Chapter 991: Mysterious Underground World

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Chapter 991: Mysterious Underground World

Li Qiye disappeared in the blink of an eye and no one knew where he went. He was the only one privy to his current location.

A split moment after disappearing, he emerged at a hidden location. There was nothing here except a stone gate in front of him.

This was the deepest location of the Godwar Mountain. After the final battle, very few people were able to make it here.

This place hid a frightening secret, something coveted by even Immortal Emperors! During the Ancient Ming Era, many of their emperors tried to obtain the items located underground here.

Li Qiye took a deep breath while staring at the stone gate. He slowly pushed it open. Many stone steps were waiting for him beyond the door to take him to the deepest area underground.

No one knew how many steps there were in total. The stairway continued to spiral downward. Li Qiye walked for a very long time before reaching the end. Here, a bottomless abyss was waiting for him.

Looking out from the last step of the stairs, one could only see a vast darkness.

When one stood here quietly, they could hear loud roars accompanied by the auras of primal beasts coming from the abyss. Even the most powerful cultivator would quiver in the face of their aura with chills.

Li Qiye took one step forward into the abyss. Clanking sounds instantly appeared. Intertwining laws appeared below his foot, forming something that resembled a long arrow.

These laws were very simple yet ancient with a faint sheen. Nevertheless, this light still had a soul-crushing power. Even the strongest would be startled before this faint light. Their legs would shake and would no longer be able to stand straight.

It seemed that the arrow below could annihilate gods and devils or even an Immortal Emperor. Li Qiye continued forward on his path. After each step, the mysterious laws beneath his foot would continue to coil together to be his support.

“Raaa!” During his journey, a shadow that carried a frightening evil aura came out of nowhere and rushed forward. It seemed to be a devil set loose from hell. It raised its fangs and claws to come culling towards Li Qiye, aiming to tear him into pieces.

Even a Virtuous Paragon would tremble before this devil’s aura, yet Li Qiye didn’t bother looking at it.

“Plufff!” Before this thing that came out from below could come close, the universal law arrow beneath Li Qiye’s feet instantly shot it to death.

When the arrow penetrated the devil’s huge body, it disappeared like mist without leaving any flesh or blood behind.

“Raarr!” He didn’t make it much further before another huge shadow rushed out. It had a ferocious visage that would instill fear into any spectator.

“Just an evil sentiment of the dead, yet you still dare to act so audaciously in front of my Immortal Emperor Slaughtering Formation? Truly does not know life from death.” More shadows rushed out to kill Li Qiye, but all were put down by the arrow below his feet.

From start to finish, he didn’t give these shadows a second glance. In his eyes, he was the ruler of this area. No matter how powerful these evil sentiments trapped in the abyss might be, they couldn’t reach the apex before Li Qiye at this moment.

Eventually, he reached the end. Rotating waves of that buzzed caused this space to tremble.

Gigantic wheels emerged and began to slowly rotate while buzzing. There were too many to count. Each of them radiated light while rotating.

If one gazed at this scene for too long, they would become dazzled with dizziness.

These rotating wheels continuously changed locations. Moreover, they all looked exactly the same. Under such a circumstance, no one would be able to distinguish them in a short amount of time.

“Chaotic Wheel of Time, just how many time-continuums have been shattered to create this mess?” Li Qiye emotionally commented while staring at these wheels.

These chaotic wheels were not part of the natural order. This was because, in an ancient era, many heaven-defying existences such as Immortal Emperors had unleashed attacks that pierced through time and shattered its fabric. This eventually gave birth to these chaotic wheels.

Li Qiye stared intensely at these wheels. Because there were so many chaotic temporal distortions here, only one wheel would lead to the right temporal-space. If one took the wrong wheel, they would never be able to return. Even an Immortal Emperor would have a hard time returning.

“Buzz!” Finally, Li Qiye picked a particular wheel. He took action to freeze it before jumping towards it.

“Zzzz—” This Chaotic Wheel of Time instantly sucked Li Qiye inside.

In the blink of an eye, he was taken into a long pathway with a disturbed timeline. It gave off quite a disorderly feel. The entire pathway was as clear as jade. However, there were many broken locations with terrifying temporal storms. Even a tiny storm of this nature could easily mutilate a Virtuous Paragon.

There were rough cut marks along the way. Moreover, they still emitted an eternal aura. This was the divine might of Immortal Emperors; no matter how much time passes, they still wouldn’t dissipate.

“Just how much effort is required to open such a pathway? Even an Immortal Emperor would find this task extremely challenging.” Li Qiye said with a tinge of emotion while walking on this pathway.

This was a jade pathway that led to a different timespace. Countless Immortal Emperors had attempted to create these pathways before finally opening one successfully.

Time did not flow in this place. Even if one kept on walking, the time spent would be no more than the blink of an eye.

Eventually, Li Qiye came out of the pathway. A bronze radiance flooded his vision. To be more exact, it was a sea of bronze.

Gazing ahead, nothing but a huge ocean could be found in this place. However, it was not flowing water but bronze liquid!

One would never be able to imagine this scene! Just how much divine bronze was melted to create this vast sea?

One would feel that the world was still while standing before this ocean. There was no life, not even time. Everything here had stopped.

It was as if this bronze ocean was the end of the world. No matter what kind of existence one might be, there was no way of crossing this ocean. This was the stop of all passengers.

“Bronze ocean…” Li Qiye was dazed by this spectacle. He had many thoughts running through his head at this moment, secrets unknown to the world!

“How many wars and how much blood was spilled to create this ocean…” He eventually calmed down and gently sighed.

He took out a mirror. This was not the Yin Yang Immortal Refining Mirror but a treasure he brought from the Heavenguard Sect. It was a bronze mirror.

It didn’t seem too special. If it fell into someone else’s hands, they would only think of it as an ordinary bronze mirror.

“Om—” The mirror shot out a light and illuminated the ocean. Once the light reached its target, the unbelievable happened. Wherever the light touched, the water would gradually become clear and eventually turn into clean water.

In this manner, Li Qiye used his mirror to shine a path amidst the bronze ocean. He slowly walked down this path into the ocean and sank to the bottom.

This bronze ocean was an incredible location. If one entered recklessly, there would be no return. They would forever disappear in this place.

Without Li Qiye’s bronze mirror, even an Immortal Emperor would never be able to enter where they wished to go, to the end of this ocean. The powerful emperors could come back alive, but the secrets they coveted on the other side would continue to elude them.

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