Chapter 889: One Fist Shattering Ye Qingcheng

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Chapter 889: One Fist Shattering Ye Qingcheng

This was Ye Qingcheng’s dao, the most powerful palm attack he had created. He once said that after becoming an emperor, this technique would definitely sweep through the nine worlds!

“It is a heavenly dao…” Even the Dragon-Tiger Monarch, a genius from the previous generation, was moved by this palm strike. Ye Qingcheng had embarked on his own heavenly dao. Such talent was quite astonishing.

Li Qiye blinked once as Ye Qingcheng’s invincible palm quickly approached him. “Boom!” Thirteen palaces instantly soared to the sky. Li Qiye lunged forward and unleashed a fist of his own.

This formless fist carried no transformations. The thirteen palaces lit up as the vessel of life floated inside. The high heavens above and nine hells below along with their boundless laws across myriad ages were all sealed inside this one fist. The high heavens quivered in the face of this unbeatable fist!

Countless people were instantly suppressed the moment this fist appeared. They felt their own dao howl, for they had lost their strength. Before they knew it, they felt an eternal existence instill fear in their hearts!

“Heaven Suppression Fist!” Jian Wushuang called out its name and still paled despite already having seen this fist before. It had left an inerasable mark despite having seen it just once. The strongest punch across all the eons could at best only be this terrifying!

“Bang!” Ye Qingcheng’s Saint-guard Emperor Palm was instantly shattered against this fist. The majority of his phenomena and the heavenly dao were also destroyed.

His flesh splashed everywhere due to this attack. He couldn’t even scream. “Splash!” Eventually, his blood stained the battlefield. The remnants of his body slammed into the upper region of the ancient battlefield!

The Heaven Suppression Fist didn’t only destroy Ye Qingcheng’s phenomena and his palm technique, it also pulverized his body!

His body shattered into countless pieces with mangled bits flying everywhere. However, Ye Qingcheng didn’t die from this attack. His true fate inside his fleshy pulp emerged. Of course, it had dimmed due to his grave injuries!

“The strongest punch across all the eons…” The aghast Dragon-Tiger Monarch murmured after seeing the Heaven Suppression Fist.

“Impossible…” The confident Mei Aonan also retreated three thumping steps back after seeing the thirteen palaces floating above Li Qiye. She didn’t dare to believe her own eyes.

Her eleven palaces was already a miracle across the ages. Because of this, she was able to look down on someone with the title of number one like Ye Qingcheng. However, Li Qiye had thirteen palaces right now. This type of existence suffocated her completely!

“How can this be…” All were shaken to see the thirteen palaces. They had never heard of such a thing before, this sight was beyond their acceptance!

Ye Qingcheng’s true fate slowly floated up from the pool of blood. Even though he survived, he was still frightened while looking at Li Qiye. He was proud his whole life, but Li Qiye had shattered this pride into a million pieces, scattering it all over the ground!

“I’m thinking about whether or not to end you after your repeated transgressions and schemes against me.” Li Qiye looked at Ye Qingcheng’s broken body and slowly uttered: “You are not very smart. A Luminous Mirrorstone can illuminate the past and present, yet you never used it to look at your own reflection. I gave you everything, yet you dared to disrespect me, how deplorable.”

“What are you talking about!” Ye Qingcheng was confused since he wasn’t clear on the meaning of what Li Qiye had just said.

“How sad, what a waste of a Luminous Mirrorstone! Your bright heart was blinded by your own arrogance.” Li Qiye gently shook his head: “Immortal Emperor Bi Shi was much wiser than you in this regard.”

Ye Qingcheng was both afraid and full of speculations. These words sent his mind into utter chaos. Although he was not privy to the details, he knew that Li Qiye was talking about his origin!

Out of all the people here, only Ming Yexue understood a bit. She tilted her head to recall a few scenes from a distant era. Images appeared in her mind as if it had all happened yesterday. There was a Dark Crow that had turned into a young man, carrying a small pebble across the nine worlds…

Despite being the defining stone of the kingdom, Ye Qingcheng actually didn’t know everything about his origin. He only faintly sensed a thing or two.

He didn’t know that in that distant era, Li Qiye had entered the painting inside the master mansion. In that place, he shook the heaven and earth. Eventually, three divine stones fell from inside.

The moment these three stones fell down, they wanted to fly away. Li Qiye, as the Dark Crow, instantly grabbed the seemingly smartest stone right away! The other two successfully escaped from Bi’an City and rushed out of the beastworld!

