Chapter 885: Imperial Grandchild

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Chapter 885: Imperial Grandchild

The treefather’s words made people both inside and outside of the battlefield gasp. This was indeed one of the two great demon forefathers. Very few people would dare to show such contempt for the Unbreakable Emperor in the entire Stone Medicine World.

Ye Qingcheng’s expression also sank. He was no longer as confident as before. In the past, he tried to convince the treefather to become his dao protector but was rejected.

Today, he calculated all the different possible outcomes, but he didn’t expect the treefather to come to Bi’an City. No one would have thought of such a thing.

“Allpine Treefather, don’t be so contemptuous with your words!” Another cold voice emerged as a huge coffin was being lifted by Heavenly Kings into the battlefield.

It stopped before Ye Qingcheng. When it was opened, the rays of Blood Era Stones illuminated the entire battlefield as an old man climbed out.

He was wearing a royal robe and sat high in the clouds. Although his blood energy had withered, a single glance was enough to tell that he resembled an emperor of myriad realms, as if he was the master of this world.

“Who is this?!” Many people palpitated at the sight of this old man adorned with the royal robe. It seemed as if he was born to be king. His aura had no need for posturing since it was so natural.

“I, I know who he is. Others call him the Imperial Grandchild.” A Stone King from the Stone Realm eventually recognized him and exclaimed: “Immortal Emperor Shi Feng’s grandson!”

“Immortal Emperor Shi Feng’s grandson!” Anyone would feel their scalp tingling after hearing this. An emperor’s grandson! This was enough to prove his noble identity. It was beyond description; he was born to be a matchless king!

“Imperial Grandchild.” The Allpine Treefather only smiled when faced with such a character. He had seen Immortal Emperors before, and not just one, so a grandson of an emperor wasn’t much to him.

He smilingly said: “You shouldn’t have climbed up here. If you didn’t do so, you could have at least lived for a little longer. Since you’re already here, I’m afraid you won’t be able to return this time.”

Who would dare to look down on an emperor’s descendant? However, the Allpine Treefather paid him no heed. He was determined to cause a storm after leaving Allpine Mountain this generation. It would be a golden age without any dullness.

“Allpine Treefather, everyone respects you and calls you a demon forefather.” The Imperial Grandchild slowly spoke: “However, if you want to take control of the beastworld by going against the rest of the world by yourself, then you are simply being overconfident. You think you can fight everyone here? There are more Godkings in the Stone Medicine World than just you. Although you are strong, you are not necessarily a match for a Godking from an imperial lineage.”

“The beastworld?” The treefather looked at the grandchild and smiled: “What a waste of you being Immortal Emperor Shi Feng’s grandchild. Your sight stopped on mere treasures. I didn’t come here for the beastworld! It is because all of you shouldn’t have attacked Young Noble Li’s people. I am his dao protector, so if you move against his people, it is the same as opposing me!”

The Imperial Grandchild’s eyes turned cold as he slowly asked: “Young Noble Li? That Li Qiye?”

The treefather smiled: “That’s right, just scram from the beastworld and I won’t attack. The same goes for you!” The treefather shifted his gaze towards Ye Qingcheng.

Ye Qingcheng was usually handsome and carefree, but his expression was quite unsightly at this moment. The treefather denied his request and actually became Li Qiye’s dao protector instead.

Many people were surprised as well after hearing his words. Although there had been rumors long ago about Li Qiye having close ties with the treefather, he neither confirmed nor denied these claims. Moreover, Li Qiye had been in many crises and the treefather had never showed up before. Right when everyone was about to forget about it, the treefather personally confirmed himself being Li Qiye’s dao protector. How could people not be surprised?

Moreover, Li Qiye also had a connection to the Giant Bamboo Country. This simply meant that both the demon forefathers of this world were there for him. With them as his backings, it wasn’t hard to be as arrogant as he was.

The Unbreakable Emperor stood up and drily said: “Allpine, you are too conceited. Do you think you are the only Godking?”

The Allpine Treefather looked at him with one eye and replied: “A self-titled Godking like you is unworthy of being in my sight. If you all want a fight, then don’t be so reserved. You, you, and you too, all three of you can come together.”

The treefather pointed at the Unbreakable Emperor, the Stone-Dragon God Li Fanming, and the Imperial Grandchild. He wanted to fight all three by himself!

Everyone was dumbfounded to hear such words. This was too domineering — fighting against these three alone? Not many people in the entire world would dare to do so.

The three glanced at each other briefly. In a one on one fight, they were definitely not the treefather’s match. Being one of the only two demon forefathers in the Stone Medicine World was not an empty title.

