Chapter 840: Ye Qingcheng’s Plan

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Chapter 840: Ye Qingcheng’s Plan

The beastworld had no master. Every time it appeared was due to luck. Later on, the Divine Beast Realm emerged and dominated the Stone Medicine World for several generations.

During this period, they had a firm grasp on the beastworld whenever it appeared. Due to this reason, other lineages required the realm’s permission before they could enter the beastworld.

For a very long time, the beast realm wanted to enter the beastworld to build a new foundation so that the land would truly become their possession. However, their repeated attempts were all met with failure.

After the destruction of the beast realm, the beastworld no longer appeared. Many people later on tried to find it to no avail. Thus, its sudden appearance caused quite a stir throughout the world. This was a rare opportunity to many sects, so they quickly prepared to march.

On top of a mountain, Ye Qingcheng was sitting in a meditative pose with divine light pulsing around him. He was blessed by saints and protected by gods as if he was their ruler. He had a sacrosanct and awe-inspiring air around him.

He was startled the moment he saw the divine light that soared to the sky: “What has happened?”

At this time, his forehead became clear and his skull resembled a mirror. Time seemed to be passing inside this mirror. He channeled a merit law while making many hand seals to derive one supreme law after another. These mysterious laws turned into an ancient scroll. He was looking into the past and calculating the future with visions.

“This Li Qiye!” His expression greatly shifted after making the calculation as he murmured: “Just who is this person? Why can’t I divine him?”

At this moment, even his peerless self became absent-minded. He was able to calculate the entire world and could predict many things, but not Li Qiye.

“Unfathomable, Li Qiye. You can actually make the beastworld appear again. I cannot see through your origin!” He spoke with a darkened expression.

At this point, he stood up and started to fly away with a solemn look.

This was a remote location of the Beast Realm devoid of beasts and men; there was nothing special about this desolate place. However, there was a certain valley. No one could see through the entire valley because it was shrouded in mist, as if it was hiding an earth-shattering secret.

There was only one entrance to this mysterious valley. It was a narrow corridor; the feeling that there was no returning from it would loom over any trespasser.

Divine Valley was the name of this place, but very few knew why it had such a name.

In fact, its existence was a secret as well. Those who knew about it were all amazing characters, such as ancestors or incomparable big shots.

Few knew who was inside the Divine Valley, let alone its origin. However, those who did were terrified of it, including imperial lineages. No one wanted to delve into the exact reasons for this apprehension.

In the past, emperors had visited this place before, including Immortal Emperor Qilin and Immortal Emperor Jin She, but no one knew the reason why.

At this time, Ye Qingcheng, shrouded in an extraordinary divine light, could be found outside of the Divine Valley. Just like his name, he was kingdom-toppling and perfect.

“Quite bold, to trespass in the Divine Valley alone.” A cold and ancient voice appeared after he entered the valley.

“My actions this time cannot be considered trespassing. After all, I am not an outsider to the ancestors here.” Ye Qingcheng was still very confident despite entering the Divine Valley alone. 1

“Interesting, a bit similar to Immortal Emperor Shi Feng of the past! What is your business for coming to my Divine Valley?” The cold voice appeared again. No one could determine where it came from.

“I want to inform the ancestors that the Bi’an Beastworld has appeared and the gate will be opened soon.” Ye Qingcheng calmly spoke.

“This is no news to us. We already know of its emergence with the divine light engulfing the sky.” The cold voice answered.

“Do the ancestors not want to climb on top of the beastworld again?” Ye Qingcheng spoke.

“Hahahaha, Junior, there is no need for you to worry about this matter for us. If you were Immortal Emperor Shi Feng, then you might be capable of doing so. Alas, you are not him.” The voice responded.

Ye Qingcheng chuckled: “I think the ancestors should already know my origin. If you all want to enter the beastworld, then you will need assistance. I’m not boasting here when I say that due to my origin, no one understands the beastworld better than me.”

“Such a big tone, do you know the real background of my Divine Valley?” The voice turned harsh.

Ye Qingcheng did not panic at all: “The ancestors really know more about the beastworld compared to others. However, don’t forget that my origin decides everything. Perhaps when I enter it in the future, I shall become its master. At that time, I believe you will need my help.”

“A bit interesting.” The voice slowly replied: “We are listening, what do you want?”

Ye Qingcheng slowly stated: “What I want is something easily accomplished by you ancestors. I want someone’s head! I trust that as long as the ancestors take action, it will be as easy as flipping one’s palm.”

“No problem.” The cold voice agreed to this request and coldly said: “As long as it is not an Immortal Emperor, there is nothing difficult about taking someone’s head.”

“I thank the ancestors.” Ye Qingcheng bowed and left the Divine Valley full of confidence.


Throughout the two days that Li Qiye’s group stayed at the ruins, no changes could be found. This made the basilisk curious, so he asked: “What are we staying here to do?”

Li Qiye answered insipidly: “We are seeing if it has stabilized. If it’s stable, then opening the beastworld will be easy. If not, then it can be problematic.”

“How can we tell if it’s stable or not?” The basilisk asked while looking at the ruins. At this time, it was drowned in a divine light, so no one could see any clues.

Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t answer this question.

On the third day, there were no substantial changes in the ruins, but there was an unexpected visitor for Li Qiye.

“Li Qiye, come out this instant!” A woman’s voice resounded in an awe-inspiring manner.

“Crap, not good.” The basilisk was startled after hearing this imposing voice and immediately went into hiding.

“Let’s take a look at the visitor.” Li Qiye smiled after hearing the shout outside and went out with Jian Wushuang and Long Jingxian. Meanwhile, the cowardly turtle was cowering behind them.

There was a woman standing by the door. No one could tell her age due to one very simple reason: even though she had a human body, her head was a chicken, a hen to be more exact.

She wore a floral skirt that looked very tacky. But despite this, no one would dare to look down on her since they would be overwhelmed with fear of the myriad realms floating behind her as if she had an entire world as her backing.

She radiated a fear-inspiring aura as if she was a demon god. Her eyes were full of power and seemed as if they could suck out the souls of others.

This woman with a hen’s head was from the same race as the four-eyed basilisk. However, she only had two eyes while he had four.

“Venerable Basilisk!” Jian Wushuang was surprised to see this woman.

The venerable was a famous genius in the Stone Medicine World. She, along with the Dragon-Tiger Monarch, was regarded as the greatest geniuses of the last generation. The petrification technique of her tribe had been honed to perfection. Even ancestors from the previous generation were quite wary in her presence.

With her illustrious fame, she was working for Mei Aonan of the Imperial Edge as a powerful general and had contributed greatly.

“Li Qiye, hand over my little brother!” The venerable’s eyes turned cold like two sharp blades the moment she saw Li Qiye. Though her appearance was not beautiful, her voice was very pleasant and enchanting. Anyone who only listened to her voice would think that she was a great beauty.

“Your little brother?” Li Qiye looked at her and smiled: “Are you talking about that basilisk with four eyes?”

“That’s right!” The venerable raised her voice: “I can sense his aura at your place so there is no need for sophistry. Be smart and let him go to avoid trouble!”

1. His pronoun usages here are very polite and humble.

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