Chapter 996: Blood Devouring Curse

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Chapter 996: Blood Devouring Curse

Li Qiye’s mockery left the Storm God with an extremely ugly expression. She was shaking with anger and could only point at Li Qiye.

The cultivators standing far away all glanced at each other as well. For millions of years, no one dared to say something like this to her, but now, Li Qiye publicly mocked her. This was truly astonishing.

“That felt good!” A few ancestors secretly cheered. Those who had talked to her before were applauding. They couldn’t stand her either, but out of fear for her power, they didn’t dare to complain.

But now, Li Qiye’s unrestrained derision left them feeling great. It was truly too fun.

“Lit-little animal!” She was about to explode from anger. Even her finger pointing at him was shaking up and down.

“Little animal, I actually wanted to let you live today, but I have changed my mind!” The Storm God pointed at him and snapped: “I want to strip your skin, crush you, and taste your flesh and blood!”

“Okay, stop swearing like a vixen.” Li Qiye interrupted her with a wave: “If you let them go and apologize this instant, then I can spare your life out of consideration for your father. Otherwise, even if you have his protection, I will still nail you to a wall!”

“Capture him!” The Storm God commanded the thirty paragons standing to her sides.

Li Qiye smiled at them and said: “Very well, I also want to see what you all are capable of.” He took one step forward.

The thirty ancestors grimaced after being looked down upon like this. They scowled and instantly surrounded Li Qiye.

Considering their status, more than thirty of them fighting together was simply bullying with numbers. It was even tarnishing their reputation. However, Li Qiye was too contemptuous this time and shamed them publicly. Without taking Li Qiye down and torturing him, they wouldn’t be able to vent their rage.

“Boom!” Li Qiye’s blood energy was released. A tyrannical force like a True Dragon soared to the sky and loomed over its enemies with a bullying momentum.

“Do it.” Li Qiye was in high spirits and seemed to be in complete control with his domineering presence. He looked like a completely different person at this point.

“This is it, the genius of our human race, an extraordinary Virtuous Paragon.” The human experts couldn’t help but applaud after seeing his mighty appearance!

A Blood-devil ancestor shouted: “You court death!” More than thirty of them attacked at the same time. Some raised their hands while others slammed them down to form various mudras. Magical runes emerged and sealed the location.

“Buzz!” A bloody shade engulfed the entire branch. A huge array appeared above the ground with horizontal lines intertwining to form the surface. Profound runes rose from this array. Both the lines and the runes were covered in a bloody shimmer as if they were drowned in blood.

At the same time, the thirty ancestors suddenly turned bright red. It looked like they had been soaked in a blood pond.

A terrifying matter occurred at this time. With loud rumbles, Li Qiye’s blood energy in the sky was no longer under his control. The paragons crazily devoured his blood energy.

“Blood Devouring Curse!” Even an ancestor from the Blood Race exclaimed in fear after seeing this.

“Rumble!” The blood energy no longer under Li Qiye’s control was like a flood that had broken the dam. The energy frantically flew towards the ancestors!

Meanwhile, the ancestors swallowed this energy and seemed to be wanting to turn it into their own.

“Blood Devouring Curse…” Both Blood ancestors and big shots from the other races all gasped after hearing its name.

Another Blood ancestor was even more aghast as he murmured: “They’re going all out by starting with this curse immediately. This is one of the defining techniques from the Blood-devil Tribe. Moreover, there are talks that no single lineage could do this alone. Only the combined effort of two or three would be able to create a complete version.”

“Little animal, even if you were a Godking, we would still drain you of your blood and turn you into a cripple!” The Storm God let out an awe-inspiring laughter: “Today, not to mention you, even three or five Godkings would die under the Blood Devouring Curse!”

“It seems like the Storm God came prepared. She didn’t only summon enough ancestors from the tribe to support this curse, she also found people in the branch to prepare it. Anyone who enters the branch would fall into an inescapable net and become a fish on the chopping block, powerless to resist.” An ancestor said with fear.

The Blood Devouring Curse was an extremely powerful curse formation. Legend states that it came from the Blood Primal Ground; it was ancient and eternal. Once trapped in this formation, the enemy would be powerless and be drained of all their blood energy. Eventually, they would turn into weak mortals. Even if their dao foundation was still there, without blood energy fueling it, it was the same as a fish stuck on land.

In the blink of an eye, Li Qiye’s blood energy had been drained. He was completely pale and couldn’t even stand straight. His legs kept on quivering as if he could flop over at any moment.

“So scary.” The spectators trembled after seeing Li Qiye’s weakened state.

“Dying at the prime of one’s life — this is too saddening.” Seeing Li Qiye in such a sad state left the humans and experts from the other races extremely tense.

Meanwhile, the Blood Race was laughing and some spoke in a chilling manner: “There is no good end for those who oppose our Blood Race. We will kill anyone who murders members of our Blood Race no matter what!”

The human experts could only stay quiet at this point. They understood just how powerful this formation was. Even unfathomable Godkings would be helpless once trapped inside. No one wanted to risk their lives to save Li Qiye.

“Little animal, we won’t kill you so fast.” A Blood-devil ancestor smirked: “We’ll flay you slowly to have revenge for my Saber Emperor disciples!”

However, despite being terribly pale and trembling, Li Qiye was still smiling leisurely: “Do you know anything about fishing? If one wants to catch a big fish, the line has to be long. Now that the big fish has swallowed the bait, it is time for me to reel in the line.”

With that, his fate palace opened. The cauldron of life emerged along with an engulfing flame. The Heavenly Dao’s Primal Chapter carved on his cauldron began to light up in a blinding fashion.

“Buzz!” At this second, Li Qiye’s body also became immersed in a bloody light. The entire Blood Devouring Curse was under his control.

“Impossible…” The more than thirty ancestors here felt that they were losing control of the formation and shouted in dismay.

“Clank!” A crimson light soared from his body with the sound of something being unlocked. A huge lock appeared on his chest with refined flames floating around it.

“Zzz—” A searing noise appeared along with a pungent smell permeating through the air.

“No…” The ancestors all screamed in despair because their bodies caught on fire! A terrifying extremely refined sunfire incinerated them from inside out, rendering them to ashes.

This all happened too quickly. It didn’t matter that they were eternal existences, they still couldn’t stop the refined sunfire from burning their flesh!

Next, one could hear clanking noises. From their ashes rose strands of refined sunfire as red as blood. These fire strands quickly entered Li Qiye’s body, allowing his blood energy to recover and his complexion to return to normal.

It all happened too fast. No one could react in time. He instantly took control of the Blood Devouring Curse and incinerated more than thirty ancestors while reclaiming his lost blood energy.

At this very second, many people were stunned and couldn’t regain their wits.

Heavenly Dao’s Primal Chapter and the Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law — these two supreme techniques immediately defeated the curse!

The curse came from the primal ground, but the primal chapter was the source of all Blood merit laws. It was simple to imagine that all laws from the race would be under its control, thus his takeover of the curse was all too easy.

The Blood-devil ancestors that swallowed Li Qiye’s blood energy were courting death as well. The Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law was the founding art in this regard! His blood energy was only the bait. It immediately turned into a fire law once it entered their bodies and refined their own blood energy while stealing all of their essences.

“Although their blood energy is weak, they are still paragons, I suppose it is still a bit nutritious.” Li Qiye clicked his tongue as if he was tasting a meal before revealing a smile.

This scene made everyone shiver.

“What evil art did you use?!” The shocked Storm God returned from her daze and stared intensely at Li Qiye.

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