Chapter 775: Secret of the Phoenix

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Chapter 775: Secret of the Phoenix

The white hair alchemist spoke: “Fairy Yuan is respected by all the lineages in our world, so I trust your reputation!”

Yuan Caihe looked at Li Qiye and was met with a nod as well. After gaining the consent of both parties, Yuan Caihe said: “In that case, I will prepare two batches of ingredients with the same age. However, I need some time, at least three days.”

The alchemist decisively asked: “Good, we will settle our wager at Stonecauldron Peak in five days, do you agree?”

Li Qiye chuckled at the alchemist’s great confidence and said: “Five days it is. No problems here.” Having said that, he left with his group.

The alchemist also went inside and didn’t show his face again. He didn’t meet any guests as he was changing his mindset, preparing to defeat Li Qiye!

Li Qiye went back to his mountain with the group. However, Yuan Caihe had to go back to the Serene Garden to prepare two batches of ingredients, so she borrowed the Alchemy Kingdom’s portal to expedite the trip.

Alchemy City became quite lively after hearing of the longevity medicine competition between Li Qiye and the White Hair Alchemy God. The alchemy conference had yet to start, but there had already been many storms. The first was the death of Cao Guoyao, and now the white hair alchemist wanted to compete against Li Qiye. How could the crowd not be excited?

The alchemists all wanted to see the two’s supreme dao of alchemy. Back when Li Qiye fought against Cao Guoyao, all the alchemists understood that Li Qiye had the ability to challenge the four prodigies.

Needless to say, the white hair alchemist was considered the number one expert regarding longevity medicines in this world, at least among the younger generation.

Both of them were worth watching, and either could broaden any alchemist’s horizons! As for the other cultivators, they were quite thrilled as well. The younger generation took it well since they did not need longevity medicines. However, this was not the case for the older generation, especially characters of the ancestor level. They wanted nothing more than for this showdown to start already.

In normal circumstances, it would be prohibitively difficult to ask an alchemist to refine one batch of supreme longevity medicine. In fact, alchemists capable of such a task could be counted on one’s hand in the entire Stone Medicine World.

But now, two batches were about to be refined. For the ancestors, this meant that they would have a chance to buy these longevity medicines, so how could they contain their excitement?

After returning to his garden, Li Qiye showed that he simply didn’t care for the bet. Madam Zi Yan also had confidence in her Young Master. She would be worried in the past, but after watching her Young Master’s methods and his dao of alchemy, she was certain of his victory before they even began!

Tie Yi was injured, so he went to rest first. Li Qiye took out the pentagate to seal the room before solemnly taking out the Phoenix.

The Phoenix, at this time, was very different from the Phoenix that had been controlled by the Death Chapter. It only had an incomplete skeletal structure along with the Phoenix’s heart.

It didn’t have the immortal presence of supreme laws. However, the heart was still jumping up and down with blazing sparks. After devouring a huge amount of deathfire, it was able to produce a phoenix’s flame again.

Despite its heart beating powerfully, this bird was still dead without any flesh or blood, only bones that resembled divine metals. Needless to say, it didn’t have a soul or life either.

The madam couldn’t help but ask while gazing at the bird: “Young Master, can this Phoenix be revived?” After seeing its supreme presence, anyone would want to see what a real living Phoenix looked like.

Li Qiye slightly shook his head: “Very difficult. Few people in this world could truly reverse life and death. This Phoenix tried to, but it met a terrible tribulation and was annihilated completely. Strictly speaking, it is dead without any hope.”

The madam couldn’t help but ask: “Is there really no way? Not even with your supreme dao of alchemy?” In her mind, her Young Master’s dao of alchemy was without peer in this world.

“Zi Yan, this is not related to the dao of alchemy.” Li Qiye slightly shook his head: “Normally, this dao could save a dead cultivator — this would be the reversing life and death that people usually talk about. However, this does not apply to a phoenix, at least, not just with the dao of alchemy alone.”

“If Young Master puts it this way, then there is still a chance.” The madam was delighted to hear this. This was a phoenix! If it could be revived, then she would be the first to rejoice in her Young Master’s stead.

