Chapter 937: Inseparable

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Chapter 937: Inseparable

Li Qiye stayed back at the Pure Lotus School. Outside of refining his dao foundation, he used his time to meditate on the supreme mysteries in order to perfect the vessel of athanasia. He had a particular vision in his mind: once all three vessels were perfected, an entirely new framework would be formed.

Li Qiye knew that with regards to life creation alone, other people had gone much further than him.

However, no matter how powerful one might be on this path, they would have to pay a terrible price. This was a heaven-defying matter, a challenge to the high heavens.

Because of this, Li Qiye’s new idea was to rise against the heavens and surpass all things. Creating life alone was not enough. If this was his limit, then it would be over for him.

Due to this reason, he must make the vessels support each other instead of being independent existences, to form a new system that had never existed before, to reach an unprecedented height!

Thus, there was still a long way for Li Qiye to go. In his eyes, becoming Immortal Emperor was only the beginning.

During his stay, Ye Chuyun was not reserved at all. She directly asked him for help whenever she had questions on cultivation. She didn’t have the same meekness of southern women. She was frank yet graceful. More importantly, even as a Virtuous Paragon, she still consulted him with sincerity and modesty.

She knew better than anyone else that despite being a paragon, Li Qiye was much more powerful than her. Even a genius like Bing Yuxia was full of respect towards Li Qiye, so she had nothing to be arrogant about.

Li Qiye didn’t hold back either and solved all of her questions as well as pointed out her shortcomings.

After obtaining his guidance, Ye Chuyun had a new sense of enlightenment. Many things that she couldn’t understand before suddenly became clear.

“I can’t catch up to your understanding of the grand dao even if I try for the rest of my life.” She was absolutely convinced by his knowledge.

Li Qiye only smiled. He could even teach an Immortal Emperor, so this level of guidance was nothing special.

Li Qiye smilingly said: “It is only because you can also understand. If you give me an ox to teach, then even if I could spew out a deluge of heavenly lotuses with my words, it still wouldn’t understand.”

Ye Chuyun’s talent was high. Although there was still a gap between her and Bing Yuxia, she had a heart with the characteristics of an orchid flower. This made up for her weaknesses. 1

She chuckled after hearing this. The gentle smile made a gentle girl like her even more charming than before.

She became immersed in cultivation with Li Qiye’s guidance and became his friend, an inseparable shadow.

This made the disciples in the school think that their school master had found a dao companion. Even the ancestors thought that Ye Chuyun had found her love. They specifically called for her and asked: “Child, when is your wedding?”

After hearing the ancestor, Ye Chuyun didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She realized that her ancestor misunderstood, so she smiled and shook her head: “Ancestor, I didn’t say that I want to get married.”

“I understand that you care for the sect, but you cannot let go of your own marriage as well. If you have someone you like and he is right for you, then just go marry him.” This ancestor said: “Our school is different from the others, our school master can marry. We have no ambition to compete with the rest of the world, just living in peace is enough. The seniors in the sect don’t want you to waste your chance just because of the sect.”

Ye Chuyun didn’t know how to respond after hearing this. News of her always being together with Li Qiye had long spread around the school. There was no disciple who didn’t know about them. However, the truth was that nothing happened between them.

He told Ye Chuyun: “I have checked out the brat staying with you. He really isn’t bad; he’s not afraid of the world and has a firm dao heart — definitely an extraordinary character. If you like him, then marry him. The seniors in the sect all support you.”

She laughed awkwardly before denying: “Ancestor, this is an impossible matter. Plus, even if I want to marry, Brother Li wouldn’t be willing. There are so many beauties by his side and all of them are geniuses.”

“You need to fight for your marriage. As long as you try, there will always be a chance.” The ancestor spoke profoundly.

Ye Chuyun was at a loss for words. Eventually, she bade farewell to the ancestor as she didn’t want to discuss this matter any longer because everyone had misunderstood her relationship with Li Qiye. Moreover, it was getting worse and worse. Nevertheless, she didn’t try to clarify this misunderstanding. Li Qiye was too lazy to as well. Because of this, everyone assumed that they had truly become a couple.

