Chapter 844: Cultivator’s Primary Principles

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Chapter 844: Cultivator’s Primary Principles

“Hmph, you better explain the reason well or I’ll strangle you to death!” Long Jingxian bared her fangs as if strangling Li Qiye to death was an interesting thing to do.

Li Qiye glanced at her and asked: “Do you know the real origin of these principles?”

“Umm…” She was a bit stunned and looked over at Jian Wushuang: “Do you know?”

“I don’t.” Jian Wushuang responded coldly. Although they were enemies, she still responded to the inquiry.

The primary principles had been passed down countless times to the cultivators in the world, but no one could clearly explain its origin.

It was a very ordinary manual with the elementary basics of cultivation. Although there were breathing techniques, the incantations and formulas were so common that it couldn’t be used for cultivation.

Despite it being passed down for a very long time, any cultivator with some money or who was part of a sect wouldn’t want to read it.

However, for millions of years now, countless mortals wanted to enter the path of cultivation, so countless copies of this manual continued to spread in the world.

“No one can be sure about its true origin since it was already very popular during the Desolate Era.” Li Qiye explained: “One theory states that it comes from even before the Desolate Era.”

He paused for a moment at this point: “In fact, many wise sages during the Desolate Era had studied these principles. But today, there are too many merit laws and emperor laws in this world, so no one wants to read the primary principles.”

“However, I’ll tell you two a heaven-shattering secret.” Li Qiye put on a mysterious appearance in an attempt to bait the two.

“What heaven-shattering secret? Just say it already.” Long Jingxian liked this type of stuff the most, so she immediately fell for his bait.

After piquing her interest, Li Qiye calmly spoke: “At a young age, Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng studied the primary principles and obtained great enlightenment from it.”

“No way…” The feuding pair exclaimed in unison after hearing this.

“Nothing is impossible in this world. This is indeed the truth.” Li Qiye flatly stated.

Jian Wushuang and Long Jingxian looked at each other. Who was Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng? This was an emperor undefeated throughout his entire life; some even called him the greatest among all the emperors! When it came down to it, many believed that he cultivated a supreme merit law. How could he have gained some enlightenment from the primary principles?

“What proof do you have on this claim?” Long Jingxian was skeptical.

“My words are the most convincing evidence.” Li Qiye smiled. This would be nonsense coming from someone else, but when they came from Li Qiye, they held an entirely different meaning.

Li Qiye gently shook his head: “The two of you shouldn’t look down on the Cultivator’s Primary Principles. Yes, the majority of the contents are common knowledge, but it is due to this most basic knowledge that we have a cultivation system! Without these basics, what would you two cultivate? Would you have a life wheel? A fate palace? A physique? You would have nothing at all!”

The two of them were intrigued by this explanation as Li Qiye continued in a serious manner: “The most basic incantations and knowledge contain the most essential elements of longevity laws and fate techniques. You need to read one part but understand ten from it to be able to create all of these laws along with offensive and defensive techniques… This is called understanding one law to reach the myriad dao.”

“So to say, if I cultivate the Cultivator’s Primary Principles, I will be able to create the longevity laws and fate techniques that I desire.” Long Jingxian was tempted after hearing this.

“That’s one way to put it. The myriad laws have a single origin, so you must understand one law to reach the myriad dao. Others might not be able to, but you can with your Immortal Fate.” Li Qiye solemnly nodded.

“Good, I’ll cultivate it.” Long Jingxian replied immediately.

Li Qiye added: “It is not something you can do on a whim. If you truly want to reach the level of one law to reach the myriad dao, then you have to start all over again. It is best to cripple your dao foundation so that everything will be back to the beginning. From then on, your grand dao will truly be the purest.”

“Starting from scratch?” Long Jingxian repeated with a tinge of surprise. This was not a small challenge to someone who always wants to play around like her. How pitiable was it to completely abolish all the training of the past?

