Chapter 936: Ye Chuyun

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Chapter 936: Ye Chuyun

In just a second, the entire Waterside Garden turned quiet as everyone watched the great lord help Li Qiye leave hand in hand.

They were shocked by this scene. No one knew the identity of this dirty youth. Such actions from their great lord were beyond being polite. It was at the level of being deferential!

Suddenly, their heads went blank and they felt suffocated. Ye Chuyun was not only the current ruler of Southern Tang, she was also a paragon. Among the youths in the Barren Earth, she was definitely among the top talents.

But now, she personally accompanied this young man away with full respect. It was easy to see how highly she thought of him.

No one here could believe such a thing, not even Yi Chuan. He only thought that Li Qiye was an ordinary vagrant cultivator.

As for the group of A’Bao, their mouths were wide open and wouldn’t close for a long time. The great lord was their goddess who was completely unreachable. However, she was personally helping Li Qiye away. Such respectful attitude was too unbelievable!

Prior to this, they were very unhappy towards Li Qiye. But now, they thought that the ignorant ones were themselves!

“It’s over…” The Minor-Form Crown Prince dropped to the ground with a completely paled complexion. Even their great lord was so respectful, yet he offended the person.

The royal lord who wanted to attack Li Qiye was drenched in cold sweat. He didn’t think that this inconspicuous beggar had such a great background. At this time, a few people were reminded of Yi Chuan. He was the only person here who was Li Qiye’s friend.

“Brother Yi, what is the background of that young noble earlier?” Many royal lords and sect masters quickly swarmed towards Yi Chuan to ask for Li Qiye’s information. They actually thought that Yi Chuan knew his identity.

Yi Chuan smiled wryly and shook his head: “I don’t know that young noble’s exact background either.”


Li Qiye was sitting inside Ye Chuyun’s carriage. She noticed his ragged appearance and showed concern: “What happened to Brother Li?”

She was still a paragon, so she noticed a thing or two after a look.

Li Qiye smiled in response: “No big deal, it is just that I only got back from the Stone Medicine World with a bit of difficulty.” Li Qiye answered in such a nonchalant manner, but Ye Chuyun’s expression shifted. The pathways between the nine worlds have yet to be opened. Forcefully breaking through the world barriers was definitely courting death, even for a God-Monarch!

“Are you okay?” Ye Chuyun asked with concern.

Li Qiye gently shook his head: “There’s no need to worry, Miss Ye. It was only a small matter. I only made a bet with someone and my dao foundation got sealed — just a minor inconvenience.

Ye Chuyun naturally understood that this “minor inconvenience” was definitely a heaven-shattering event to anyone else.

She welcomed him into the Pure Lotus School and prepared the best place for him as well. All of this was carried out with the most prestigious reception possible for an esteemed guest.

Ye Chuyun was already waiting in the hall by the time Li Qiye finished taking a bath. She saw him coming and immediately stood up then bowed: “I left in a hurry back then and couldn’t show you my gratitude. Please accept this bow today.”

Li Qiye waved his sleeve and smiled: “It is all in the past, there’s no need to mention it. You didn’t need to thank me for back then either.”

“No, without your guidance, there would be no me of today.” Ye Chuyun insisted on bowing and continued in a formal manner: “My achievements today were mostly given to me by Brother Li.”

Back then, Li Qiye brought her to the World Tree which led to her obtaining quite a big fortune. This allowed her cultivation to suddenly rise after returning. Some even said that she was the first Virtuous Paragon of the young generation after the end of the Difficult Dao Era!

She left quickly back then and couldn’t thank Li Qiye. Today, she bowed solemnly in order to express her gratitude after meeting him again.

Seeing her persistence, Li Qiye sat down and accepted her grand gesture.

After the bow, she sat down with Li Qiye. He looked at her and smiled: “Miss Ye is an acquaintance, so I won’t be too reserved. First, I want to ask about the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.”

“Brother Li can rest easy about this.” Ye Chuyun smiled. When a gentle girl like her smiled, it was especially pleasing to the eyes. She said: “The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect is extraordinary in present times. Although I have not been to the Grand Middle Territory, I still hear some news from there. It is said that Miss Li and Miss Chen have reached half completion on their Immortal Physiques, and the same goes for your sect’s Master Su. They are a threat to the Grand Middle Territory and even the entire Mortal Emperor World! Back when they reached half completion, the majority of the sects in the world went to congratulate them. Unfortunately, I was undergoing a cultivation session so I couldn’t go and instead only sent disciples with gifts.”

