Chapter 884: Unbreakable Emperor

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Chapter 884: Unbreakable Emperor

Emperor laws without the heavenly dao are all crippled! Just how aggressive and arrogant were these words? Since the ages, very few people dared to look down on emperor laws!

“Om—” At this moment, Jian Wushuang’s divine arrow had locked onto Taiyang Wang and the prime saint.

“Open!” Both Taiyang Wang and the prime saint changed their expressions and instantly summoned their imperial weapons that exuded powerful auras.

“Apex Archery. Omni-Extermination. ‘Celestial’ Arrow!” Long Jingxian cried out with a surging immortal aura. This endless force poured into Jian Wushuang’s dao of archery.

“Pluff! Pluff!” Two arrows shot out and instantly sent the two flying. Even with the protection of imperial weapons, they were still knocked away by the impact. These arrows from all nine words were too powerful and completely incomparable to their own imperial weapons!

“Kill them!” Taiyang Wang and the prime saint went on the counter offensive. They used their weapon’s power and went straight for the two girls, aiming to kill.

However, Long Jingxian and Jian Wushuang were not afraid of them at all. Another divine arrow shot out and forced the two back again. These arrows could strike down the sun high above and pierce the palace of hell below!

Both Taiyang Wang and the prime saint were powerful paragons. To see that their attacks fail to take down the girls once, twice, thrice… this made them both alarmed and furious. The crowd was also shaken at the same time.

“My supreme art can even suppress Heaven’s Will Secret Laws. If a God-Monarch comes, I can still make him run for his life!” Long Jingxian declared in an arrogant manner!

However, this was not far from the truth. Taiyang Wang and the prime saint were not too far off from being God-Monarchs. However, if they didn’t have imperial weapons, they would have already died from the girls’ arrows.

“Is this the power of harmonizing with the heavenly dao? These two have embarked on a heavenly dao that belongs to them. If one of them becomes an Immortal Emperor in the future, this would be an emperor law fused with a heavenly dao that would definitely suppress the other laws in the past!” Anyone would be alarmed at such tyrannical archery. It was simply too powerful; perhaps even the dao of archery created by Immortal Emperor Diyi Jian would be put to shame.

In the past, very few people were able to form this type of connection with the heavenly dao. Once successful, these laws would have unimaginable power!

“Yes, yes! That’s my daughter!” The Dragon-Tiger Monarch was extremely happy to see this scene despite being in the middle of a chaotic battle. He knew that leaving his daughter with Li Qiye was the wisest decision he had ever made. Only an existence like him would be able to teach his daughter well!

The monarch naturally had confidence in his daughter. However, the only thing that gave him headaches was that she paid no mind to cultivation. But now, after seeing this, how could he not become excited? Her Immortal Fate was finally put to use.

Even the prideful Ye Qingcheng was astonished after seeing the two’s heavenly dao fusion. This was because he couldn’t create such a dao. Those who were able to could absolutely be considered the top geniuses since the start of time!

There was no way around it. Who was to blame for giving Long Jingxian a natural Immortal Fate? Even Ye Qingcheng couldn’t compare to her in terms of raw talents. Her combination with Jian Wushuang created an era-shocking heavenly dao as if it was just a matter of time for it to happen!

“These are emperor laws? Bah, too weak.” The haughty Long Jingxian mockingly laughed when Taiyang Wang and the prime saint’s offensive was shattered by their arrows.

The emperor laws that they were so proud of were being viewed by Long Jingxian as nothing. This made the two quite exasperated! If they knew that this would be the case, they would have brought along Immortal Emperor True Treasures!

“Kids these days should not understand the immensity of the heaven and earth. They already think they are invincible after creating one or two arts.” A cold voice emerged after the two girls repeatedly pushed Taiyang Wang and the prime saint back with their heavenly dao.

Another person entered the scene with a boundless sacred light like mercury pouring across the battlefield. Anyone would tremble after being touched by this light, as if an invincible existence was suppressing their minds.

It was another old man wrapped in sacred light, making him seem like a deity from the immortal world with unquestionable prestige. Anyone would prostrate before him.

“Who is this?” No one dared to look at him straight due to his holy radiance. It had a strange power that made their knees weak.

“Unbreakable Emperor!” Even the Dragon-Tiger Monarch cried out and paled after seeing this old man.

The younger generation at the borders didn’t know who he was, so one of them asked a senior: “Who is this Unbreakable Emperor?”

Even an ancestor from a great power shivered while murmuring a response: “Unbreakable Emperor, a legendary existence that wouldn’t lose before even an Immortal Emperor, the greatest genius of the Crystallized Sea Sect aside from Immortal Emperor Jing Yu. He had cultivated his crystal physique to last for nine days and nine nights! I can’t believe he is still alive!”

“Not losing to even an Immortal Emperor?” Anyone would be shocked after hearing this. Immortal Emperors were invincible, so to withstand one was an incredible feat.

“It is said that his crystal physique can stand strong for that long against an emperor. The emperor couldn’t forcefully break it!” The ancestor was greatly frightened.

