Chapter 776: The Phoenix Rebirth

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Chapter 776: The Phoenix Rebirth

“This is true.” Li Qiye chuckled and slowly said: “That does not mean that there is no chance, though.”

The madam couldn’t help but stare at him after hearing this. She understood the hidden implication in his words.

“What does one have to do exactly to let this Phoenix rebirth?” The madam had to change the subject.

Li Qiye answered: “The most crucial thing is dependent on the Phoenix. I can only play a minor role.”

“This depends on itself? The bird is completely dead, so can it actually do anything?” The madam was a bit perplexed.

“This is why phoenixes are so amazing.” Li Qiye smiled: “Of course, we still need to thank Immortal Emperor Yao Zu of the kingdom. Without him, even if the Phoenix was more incredible, it still wouldn’t have an opportunity for rebirth.”

“Can Young Master elaborate?” The madam was also very curious about the heart of the Phoenix obtained by the kingdom.

Li Qiye replied: “During the tribulation of that year, the Phoenix could be said to have been completely annihilated. However, it still left behind a very small piece of its heart. The emperor obtained this tiny piece and used a supreme immortal medicine to extract a drop of phoenix blood. This blood drop made it possible for the tiny heart to eventually gestate into a phoenix heart.”

The madam felt amazed after hearing about such a magical event. She thought that the heart had been complete from the start and didn’t know that it actually grew from a little drop of blood.

“For me, having this phoenix heart will save a lot of effort. This is no different from water following the current of a river. However, it is not the same for the kingdom. In their possession, the phoenix heart will always remain a phoenix heart. Nevertheless, it still has its uses, but they would never be able to revive a phoenix.” Li Qiye said.

“Even the kingdom can’t accomplish this?” The madam asked in surprise. In the Stone Medicine World, it seemed that impossible was not a word that could be used to describe the kingdom.

Li Qiye shook his head and smiled: “The kingdom is indeed very powerful, but there are some things outside of their reach.”

For example, the Death Scripture. Of course, Li Qiye didn’t reveal this. Just like he said, despite having the heart, the kingdom couldn’t revive a phoenix.

Li Qiye was different than before as well. With the Death Chapter, he would be able to reignite the deathfire and once again rebuild the divinity of the phoenix to give it a chance for rebirth. In terms of a lamp, the heart of the phoenix would be the core of the lamp while the divinity was the oil.

Li Qiye gently patted the skeletal phoenix and felt the pumping heart: “I can refine it and eventually put its body together then use the heart so that it can rebuild its flesh and blood.”

He paused for a moment and narrowed his eyes: “However, in order to rebuild its flesh and blood and fill it with divinity… this step requires the essence under the Alchemy Vein.”

The madam didn’t comment on this matter. She understood that her Young Master wanted to use the essence of the kingdom’s ancestral vein. However, he didn’t take action because of Ming Yexue, or perhaps someone else. It was definitely not due to the kingdom’s power.

The madam asked: “After reinforcing its flesh and blood, would the phoenix be reborn?”

Li Qiye shook his head: “No, in this process, its flesh and blood is not the most important thing. The most important aspect is the soul, or the true fate in the mouths of cultivators!”

“The soul is the source of all.” Li Qiye pointed at his head and said: “For cultivators that reach a particular level, the body can be rebuilt and the physique can be trained again. Even when the fate palaces are destroyed, a sufficiently powerful being can reform them all. However, without the soul, without the true fate, there is nothing. Everything will be gone, nihility is the result…”

“The true fate is everything.” The madam could understand this rationale as a Heavenly King. This was something understood by all cultivators. A cultivator could survive the destruction of their body, but the destruction of their true fate symbolized true death.

“When you are strong enough, you can use one drop of blood to gestate a new body. However, you cannot create a new true fate out of thin air! Unless a residual soul fragment remains which allows for repair. However, soul creation is out of the question.”

Li Qiye paused here before continuing: “Creating existences with life out of nowhere is something left to the villainous heavens. Only he would be able to do such a thing! For others, including even Immortal Emperors, this remains a pipe dream!”

