Chapter 886: Ye Qingcheng’s Plot

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Chapter 886: Ye Qingcheng’s Plot

The treefather lunged into the sky with one hand forming the imperial seal while his other hand turned into a sword. This sword cut down the other imperial laws while fighting against two imperial weapons. Each attack from this battle blinded the world and shattered the sky.

In this amazing battle, the once-famous Stone-Dragon King suddenly became the weakest link. The main force on this side was the Unbreakable Emperor and the Imperial Grandchild. As these two took the treefather head on, the Stone-Dragon King would occasionally try to ambush him.

Despite their onslaught with imperial weapons and the secret law, they didn’t seem to be able to take care of the treefather in a short period of time. However, at the very least, they were able to even out the playing field. The treefather could no longer blow them away like earlier.

With the Emperor Suppression Art and his agile hands, raising his palm could destroy myriad realms while lowering it could destroy the heavens. He was able to hold his own against the combined effort of the three.

“He, he is way too strong.” Even an ancestor from a great power fell to the ground at this scene.

Fighting against three ancestors with his bare hands even against a secret law and imperial weapons… The Emperor Suppression Art was too strong. The treefather remained standing in such a dominating fashion.

“If the treefather had an imperial weapon, would he be able to challenge Immortal Emperors?!” A matchless existence saw this scene and felt a chill inside. The treefather was strong to the point where he could instill fear in everyone.

“Allpine Treefather, this is one of the two great demon forefathers of our world!” Someone couldn’t help but murmur at this time.

In just a moment, the name Allpine Treefather became an unsurpassable existence in everyone’s minds. It was as if he was a gigantic mountain that no one could climb.

Prior to this, everyone knew that the Allpine Treefather had lived for a very long time and met many Immortal Emperors. However, the world rarely saw him take action. But today, his offensive methods made myriad worlds tremble in fear.


“Boom!” A dragon roar resounded in the sky. An invincible true dragon soared up high and slammed down with its head, destroying all things in its path. Its overbearing imperial aura swept across all enemies in this world.

Mei Aoxue had used his longevity blood to empower the Jade Dragon Whip to unleash an unstoppable attack against the thirty-six Royal Ancestors. Weapons shattered one after another as the thirty-six ancestors were blown away. A few of them were even killed on the spot, rendered into a bloody mist.

“Is that a Heavenly Annihilation?” Everyone exclaimed after seeing Mei Aoxue’s terrifying attack. A Virtuous Paragon with an imperial weapon on the other side still couldn’t stop him and was drenched in blood as well.

“Almost, almost a Heavenly Annihilation. The descendant of the Jianlong Clan is unbelievable, to almost be able to unleash a Heavenly Annihilation!”

Anyone would be creeped out after seeing him almost being able to use a Heavenly Annihilation with his Jade Dragon Whip!

Not just anyone could unleash such a blow, even if they had an imperial true treasure. Even a Virtuous Paragon wouldn’t necessarily be able to. To a large extent, one would need the recognition of the weapon on top of having supreme talents before being able to accomplish such a feat.

“Break for me!” Mei Aonan was raging at this time as well. Her eleven palaces floated to the sky as she erupted into a terrifying state. Her palaces turned into a kingdom and trapped three Virtuous Paragons inside.

“Pluff! Pluff! Bang!” Even if these three were stronger, they would still have had to withstand the suppression inside her kingdom. In a split second, Mei Aonan killed two of them with her shield and decapitated the last one with her sword.

Without an imperial weapon or emperor law, Mei Aonan slew Ye Qingcheng’s three paragon avatars.

Ye Qingcheng was also alarmed because he couldn’t recover quickly after his One Dao Forming Three Paragons art was destroyed. The destruction of his avatars also seriously injured him!

“Your turn…” With a valiant pose, Mei Aonan pointed her sword at Ye Qingcheng while looking down on the world!

Ye Qingcheng stood there and smiled in a carefree manner before answering: “Is that so? Daoist Mei, you are too confident. It is time for me to end all of this.” Having said that, a boundless light rushed out from his body. His grand dao carried ceaseless dao runes with him as the center. These runes quickly spread out across the battlefield.

“Zzzz—” After accepting the resonance from Ye Qingcheng’s grand dao, countless universal laws inside Bi’an City also rushed to the sky and into the battlefield in an instant.