This name astonished everyone present. Ancestors and eternal existences were no longer worth mentioning. His fame alone already suffocated everyone.

The remaining experts of the Beastmaster Citadel were blanched. One of them whispered to the monarch to ask for his opinion: “Should we invite an ancestor out?”

The monarch had a serious expression as he was alarmed at this time as well. However, he was still able to remain calm and gently shook his head: “No rush, we can’t just call an ancestor out unless there is no other option. Because of the pact, our ancestors can’t come into being so easily!”

The Unbreakable Emperor looked down on the entire world then glanced at Jian Wushuang and Jian Wushuang to slowly speak: “It’s only a little art from some tiny juniors, yet you two still dare to look down on the emperor laws of my sect?!”

With that, he raised his hands and derived an emperor law to attack the two in a crushing manner.

It was still an emperor law, but the power was completely different under his utilization. The nine worlds became eclipsed under his might.

Both the monarch and the Jian Clan Master were shaken. This emperor law from him was truly too overbearing.

“Boom!” However, before this law could crush Long Jingxian and Jian Wushuang, a gigantic palm came crashing down and instantly buried his emperor law!

Next, this hand flicked its finger, creating a loud blast. Even the Unbreakable Emperor was forced several steps back by this finger!

“Who are you!” The Unbreakable Emperor was shaken as well. Such a powerful foe left him startled.

“Unbreakable Emperor? Someone like you dares to proclaim yourself as an emperor?” Another old man entered the battlefield. However, his aura carried along a pleasant breeze that made others feel that he was not ordinary at all. He had a pair of bright and spirited eyes as he looked at the Unbreakable Emperor and laughed: “Unbreakable, you really know how to flatter yourself. What is this about not losing before an Immortal Emperor? It is only that the crystal physique created by your emperor is unbreakable. You were trampled beneath Immortal Emperor Fan Chen’s foot for nine days and nine nights, yet you still have the nerve to say you weren’t beaten?” 1

“Immortal Emperor Fan Chen didn’t kill you out of consideration that it wasn’t easy for you to reach your level. Instead of hiding underground to live longer, you actually come here to cause trouble? You actually believe that you are invincible and the beastworld is already within your grasp?” This old man immediately revealed the past, causing the Unbreakable Emperor’s expression to twist.

His title alone was enough to frighten many people. He claimed that he was unbeatable before an emperor. Of course, he only dared to do so after Immortal Emperor Fan Chen’s generation had ended.

Back then, he did rely on his crystal physique to challenge the emperor. The emperor indeed couldn’t break the crystal physique, but his strength was insignificant before the emperor. Even with the crystal physique protecting him, Immortal Emperor Fan Chen still stomped on him for nine days and nine nights.

After this time period, his crystal physique lost its effect. Without it, he was only an ant before the emperor, but the emperor chose to spare his life since it wasn’t easy for any existence to reach such a level in the dao.

Thus, during Fan Chen’s generation, the Unbreakable Emperor was very humble in his actions. However, right after this generation passed, he made bold claims about being able to fight an emperor for nine days and nine nights without losing! Future generations were truly frightened by this battle achievement!

Someone immediately recognized the newly-arrived old man and murmured: “Allpine Treefather…!”

“Allpine Treefather…” People were spooked to see this old man. His title was also one that shook the entire Stone Medicine World. It had once affected all the nine worlds as well.

The Stone Medicine World had two great demon forefathers. These two were existences that had seen several Immortal Emperors! An invincible Godking that was feared even by archaic beings.

“This, this is impossible!” Even the Stone-Dragon God next to Ye Qingcheng was astonished and had to murmur: “How can this be… shouldn’t this old man be stuck in the Allpine Mountain Range for the rest of his life…?”

Everyone knew that although the treefather was unstoppable, he had never stepped out of his mountain. So now, his appearance here naturally shocked everyone. This was shattering a legend!

The Unbreakable Emperor’s expression was unsightly to the extreme. The tale of him challenging Immortal Emperor Fan Chen was something he used to deter the future generations, to look down on the nine worlds. He couldn’t help but become proud when he told this story before his juniors.

Because of this, he called himself the Unbreakable Emperor. But now, the treefather revealed his story, making his face red. Everyone now knew that this supreme existence was trampled by Immortal Emperor Fan Chen for nine days and nine nights!

“Old Devil Allpine, you shouldn’t involve yourself in these muddy waters. Be smart and stay at your mountain and live on. No one will come to provoke you. If you choose not to do so, it will bring about a calamity for your mountain!” The emperor uttered coldly.

The treefather laughed at the emperor in response: “Unbreakable, you alone will destroy my Allpine Mountain? If it wasn’t for the Heaven’s Will Crystal Physique, I can annihilate you with one hand!”

The emperor’s expression became even worse. His unbeatable prestige was being held in disdain by the treefather — this was a great humiliation to him!

1. Fan Chen means mortal/mundane world, mortal coil. It is a very humble and benevolent title which explains his actions, completely different from Jiao Heng (Sweeping Arrogance) or Tun Ri (Sun Devourer).

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