Chapter 989: Reversal

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Chapter 989: Reversal

The spectators grew nervous while watching this scene. Li Qiye had become a fish on the chopping block in the face of the imprisonment from the two imperial weapons. He wasn’t able to fight back at all.

They were startled by the cracks on his body, especially when the creepy bone-cracking sounds appeared. Nevertheless, despite the blood staining his clothes, he still had a smile on his face; it was as if all of this wasn’t happening to his body.

“This is Fierce for you, a brave model for men!” Even the Blood cultivators showed respect after seeing his appearance.

“Bah, the Blood-devil Tribe is shameless. Only playing the numbers game and bullying the young with the old!” Meanwhile, the human cultivators spoke bitterly with indignation. Alas, they were powerless to do anything about it.

“Clakk—” At this time, even Li Qiye’s forehead had cracked. This was the toughest area of a cultivator. Once this area became exposed, their sea of memories would be destroyed, signaling one’s true death.

A human helplessly murmured: “It’s over…”

“This is the result of those who oppose our tribe.” A Blood-devil cultivator revealed a cold smirk after seeing the inevitable conclusion.

Many were full of regret while watching this scene, especially the humans. Everyone wanted a monster like Li Qiye to come out to deter the Blood Race. However, before he could accomplish anything big, he had to die an early death here.

At the same time, the other races realized that it was unwise to oppose the Blood-devil Tribe in the southern region. Unless one had a strong enough backing, death would be certain.

“Pa!” When everyone thought that it was time for Li Qiye to die, a clear noise suddenly could be heard.

Something seemed to have been shattered, as if a lock had been forcefully opened.

“This is it!” Li Qiye smiled. His entire body suddenly shifted like a tiger lunging forward.

“Boom!” His blood energy soared to the sky without holding anything back. Its endlessness engulfed everything.

“Boom!” The sweeping blast stopped the suppression from the two imperial weapons. The dozens of ancestors were blown away while vomiting blood.

Such a sudden reversal was unbelievable. No one could believe this blood energy — that was as vast as an ocean — looming over the sky!

Everyone knew people would be suppressed at the Godwar Mountain. However, Li Qiye seemed to be perfectly fine, as if he was unaffected.

“I should be thanking all of you, this saved me a lot of effort.” Li Qiye stood straight up. Despite being completely bathed in blood, his smile was particularly bright.

The seal on his dao foundation left behind by Zhan Xian had been completely unlocked. He no longer needed to train to remove this seal.

“Run!” The shocked ancestors were horrified. They knew that it wasn’t looking good, so all of them turned to run.

“Since you’re already here, just stay.” Li Qiye smiled. With that, his blood energy quaked.

“Boom!” The two imperial weapons were blown flying to the outside.

“No!” The ancestors were astonished and screamed. The two weapons were flying towards them, but they couldn’t prevent the collision.

“Poof! Poof! Poof!” The two weapons instantly struck the dozens of ancestors and the destructive impact turned them into blood. They didn’t even have the chance to scream.

The weapons had their own sentience. After killing these ancestors, they flew out of the Godwar Mountain without hesitation.

“Nice!” Many human cultivators couldn’t help but burst out in celebration from excitement after Li Qiye’s reversal.

As for the Blood-devil cultivators, they were alarmed to say the least. Some even left right away as they no longer dared to stay at the Godwar Mountain.

The place became silent in just a second. The majority of the people here were still in a daze while the Blood Race had very unsightly expressions.

“Is this a second Lin Tiandi?” Someone wondered: “No, stopping imperial weapons with bare hands — this is even more heaven-defying than Lin Tiandi!”

“Feels good to be back.” Li Qiye grinned. His death energy emerged at this time and his wounds instantly closed as if time was reversed.

Li Qiye purposely let the ancestors trap him in order to borrow their power to unlock his sealed dao foundation.

After his previous training, the seal showed signs of weakening. And now, with the help of external forces, it expedited the process and completed the recovery.

