Chapter 843: Temptation

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Chapter 843: Temptation

“Nevermind, you’re too stingy. Isn’t it only a merit law? If you want, I can give you eight to ten emperor laws, it’s nothing special.” Long Jingxian was upset and angrily pouted after Li Qiye refused to give her the Death Chapter.

Li Qiye smiled and pinched her jade-white nose: “Little girl, too much greed is bad. How many merit laws have you learned so far?”

“Not that many.” Long Jingxian lifted her head and answered: “One to two hundred emperor laws, such as the Qilin Art from the Heavenhoof Ravine, the Alchemy Kingdom’s flame mastery, the Jian Clan’s archery… As for the other random ones, there should be one to two thousand ancient and arcane techniques or holy incantations…”

Jian Wushuang snorted after hearing this and stated with disdain: “Hmph, what is this about the Jian Clan’s archery? You only managed to steal the outer layer.”

Long Jingxian proudly looked at Jian Wushuang in response: “Please, your archery isn’t special at all. I learned it with just a glance. Even though I couldn’t learn all of it, I definitely understood fifty to sixty percent of it; this is countless times better than some geniuses in your clan that specializes in archery. If I really wanted to learn it, then give me one month and I’ll be able to replicate your art to its full potential.” She held her head high after declaring this.

Jian Wushuang only scowled without commenting since she knew about Long Jingxian’s abilities. She had no choice but to admit that her talents were peerless. She was able to steal laws from just seeing them once in action. What could anyone else do? Who was to blame for her having an Immortal Fate?

“Little girl, this isn’t a good thing.” Li Qiye gently shook his head: “You are wasting your talents. It is not necessarily desirable to know many arts in cultivation. You have an extremely rare gift so you don’t need to cultivate so many laws. Just focusing on one will be enough in your situation.”

Having said that, he looked at her and added: “Your talents are able to bring one merit law to the limit in a short amount of time and then push it to another pinnacle. Others might not be able to reach the state of one law deriving myriad dao, but for you, this would be the best type of cultivation.”

“Of course I understand that rationale.” Long Jingxian didn’t seem to care at all: “Many old geezers at my place always tell me this boring theory.”

“No, this is not just a boring theory.” Li Qiye solemnly shook his head: “You do possess a lot of different arts, but compared to the Immortal Emperors, do you have something of your own? Do you possess something unique across all the eons? No! For example, Empress Hong Tian, she has the Emperor Suppression Art. Or Immortal Emperor Fei, he has the invincible Soaring Immortal Physique.” 1

“For you… Even if you cultivate countless laws, you will just be a part of the common crowd in the end! Not to mention not having your own legacy, you wouldn’t even able to surpass your forefathers. Just in archery alone, don’t even think about surpassing Immortal Emperors because you are still far inferior to Wushuang.”

It was rare for Li Qiye to offer such sincere guidance. In his eyes, she was a talent worth grooming. A natural Immortal Fate was peerless. As long as she doesn’t play around too much and consider cultivation a joke, she would definitely stun the eras. Ye Qingcheng or whatever was not worth mentioning!

Long Jingxian chuckled and quietly quipped: “If you keep on blabbering so much, you are going to turn into an old geezer too.”

Li Qiye coldly glared at her improper attitude: “Don’t laugh. If I didn’t consider you a prospective talent, I wouldn’t bother wasting my breath on you.”

“Okay, okay, don’t act like an old man.” Long Jingxian immediately pulled on his arm playfully and smiled: “What if others say that I have married an old man? That would be a problem.”

Li Qiye didn’t know what to do about her attitude. Others would wish to have such talents, but she simply didn’t care about wasting them.

Li Qiye looked at her before speaking in a leisurely tone: “If you listen to me and train, then I can give you a nice surprise.”

“Surprise? What kind of surprise?” Long Jingxian was intrigued after hearing this: “But wait, don’t give me treasures or stuff like that, I have too many of those toys already.”

“If you listen to me and follow my guidance, I will take you to the tenth world to play.” Li Qiye attempted to seize her weakness.

“Playing in the tenth world?” Long Jingxian was taken aback and angrily glared at him: “Please, don’t try to trick me, you think I’ve never seen the world before? There are only nine worlds, a tenth doesn’t exist!”