Li Qiye asked: “This is no big deal with your talent. If you focus completely, how long do you think it will take for you to reach the Heavenly King realm?”

It was simply torturous for others to remove their merit laws and start all over again, but for Long Jingxian, this was not necessarily the case. It was simple; cultivation for her was like a game due to her innate talents.

“This, I have to discuss this with my ancestors.” She hesitantly said.

Li Qiye nodded: “I’m not forcing you to do it right now. It is better to have your ancestors watch over you during the process. If you really want to proceed, then I will refine a couple alchemy batches for you to take back.”

“Haha, nothing would be better.” Despite her laziness, she still knew about Li Qiye’s supreme dao of alchemy. His medicine was absolutely priceless.

“You have to pay attention when picking a manual for the Cultivator’s Primary Principles.” Li Qiye told her: “Pick an edition from Immortal Emperor Bing Yu’s generation, it will be best if you can find a copy from the Icy Feather Palace.”

Jian Wushuang was curious: “Why pick one from the Icy Feather Palace of that generation?”

Li Qiye smiled: “The edition of that period can be said to be the best. It contains countless efforts from wise sages. This edition was even changed by Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng! I trust that this little task won’t be difficult for your Beastmaster Citadel.”

Of course, Li Qiye left out some key information. Outside of the wise sages and Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng, the edition of that generation also had fixes from him and several other emperors. It was definitely the best edition!

“Okay, my citadel can definitely find that particular copy of the primary principles.” Long Jingxian’s curiosity was piqued; she was itching to give it a shot.


The divine light engulfing the sky along with the news of the beastworld’s emergence spread across the entire Stone Medicine World. In just a short period of time, many cultivators entered these heavenly ruins.

These sects were shaken from the pulsing divine light after stepping inside. From the very start, many people had speculated that the beastworld’s entrance would appear in these ruins.

This was very understandable since back when the Divine Beast Realm stood strong, the entrance had appeared here many times.

Due to this speculation, many sects and cultivators rushed to this place, including the armed forces of great powers from the distant Alchemy and Beast Realms.

Among the group was one that garnered the most attention. Moreover, they were also the fastest to reach the ruins.

This sect was the Celestial Array School. They brought many experts with the majority of them being formation masters. This time, the Celestial Array Young King was the leader of this group.

The young king immediately ordered for the search of the entrance. At the same time, he released a certain piece of news: “We, the imperial lineages from the Stone Realm, are willing to reestablish the Bi’an Agreement and propose that Young Noble Ye be the director.”

Many people shivered after hearing this; they thought about Ye Qingcheng instantly. The young king and Ye Qingcheng were sworn brothers and even had a blood ceremony. This meant that his words were the same as Ye Qingcheng’s!

The weaker sects that were hoping to enter the beastworld were even more shaken after hearing this news. The Bi’an Agreement took effect back when the Divine Beast Realm controlled the Bi’an Beastworld. Back then, the contents of the agreement were written by the beast realm along with several imperial lineages who were qualified to control the Stone Medicine World.

The main point of the agreement was that the Divine Beast Realm and these sects were the ones to decide who could enter the beastworld. The key to the beastworld’s emergence was the bronze rod in Li Qiye’s hand. Although it was capable of doing so, it required a great amount of power. Thus, even back during the beast realm’s era, the beastworld only appeared once every one or two generations.

Because of this, the descent of the beastworld was without a doubt an amazing and rare fortune! But now, the young king immediately brought up the old agreement from the start, how could other people not be uncomfortable?

Keep in mind that the lineages who were qualified to preside over this agreement, such as the Alchemy Kingdom and the Jianlong Clan, no longer showed themselves!

This meant that the Bi’an Agreement this time would be regulated by imperial lineages such as the Celestial Array School, the Stony Edge Kingdom, and the Heavenhoof Ravine. All of these sects also had great relations with Ye Qingcheng. If Ye Qingcheng were to be the director of the agreement, then the beastworld would become their possession.

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