He smiled and withdrew his vast blood energy then stared at Chi Tianyu, who was pinned to the ground: “Now how should I deal with you?”

Chi Tianyu took a deep breath. He took in the current situation and made up his mind: “Every man will meet his end eventually. I have fallen into your hands, so do as you please. If I beg for mercy, then my name isn’t Chi Tianyu!”

He was in despair and no longer cared. The Skybearing Monarch was dead along with the dozens of ancestors. He knew that no one could save him from death right now. Thus, he could freely face his end and was no longer afraid of his own demise.

“If you want to die, so be it, I’ll lend you a hand.” Li Qiye smiled and came closer to Chi Tianyu.

Chi Tianyu was simply lying there without moving or struggling. He was prepared to let Li Qiye do as he pleased.

The Blood experts could only watch in silence after seeing this. Even the Blood-devil Tribe was quiet at this moment. Despite their solidarity, no one took action.

They knew that the group that could put up a real fight was dead. Anyone who would try to save Chi Tianyu would only be wasting their effort in addition to adding one more to the death counter.

“No!” A scream came out. Another person climbed to the summit and stood before Chi Tianyu, refusing to let Li Qiye any closer.

Everyone eventually saw who the person was. It was the Half-moon Princess, one of the five saints.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile after seeing this: “So, you want to save him too? How do you compare to the Skybearing Monarch’s group?”

“Half-moon, forget it. You are not his match.” Despite the princess wanting to save him, Chi Tianyu didn’t find any hope. Instead, he advised her to leave.

“No, if you want to die, then I’m willing to die together with you.” The princess looked at Chi Tianyu, who was nailed to the ground, with a pair of eyes full of love and determination.

Chi Tianyu was quiet and couldn’t respond. He knew that the princess liked him, but the target of his love was not the princess.

“A bit interesting.” Li Qiye glanced at the princess and smiled: “But even if you want to die, I might not kill you. Even though I’m a mass murderer, I won’t kill someone for no reason.”

“Trade my life for his!” The princess stared at Li Qiye and spoke: “Let him go and I’ll stay. You can do as you please then.”

“No—” Chi Tianyu was bewildered: “Half-moon, leave. You don’t owe me anything. This is my own feud, there’s no need for you to interfere!”

The princess ignored Chi Tianyu and continued to speak to Li Qiye: “You have said before, those who beg might earn your forgiveness! I beg you, let him go. Trade my life for his!” Having said that, she slowly kneeled down before Li Qiye.

“Go, leave now! I don’t need you barging into my business!” Chi Tianyu shouted, but the princess ignored him and continued to prostrate.

The entire mountain was quiet with many eyes watching this scene. Some were moved, some indifferent, and some felt a sense of regret.

Someone murmured: “Such a devoted girl…”

Li Qiye had a smile on his face while he looked at the kneeling princess: “Since you are pleading like this, I would appear to be too heartless if I don’t agree to your request.” With that, he slowly walked towards the princess.

“No! Li Qiye, kill me if you dare!” Chi Tianyu was shocked to see Li Qiye walking towards the princess and shouted: “Li, come over here and kill me, don’t be a coward! A man must bear the consequences of his own actions! My life is right here, come and get it!”

Li Qiye ignored the fella and leisurely smiled after standing in front of the princess: “A life for a life. Very well, I’ll be a good guy for once and help you out. I’ll kill you and let him go! Are you ready? If you aren’t, it isn’t too late to change your mind.”

“No!” Chi Tianyu anxiously screamed at the princess: “Half-moon, run away, escape now!”

However, the princess didn’t budge at all. She quietly knelt there for a bit before turning around to look at Chi Tianyu: “After I die, you should live on. Don’t worry and don’t be sad. As long as you can live happily, I will be satisfied. My death will be without regrets.”

Chi Tianyu quivered on the inside. He didn’t know what else to say to her, so he addressed Li Qiye: “Li Qiye, kill me! I beg you, I am a coward! If you kill me, I’ll even kneel before you!”

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