The Dragon-Stone God floated to the sky and spoke: “Haha, very well, then the three of us will have to see your supreme arts.”

In the blink of an eye, the four of them were up high above the masses as all things were illuminated by their divine radiances. Each of their steps resonated with the grand dao. Universal laws surged from the sky like waterfalls, causing the celestials to tremble.

Many people watched this incredible fight with bated breaths. None would have any regrets in life after witnessing this scene.

“Die!” The Imperial Grandchild and the Unbreakable Emperor attacked first. They activated their emperor laws as waves of imperial rays bloomed in their hands like divine swords slashing the heavens. Each of these rays could cut down stars.

The same emperor laws from their hands had a completely different destructive might compared to when Heavenly Kings used them! They could definitely suppress the heavens with their might.

The Stone-Dragon God also let out a long cry. The bronze bell around his neck continued to ring. A dragon flew out from within the bell and unleashed a destructive breath towards the treefather in unison with him.

The three of them could be considered among the most powerful ancestors in the Stone Medicine World. Their combined attack could shatter this world and its deities. Countless laws howled due to their divine aura. Laws even more powerful than these would not be able to withstand such a force.

The treefather was not in a rush to deal with this combined attack. His hands leisurely formed an imperial seal. The moment his imperial seal was formed, the sky lost its colors. Even the deities prostrated before him. As for the Immortal Emperors’ laws, they were overshadowed as well and were subjected to a great suppression.

With a bang, both emperor laws and the huge dragon were instantly stopped. Another loud blast resounded when the Imperial Grandchild and the Unbreakable Emperor’s laws shattered. They were blown away from the residual shockwaves. The Stone-Dragon God’s huge body was forced to fall from above due to this oppressive seal.

This mudra from the treefather could suppress all emperor laws across the ages and massacre immortals in the higher realm. Not to mention the weaker spectators, all three of his foes felt that they were being suffocated since their laws were all suppressed.

“What technique is this…?” Many people trembled to see even emperor laws being beaten. This art was too terrifying.

“The legendary Emperor Suppression Art!” The monarch, hailing from the citadel, recognized the identity of this technique since it had left a deep impression on them before.

In the past when Empress Hong Tian annihilated the Divine Beast Realm, her Emperor Suppression Art also caused myriad laws to recede, likewise with emperor laws.

She was an invincible empress across the eons. Some even considered her to be equals with Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng!

“Open!” The Imperial Grandchild shouted. He activated the Heaven’s Will Secret Law from Immortal Emperor Bi Shi. Suddenly, Yin and Yang were reversed. One could no longer tell day and night apart as an Immortal Emperor seemed to have descended to govern the nine worlds.

The Unbreakable Emperor also screamed and used his most powerful emperor law. His life wheel spun as his longevity blood empowered a boundless blood energy like the oceans of myriad domains.

The Dragon-Stone God also uttered a battle cry. He didn’t mind consuming a huge amount of blood energy to turn into a Golden Dragon. His claws ripped the sky apart and sealed the world to attack the treefather together with the Unbreakable Emperor.

“Even Heaven’s Will Secret Laws won’t do!” The treefather’s Godking power also erupted. His blood energy condensed into the form of a True Dragon. He flipped his palm to perform the unchallengeable Emperor Suppression Art.

He had been cultivating this art for several hundred thousand years. Later on, when Li Qiye gave him the complete version, he was like a tiger with wings, his law became countless times more powerful.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” He derived his Emperor Suppression Art to the limit and took on three foes by himself. He easily suppressed the howling laws and dao.

This was absolute suppression! Even the Heaven’s Will Secret Law from the Imperial Grandchild couldn’t gain any ground against the treefather.

“Die!” The Unbreakable Emperor was furious after being blown away by the treefather after just two exchanges. He finally activated his Heaven’s Will Crystal Physique and attacked with other emperor laws.

The treefather raised both his hands and separated space-time to create a gap between him and the Unbreakable Emperor. At the same time, he attacked with his Emperor Suppression Art once more.

“Boom!” Both the Imperial Grandchild and the Stone-Dragon God were blown flying while spraying blood.

In just three moves, both of them were tattered and bloodied. This scene shocked everyone.

“This, this is too domineering, can anyone actually go up against him?” Many people shivered when they saw the treefather’s might.

“Activate!” Both the Imperial Grandchild and the Unbreakable Emperor no longer hid anything. They both summoned their imperial weapons. In an instant, stately imperial auras burst towards the treefather!

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