The madam had learned about the topic of life creation before, but she was far from being as involved as her Young Master.

Li Qiye went on: “I can use other items and techniques to steal from the heavens in order to gather some spirituality for the Phoenix. However, this ultimately would not be its soul or true fate. It has to rely on itself for this!”

The madam inquisitively asked: “What does it have to do to obtain a soul and true fate that belongs to itself?”

Li Qiye pointed at the sky and said: “This secret… is known only to the Phoenix! A phoenix’s rebirth involves a grand secret of the heavens! For millions of years, many invincible existences have researched rebirth, but in its truest form, no one has ever been able to do so. Although there have been those praised for successful resurrection, they were only gimmicks. If the person actually died completely, then they absolutely would not be able to obtain rebirth…”

“… Only a phoenix is capable of doing so after true death. This is why rebirth via fire is considered the truest form of rebirth! Thus, the rebirth of a phoenix was widely researched by many masters. However, they merely touched the surface of its profundities. Only phoenixes remain privy to the true mysteries of rebirth.” Li Qiye explained.

After listening to his explanation, the madam pondered for a long time before calming down. She greatly benefited from this and even felt as if a new door had opened for her.

She had never tried to research rebirth before due to a few reasons. She was still very young, far from being affected by this issue. She was also not powerful enough to be able to explore this field. It was only now that she realized just how difficult this topic was for the many invincible beings that had yearned for it across time.

After a while, the madam composed herself from the topic of rebirth and gently asked: “Young Master, I have something on my mind, but I don’t know if I should say it or not.”

Li Qiye smiled and gently stroked her hair: “Zi Yan, I am not very tolerant towards other people, but you have no need to be so reserved.”

The madam couldn’t help but smile tenderly after being so valued by her Young Master. She said in a serious manner: “Young Master, although Fairy Ming can temporarily stop the ancestors of the kingdom, I do not believe they will give up. Fairy Ming is not in power and is definitely not powerful enough to deter the ancestors. The worst scenario will be the ancestors rearing their ugly heads again. This might just be a matter of time.” The madam ruled her own country and understood this matter very well. She reminded her Young Master so that he could prepare, lest his overconfidence become his demise.

“Zi Yan, the kingdom is not a problem for me.” Li Qiye gently smiled: “I do not have to select the Alchemy Vein in order to rebuild the Phoenix’s body. There are three grand ancestral veins in the Stone Medicine World, right? Of course, I personally want them to attempt to cause trouble so that I can justly tear apart their ancestral vein.”

“There are a few in the Alchemy Kingdom that have become impatient, in contrast to the Jianlong Clan. Some of its ancestors are quite restless!” Li Qiye smiled dismissively: “I can’t blame them though since they have always wanted to return to the world. However, they have forgotten who had forgiven them and allowed them to exist in the distant past, allowing their land to not become ruins!”

A terrifying murderous glare emanated from Li Qiye’s eyes after saying this!

The madam was slightly shaken. These words revealed some information unknown to the world. Until now, the strongest existences in the Stone Medicine World had been very low-key. The Alchemy Kingdom, the Jianlong Clan, and the Beastmaster Citadel — all of these behemoths had been very reclusive. Only the Heavenhoof Ravine was an exception.

In fact, many cultivators believed that the kingdom already stood at the peak with nothing else to strive for. Because of this, they hid from the world and chose not to compete.

Of course, there were also a few older existences who thought that there was a reason for their reclusion, but no one knew the exact reason.

After hearing her Young Master, Madam Zi Yan could faintly pick up some ancient information, an earth shattering secret behind why these behemoths chose to act this way!

“Zi Yan, you don’t have to worry about me.” Li Qiye smiled: “This time was only a warning to the kingdom. It is not difficult for me to actually destroy them! If they don’t know life from death, then it could only be said that they asked for it.”

The madam gently sighed. Although she didn’t know what her Young Master had up his sleeves, she understood that if the Alchemy Kingdom wanted to try again, then it would be a suicidal and self-inflicted end. Her Young Master was ready!

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