“Who says there is no tenth world?” Li Qiye leisurely smiled.

Jian Wushuang on the side didn’t want to comment on Li Qiye’s words since she also felt that he was trying to trick Long Jingxian, but after seeing his confident demeanor, she had to speak: “There is no way the tenth world exists, it is only a legend.”

“Yes, Jian Wushuang is right, it is impossible.” Long Jingxian angrily glared at Li Qiye: “Don’t think I’m just an ignorant girl. Stop trying to trick me.”

“What if there is a tenth world?” Li Qiye calmly said: “There have been too many secrets since the start of time. For example, what is above the Heaven’s Will? What is the final destination for Immortal Emperors? And even more, what do the twelve forbidden burial grounds hide?”

“Umm…” Even a genius amongst geniuses like Jian Wushuang felt her heart beat faster. The questions that he brought up were secrets that many Immortal Emperors sought after.

“If you can’t even solve these mysteries, then how do you know that there is no tenth world?” Li Qiye revealed a mysterious smile while looking at her.

Long Jingxian angrily stated: “Hmph, I won’t be tricked by you! There is definitely no tenth world!” However, she was clearly tempted despite what she said.

Li Qiye continued in a carefree manner: “When the time is ripe, I will take Wushuang to the tenth world so that she can broaden her horizons. If you don’t want to regret it at that time, you can still make the right decision now. There will be no more chances after missing this opportunity. Just imagine, even Wushuang will go to the tenth world while you cannot, what a shame that will be.”

“I’ll definitely strangle you to death if there is no tenth world!” Long Jingxian cutely snarled and acted as if she was about to scratch Li Qiye.

“I’ll be right here.” Li Qiye smiled: “Plus, I’m normally too lazy to care for ordinary people, but I keep on advising you. Doesn’t this mean I have a soft spot for you?”

“That’s more like it.” Long Jingxian charmingly smiled while holding onto his arm and glanced at Jian Wushuang provocatively: “Did you hear that, Jian Wushuang?”

This time, Jian Wushuang didn’t try to argue with her and only smiled faintly. It was rare for this proud beauty to reveal even a tiny smile. She was truly a noble and elegant phoenix that caused her admirers to palpitate with adoration.

“Okay, Smelly Qiye, I’m listening, how should I cultivate?” Long Jingxian leaned close to him and smiled: “I want to cultivate the most profound and difficult technique in this world. Otherwise, I’ll be done with an ordinary merit law in three months and I won’t have anything else to do. But cultivating one thing can be boring as well…”

She cheerfully looked straight at his face and continued: “Do you have the most difficult merit laws in this world to comprehend? Give me one of them will you?” She was purposely making it hard for Li Qiye.

Jian Wushuang was very curious as well because making someone as talented as Long Jingxian cultivate one merit law was impossible. It wouldn’t be able to tie her down and retain her focus because just mastering one was a simple matter. She wanted to know what kind of merit law Li Qiye could have to keep her interested.

“You have to promise me to concentrate, then I’ll show you the way.” Li Qiye spoke earnestly.

“Yes, I promise.” Long Jingxian also had a rare moment of acting solemnly as she responded.

Li Qiye said: “Practice the Cultivator’s Primary Principles.”

“Cultivator’s Primary Principles!” Long Jingxian raised her voice after hearing this and glared at him: “Smelly Qiye, you’re purposely messing with me, right?!”

“Who says I’m messing with you? I’m being very serious.” Li Qiye angrily glared back at her in response.

“Can one train with the primary principles?” Jian Wushuang was not trying to undermine him, but she was confused as well: “The primary principles are only a basic outline for new cultivators.”

“That depends on the person.” Li Qiye gently shook his head: “Others would be unable to do so, but she can.”

“The primary principles are unwanted even by the vagrant cultivators at the very bottom. It only contains the most common knowledge that even these vagabonds don’t want to read, let alone me!” Long Jingxian snapped.

“It is true that the primary principles are very ordinary and even those at the bottom don’t want to read it.” Li Qiye denied her claim: “But there is a reason why I want you to train in the Cultivator’s Primary Principles.”

1. Fei means soaring; there is another emperor named Fei Yang.

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