One of them was taken by the Alchemy Kingdom. Later on, Immortal Emperor Shi Feng obtained the other one.

The Alchemy Kingdom eventually groomed the first one into Immortal Emperor Bi Shi. As for the other stone, it eventually became the Stony Edge Kingdom’s defining stone, the present Ye Qingcheng.

As for the Dark Crow’s stone, he continued to bring it along with him. He used the best worldly energy and immortal spring water available to cultivate it. He was aiming to turn it into the most peerless being in all of eternity!

Later on, a quarrel broke out between him and Empress Hong Tian, prompting his decision to hibernate for a long time. At this time, the Hundred-Life Alchemy Emperor came with a request. His kingdom was willing to use the entire country’s power as well as the best spirit medicines and energy from the Alchemy Vein to cultivate this divine stone!

The Dark Crow accepted the emperor’s sincere request due to Li Qiye’s trust in him.

The emperor stayed true to his word. At the very least, this was something Li Qiye truly liked about the emperor; he had never forgotten the promise of the past!

“You should know that as a Luminous Mirrorstone, your origin isn’t to let you become a powerful existence. The reason for your being is not to reach invincibility but to contribute to the beastworld. Unfortunately, you never realized this.” Li Qiye stared at the startled Ye Qingcheng and shook his head.

He slowly walked closer towards Ye Qingcheng and said: “Time for this to end. There is no turning back after one wrong step!”

Ye Qingcheng was aghast. He retreated and screamed: “Senior, don’t forget our deal!”

With that, a shadow descended from the sky, landing in front of Ye Qingcheng to protect him. He emitted a terrifying aura that flooded the scene. Each strand of his energy brushed by the people present.

Everyone gasped after seeing this person. This was a demon that couldn’t be more decrepit. It had an ox’s head and a human’s body with three legs.

What was even more frightening was that he emitted a thick aura of a Godking. Each of his strands of energy was as vast as a waterfall — capable of collapsing the heavens.

“A Godking!” Even the treefather became serious as he stared intensely at this old man.

“So it is a remnant of the Divine Beast Realm!” Li Qiye smirked after taking a glance at the monster-like old man.

The old man was surprised to find Li Qiye being able to recognize him. He let out an ominous laugh: “Youths nowadays are quite unfathomable. After millions of years, someone still recognizes these old bones.”

“Someone from the Divine Beast Realm?” Many people jolted in fear after hearing this. The Divine Beast Realm had reigned over the Stone Medicine World for several generations. After its destruction, its disciples had never appeared in this world again. But now, an old man from this sect appeared out of nowhere, and he was a Godking at that! How could people not gasp in astonishment?

The knowledgeable Dragon-Tiger Monarch murmured: “This was once an ancestor of the beast realm…”

“It is already nice enough that a bunch of remnants like you get to hide in the Divine Valley where even birds don’t want to shit. At the very least, no one is hunting you down. But now, you old bones are crawling out — this is not a good idea.” Li Qiye looked at the old man and smiled.

“This is our Divine Valley’s business, there’s no need for you to worry.” The old man gravely said: “Junior, let’s make a deal. This brat is very important to us so I want to take him away. In return, we shall promise not to interfere with your path in the future!”

To be able to force a Godking to negotiate was incredible. In fact, this Godking was also afraid of Li Qiye. Naturally, anyone would be wary of a Heavenly Annihilation!

“You are mistaken.” Li Qiye said: “If you hellspawns wish to crawl out from the Divine Valley, then I will definitely slay you all. A mud Buddha crossing a river cannot protect even himself, let alone defend other people.”

“Junior, don’t push it. If I take action, you may not be able to hold me here. I will take this kid away.” The old man lowered his tone.

“Such a big ambition. Your beast realm actually still wants to seize the beastworld again. Ye Qingcheng can communicate with this place, so he does have some use for you. Alas, this is but a pipe dream, you should let go of this thought.” Li Qiye sneered.

“Go!” In an instant, the old man summoned a banner that released unending dragon roars. There was a lively golden dragon embroidered on this flag seemingly about to fly out.

“Coiling Dragon Banner.” Li Qiye’s eyes lit up as he focused his gaze on it right away!

“Die!” The old man spat out a little bit of longevity blood onto the flag. An imperial aura surged in an instant. “AOOO!” A howling golden dragon flew out and directly flew towards Li Qiye.

This golden dragon did not seem like an image, it was more like the real deal! This dragon was absolutely incredible!

“Go!” After doing so, the old man shouted at Ye Qingcheng. He intended to retreat as he didn’t want to fight a long battle against Li Qiye!

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