Her answer was not an exaggeration. One sect with three Immortal Physiques… It was no wonder that this would shock the entire world. Three half completion Immortal Physiques could force any Virtuous Paragon to back off! This was not taking into account the fact that it could be three grand completion physiques in the future.

If one sect could have three grand completion physiques, then even if an Immortal Emperor was present, they wouldn’t carelessly start a fight. One grand completion Immortal Physique was enough to assail an Immortal Emperor. Just imagine the power of three in the same sect!

Of course, the world didn’t know about Chen Baojiao’s physique. However, someone gauged her physique’s power and assumed that she was cultivating an Immortal Physique as well despite not knowing the exact one.

After hearing this, Li Qiye sighed in relief and nodded his head: “Then I’ll ask Miss Ye for a favor.”

Ye Chuyun quickly said: “I will do my best, just let me know.”

Li Qiye responded: “Miss Ye is too polite. I only want you to help me send news to the Cleansing Incense Sect about my return.”

“This is simple.” Ye Chuyun replied: “I will let my disciples do so right away. However, Brother Li should know that we can’t send this news to the Cleansing Incense Sect right away. Our sect and yours are not connected by a dao portal. I’m afraid we need to use the Eastern Hundred Cities as a transit point and the Icy Feather Palace’s dao portal.”

Directly teleporting was the quickest way for cultivators to communicate. However, this type of teleportation required the dao portals of the two sects to be connected. Only sects with great relationships would have such a thing.

There was another type of teleportation — blind teleportation. They would only know the approximate position and couldn’t teleport accurately. This type of teleportation not only required a huge amount of refined jades, the chance for error was high as well. It could even teleport someone to dangerous locations.

“No rush, as long as it is being sent.” Li Qiye nodded. He didn’t intend on returning to the Grand Middle Territory for now. He had other plans at the Barren Earth that still needed to be carried out.

“We will definitely send the news for you.” Ye Chuyun said: “May I ask how long you will be staying at the Barren Earth? If you are in no hurry and don’t mind, then you can stay at my humble abode for a while. I still want to ask you for some pointers.” Ye Chuyun was very forward with her intentions.

“Since Miss Ye has shown me such great hospitality, I will do as you ask.” Li Qiye was not reserved. He looked at her and asked: “Have there been any big events at the Mortal Emperor World in these past few years?”

“Since Brother Li left, the Mortal Emperor World has been very peaceful.” Ye Chuyun responded: “Your battle back then was a warning to the rest of the world, so in these recent years, many sects here had only been training and training. Very few people caused trouble.”

She was correct in this matter. The battle back at the Heavenly Dao Academy acted as a deterrent to the entire world, especially when the Realm God easily crushed the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom. Many lineages didn’t even dare to breathe loudly afterward.

With a powerful existence like the Realm God around, anyone would need to think twice before causing trouble in the Mortal Emperor World.

Li Qiye only chuckled and didn’t comment on the matters of past.

“Recently, the most sensational news is the Buddhist Funeral Plateau announcing that the Nalanda Temple and all the other temples beneath its jurisdiction were opening again to enlighten all the destined ones in the world.” Ye Chuyun told Li Qiye what she knew. 1

“The plateau finally opened.” Li Qiye narrowed his eyes upon hearing this.

“The Difficult Dao Era is over, so the Nalanda Temple wants to welcome the world.”

“Countless cultivators go to the plateau each day. However, in recent years, several geniuses have been converted so people have been very careful when they go there, especially the younger generation.” Ye Chuyun explained.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but gaze at the far horizon and murmur: “Buddhist Funeral Plateau…”

It was one of the twelve burial grounds with many secrets within. Some of them were beyond human comprehension.

“Brother Li wants to go there?” Ye Chuyun asked after seeing his expression.

Li Qiye slightly shook his head: “No rush, it will still be there. If the Nalanda Temple is opened again, they won’t close their doors so fast. After I’m done with my business, it still won’t be late to go there!”

“Will you need my assistance?” Ye Chuyun went straight to the point.

Li Qiye smiled: “I will definitely ask if I need help.”

“As long as you need it, just let me know and both the Pure Lotus School and I will try our best.” Although Ye Chuyun was born in the prosperous southern land, as the ruler of the region, she was not long-winded at all.

1. Nalanda is a real place, a large buddhist monastery in India.

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