These laws and dao runes inside the battlefield quickly turned into a supreme chapter. The battlefield illuminated the entire city as if it was imprinted inside.

“Seal!” Ye Qingcheng shouted and formed a supreme mudra with both hands.

“Boom!” A huge seal appeared in the middle of the battlefield.

Once this seal appeared, all the experts from the Beastmaster Citadel and Jian Clan were affected, no matter if it was the Dragon-Tiger Monarch, Old Eight, Mei Aonan, or Jian Wushuang… Even the treefather who was powerful to the extent of being invincible was greatly affected.

All of them felt a powerful suppression in the form of mighty chains coiling around their bodies. They became much slower and weaker. In the blink of an eye, screams resounded as many of the experts on this side were instantly cut down by the enemies.

“Die!” Mei Aonan uttered a battle cry. Her world-shattering shield and star-slashing sword attacked at the same time, aiming straight for Ye Qingcheng’s head.

“Buzz!” However, a huge seal appeared before Ye Qingcheng and instantly stopped her attack.

“Give me a hand, use all of your blood energy to maintain this seal!” Ye Qingcheng screamed a command to all the experts from the ravine, the sea sect, and the eighteen powers.

After hearing this order, the experts’ blood energy rushed into the seal above the battlefield without any hesitation.

“Rumble!” The heaven and earth began to spin. After receiving a huge amount of blood energy, Ye Qingcheng instantly communicated with Bi’an City. It seemed that the city was awakening and its endless power poured into the battlefield to strengthen the seal to an indescribable level.

“Pop!” Many experts at this time couldn’t bear such a powerful suppression and dropped straight down to the ground.

“We have to work together!” The Dragon-Tiger Monarch immediately realized that they must work together after seeing the seal receiving an influx of blood energy on the other side.

In just a second, the blood energy from all the experts on his side also condensed to stop the suppression of the invincible seal.

At the same time, the Allpine Treefather in the sky was greatly affected. This powerful seal was strong not because of the people from the ravine or Ye Qingcheng, but because it had the support of the entire Bi’an City!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Right when the treefather was weakened, the Unbreakable Emperor and his allies crazily bombarded him. In just a moment, even the treefather was in a bad spot and could only defend himself.

“Evacuate a group first!” The Dragon-Tiger Monarch commanded. Their combined effort was able to weaken the power of the seal.

Those with weaker cultivations from the citadel, the Jian Clan, and the Imperial Edge retreated from the ancient battlefield. If they lingered any longer, they would eventually be locked completely and be at the mercy of others.

“Ah!” However, the moment these disciples left the battlefield, they were instantly killed as their blood splashed everywhere.

A group of golems from the city was standing right outside. The moment anyone left the battlefield, these golems would start killing. Moreover, the amount of golems continued to increase, as if they were about to surround the entire city.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The suppression from the seal became more powerful. Even the Dragon-Tiger Monarch’s group couldn’t move at this moment. They had lost their best chance to escape.

There was still a chance if they chose to run away in the beginning. However, elders like them couldn’t flee ahead of time and abandon their disciples.

“Do we invite our ancestors now?” The Beastmaster Citadel’s group couldn’t handle this suppressive force any longer. One elder quietly asked the monarch, but the monarch remained quiet and couldn’t send the order right away.

“It’s time to end all of this.” Ye Qingcheng looked at the treefather in the sky and noticed that he couldn’t break this suppressive force in a short period of time, so he slowly uttered: “I am the master of Bi’an City, the one with complete control! You all underestimated me and thought that I could only open the battlefield. Hah, I can communicate with the entire city, its strength is my strength! No, even the entire beastworld is within my grasp!”

A rare gloating look could be found on his face in contrast to his usual cool demeanor. He had planned for this to happen for a very long time. Prior to this, he was able to communicate with the city’s grand dao to resonate with his own, allowing him to control the entire city’s power!

When the battlefield was opened, although he didn’t enter the battle, he continued to derive these universal laws to move the city’s power in order to create an extremely powerful seal. He intended to capture all of his enemies in one fell swoop by sealing them inside.

Once the Dragon-Tiger Monarch’s group was sealed, he would have the final say.

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