“An opportunity is there.” Li Qiye earnestly said: “Strictly speaking, this wouldn’t be called reversing life and death, it’s simply rebirth.”

“Rebirth?” The madam was startled after hearing this. This topic was too grave and shocking. In fact, for tens of millions of years, many invincible people vied for true rebirth, hoping to live on for another generation, but this was simply impossible!

Even the most legendary and mighty existences would not be able to live for another generation, let alone others.

Li Qiye rubbed his chin and said: “If it is a human, then no matter how strong they might be, wanting to live once more or obtaining rebirth is simply a dream. However, a phoenix has such a chance! A Phoenix’s ability to rebirth via fire is not just a legend, it can actually do so.”

“Rebirth via fire…” The madam murmured to herself.

People had heard this phrase many times before, but when it came from Li Qiye, it seemed to not just be a description but rather reality, a tangible legend!

The madam curiously asked: “Young Master, is there really a phoenix in our world? What about the other divine beasts?”

Li Qiye smiled at this question and answered: “Zi Yan, your question is of two different concepts, of our world and divine beasts. This depends on how you define our world and divine beasts.”

“I am listening closely, Young Master.” The madam smiled. She was always gentle like flowing water with a trace of playfulness that didn’t take away any of her charm.

Li Qiye smiled: “The world in your view and the world in mine are not necessarily the same. If you are talking about the nine worlds and pure blood divine beasts, then I can only say that our world does not have divine beasts.”

“But what about this Phoenix? Are you saying that this one is not a pure-blood?” The madam slightly jumped and looked at the skeletal phoenix before her.

Li Qiye shook his head: “No, on the contrary, this is a pure-blood Phoenix. Moreover, it used to be an adult Phoenix — unbelievably powerful!”

The madam reacted very quickly after her initial spurt of surprise: “This is a pure-blood Phoenix?” She looked at the Young Master and movingly said: “Young Master is saying that this Phoenix, it came from somewhere else?”

Such a notion was hard to believe. Every cultivator knew that although this world was vast, there were only nine realms! But now, her Young Master revealed a truth different from common knowledge to the madam.

“Young Master, are you saying that there really is a tenth world?” The madam had to ask. She knew about the legend, a legend that no one would believe. Some even openly refuted its existence.

“I don’t know either.” Li Qiye rubbed his chin and smiled.

After following him for some time, the madam understood that whenever he showed this expression, it meant that he knew more than he was letting out. He simply didn’t want to say it, that was all.

The madam kept on pressing: “Young Master, please continue. If our world does not have divine beasts, then why did this Phoenix appear in Alchemy City?”

The gentle madam was acting quite coquettishly, giving her an even softer and cuter demeanor.

Li Qiye smiled after seeing her appearance. He looked towards the Phoenix, and his eyes suddenly became profound, as if he had lost himself in memories.

“The truth is that I don’t know how this Phoenix appeared in Alchemy City. However, a few things can certainly be speculated. During that era ancient beyond tracing, some events had happened beyond the imagination of man. If I am not wrong, then during those events, the Phoenix luckily managed to flee to the Stone Medicine World and Alchemy City.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but gently sigh.

“Although we can’t verify those matters that happened in the distant past, clues still remain in many places, a few matters…” Li Qiye became silent here as he recalled unforgettable memories.

The madam no longer wanted to ask after seeing his melancholy. She knew that it had sparked some of his old thoughts.

“Does Young Master plan to revive this Phoenix?” She asked softly. She didn’t want him to be saddened by old memories, so her tone was very gentle, as if it was the most tender and caring touch.

Li Qiye’s mind returned after hearing her sincere concern. He looked at the skeletal phoenix and said: “I am powerless as well with regards to truly reviving it. However, I can give it a chance. If it wants to be reborn, then it’ll require the most refined essence in this heaven and earth. For example, the Alchemy Kingdom’s ancestral vein.”

“I’m afraid the kingdom will not agree to this.” The madam wryly smiled and gently shook her head: “The ancestral ground is built on the entrance of the Alchemy Vein because they do not want to share the mysticisms of the location with others! Wanting their ancestral vein is the same as wanting their life source. They would rather die protecting this ancestral vein.”

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