Li Qiye was very content with his time here at the lotus school. There were no worries and every trivial detail was dealt with by Ye Chuyun. Their cultivation time together was very pure and untouched by the ravages of life. He enjoyed the days passing by like this.

Although both Ye Chuyun and Madam Zi Yan were gentle, there was a big difference between the two. Madam Zi Yan was as soft as water, like spring rain pouring down on Li Qiye’s daily life. Meanwhile, Ye Chuyun was a surging stream that washed away his secular worries.

Ye Chuyun followed him and did not let anything interfere with his meditation. However, on one particular day, she had to interrupt him.

“There is a message, would you like to hear it?” She was worried that he would be distracted, so she wouldn’t bother him with ordinary matters.

“What is it?” Li Qiye casually asked.

“Our disciples obtained some new information. Several days ago, an immortal river surged from the Godwar Mountain. I asked my ancestors before after hearing about it and found that this is something that has never happened before.” She elaborated: “A couple of days ago, you expressed interest in going there, so I’m wondering if you want to go right now?”

In fact, she was actually hoping for him to stay at the Pure Lotus School. Their time together was very enjoyable.

“Immortal river? Elaborate.” Li Qiye expressed some interest by narrowing his eyes.

“I don’t know the exact details. The disciples said that it looks like a rising crown.” She gently shook her head in response.

After hearing this, he immediately stood up and slowly spoke: “We’ll go tomorrow.”

“To the Godwar Mountain?” She asked.

Li Qiye shook his head: “No, we’re not in a hurry to go there. We’ll head for the Heavenguard Sect first.”

“Heavenguard Sect.” Ye Chuyun was surprised and said: “The Heavenguard Sect does not meet outsiders these days. I don’t think they want to compete in this generation either.”

“They will meet me, I left something behind there.” Li Qiye replied.

Ye Chuyun stared at him and softly spoke: “How about I go with you? If you don’t find it appropriate, then I won’t make things difficult.”

She was as gentle as possible at this moment and exuded an indescribable charm with each of her actions.

Li Qiye met her gaze and nodded: “We’ll go together then. After finishing with the Heavenguard Sect, I’ll be going to the Godwar Mountain, then it is off to the Buddhist Funeral Plateau. You don’t have much to see at the Godwar Mountain, but the plateau is definitely a place worth visiting. You will be able to benefit from the trip.”

“I appreciate your guidance.” Ye Chuyun grew happy and bowed in excitement.

Li Qiye gently stroked the hair flowing down her forehead and said: “This is not considered guidance but more that I fancy you. Your will to reach the dao is like flowing water, free yet persistent like the tranquil rain in spring. In the future, you won’t become an Immortal Emperor, but you will still be a supreme expert.”

“I’m very happy to hear your praise.” She smiled as her brows lifted gracefully. She had a particular appeal to reach straight into the heart.

Li Qiye ordered: “Go get ready since you will need to leave for a long time.”

Ye Chuyun didn’t hesitate at all and began her preparations. She left the matters in the sect to the elders so that she could visit the Heavenguard Sect with Li Qiye.

On the next day, they embarked on their journey. Ye Chuyun didn’t bring any disciples so as to not bother Li Qiye.

Southern Tang was also near the extreme southwest area of the Barren Earth while the Heavenguard Sect was in the southeast region, so the two of them headed east.

However, Li Qiye was not in a rush. Rather than taking one portal after another, they opted to take a boat to cross the mountain ranges.

Along the way, he stopped at some other places. They were all different; ancient capitals, mountains, rivers, divine peaks…

His expression kept on changing after stopping at these places; silence, sadness, dazed…

No matter the time or occasion, Ye Chuyun only quietly stood by his side and kept him company.

The Barren Earth had a different significance in Li Qiye’s mind. If the Eastern Hundred Cities was memorable due to it being the origin of the human race, then the Barren Earth was a place he didn’t want to think about.

However, at the same time, this was the place Li Qiye wanted to stop by the most.

1. Orchid is the symbol of perfection and elegance in Chinese culture.

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