist: “It seems like you are completely confident in your dao of alchemy.”

The alchemist chuckled: “I cannot compare to you regarding wood mastery and insect mastery. However, I claim to be a king at refining longevity medicines! No one in the younger generation can compare to me!”

Despite knowing Li Qiye’s ability full well, the alchemist was still able to utter such proud words. However, his words rang true since he was indeed unmatched in the younger generation!

The alchemist held his head high and continued: “Do you dare to bet? If I lose, then there is no need for you to do anything, I will end myself! If you don’t dare, then I am standing right here, come and take my life!”

Everyone was caught off guard to the point of being astonished after hearing the alchemist. No one thought that he would use this type of method. What if Li Qiye refused? Wouldn’t he just be killed on the spot?

Li Qiye asked: “Is this a dare?”

The proud alchemist responded: “Think of it as you please. In short, if I lose to you in refining longevity medicines, then I will accept my death willingly. My clan also won’t come to bother you!”

The onlookers watched with bated breaths. They were waiting for Li Qiye to make a decision. Anyone else would not accept this bet with the alchemist and would just directly take his life instead. Li Qiye had the absolute advantage right now — this was as clear as day to everyone!

Under such favorable conditions, taking the alchemist’s life was the most simple method. Only a fool would take the bet against the alchemist. Everyone knew that he was unequaled in this regard, so who would be willing to compete against him?

However, Li Qiye had always acted as that fool time and time again. On the matters that others didn’t dare to do, he would do so without hesitation!

“Somewhat interesting.” Li Qiye stroked his chin a bit: “I am a person with a little hobby, and that is to break the pride of people so that they can taste despair. Very well, I will use the longevity medicines that you know so well to defeat you; I will let you have a taste of despair! The bet is on!”

Li Qiye’s choice left everyone rolling their eyes. This was simply too crazy. To give up his absolute advantage and choose to compete in the enemy’s field of expertise… Only a madman would do such a thing!

“This decisiveness and charisma… No one in the younger generation can compare to him!” An ancestor emotionally said: “So young yet so domineering!”

“Well then, how do you want to do this?” The alchemist became even more confident after Li Qiye voiced his agreement. He knew that he was inferior compared to Li Qiye regarding martial strength, but he was certain of victory in a competition of longevity medicine refinement.

Li Qiye cheerfully said: “If we are going to do it, then let’s make it interesting by refining emperor medicines!”

“Very well, emperor medicines it is!” The alchemist responded without any hesitation even when emperor medicines were brought up. This was indicative of his confidence regarding alchemy!

Everyone, especially the great powers’ ancestors, was shaken after hearing that it was a bet involving emperor medicines. They became quite excited and only wished that this bet would happen even faster.

Emperor medicines were the highest level of longevity medicines. At least, this was what the majority of people thought. Although they were referred to as emperor medicines, they were nearly exclusively used by Virtuous Paragons.

Generally, Immortal Emperors would not use emperor medicines unless they were of the highest level. Immortal Emperors rarely used longevity medicines because normally, there were other options for them!

But as for Virtuous Paragons, longevity medicines were priceless treasures. The better they were, the more precious they would be. At this time, the crowd’s anticipation ran high. The spectating ancestors were hoping that they would be able to buy the medicines if given the chance. Nothing could be better!

“Since we are betting with emperor medicines, we have to select the alchemy ingredients first.” The alchemist told Li Qiye.

Li Qiye didn’t seem to care too much as he answered: “It isn’t difficult to select the ingredients. You can decide the exact specifications and I’ll follow suit.”

Emperor-rank longevity medicines required ingredients of three million years or older. When the ingredients had varying quality, the quality of the end result would change as well.

“If Fairy Yuan doesn’t mind, the ingredients can be specified by you. The cost will be borne by us.” The alchemist sought Yuan Caihe’s assistance.

“If Daofriend Bailian can trust me, then I can select two batches of ingredients from the Serene Garden.” Yuan Caihe pondered for a moment before nodding her head.

The garden stored the most precious ingredients in the Stone Medicine World. It was not empty words when people said that the garden was the best at cultivating plants and medicines.

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