Chapter 997: The Treasure Inside The Little Golden Coffin

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Chapter 997: The Treasure Inside The Little Golden Coffin

“Evil art?” Li Qiye stared at her and shook his head while laughing: “Feng Piaoluo, you are just throwing away all of your father’s prestige. As an imperial princess, your knowledge is so shallow. Frankly, you would really have nothing if you weren’t Immortal Emperor Chen Xue’s daughter; you’re even lesser than the most vulgar village girl in this world.”

“Little animal, die!” The Storm God shouted and instantly lunged towards Li Qiye. Her speed was unbelievable. She used a destructive emperor law right away as she attacked with the momentum of a ferocious dragon! Only annihilation awaited those who stood before her!

Despite being foolish, the Storm God was still a God-Monarch. Once she attacked, the stars were shaken while the sun and moon lost their brilliance. Her God-Monarch’s momentum rampaged everything.

“She’s still a God-Monarch after all!” Her aggressive and dominating style left people in awe. Even ancestors who were unhappy with her had to admit that she had the power to be so imperious!

“Buzz!” She aimed to crush Li Qiye and was only inches away from him in the blink of an eye. Suddenly, space suddenly quaked.

Time seemed to have stopped in this split second, or at least became as slow as a snail. Everything else slowed down as well.

Stagnation Domain — Li Qiye had activated this domain without any delay. Within this realm, he was the sole sovereign.

Anyone would be under its suppression. Even the fastest speed would become extremely slow, and this applied to time as well. At the same time, an immense weight would press down on them.

Thus, everything moved at a snail’s pace after entering the Stagnation Domain as if three thousand worlds were pressing down on whatever entered the perimeter. The passing of one second would feel like a year!

“Pop!” Even the Storm God couldn’t break through this domain. Under this absolute suppression, Li Qiye punched her down to the ground and a little something more until her blood sprayed.

He grabbed her hair and more banging sounds resounded as he ruthlessly slammed her up and down without any mercy. Her blood began to paint the ground red.

This scene shocked countless people. In just a second, the spectators’ eyes fell to the ground while watching this impossible spectacle play out.

Just how high was the Storm God’s status in the Barren Earth? People and ghosts alike would be afraid of her. But now, Li Qiye was grabbing her by the hair and slamming her down to the ground as if she was an insect.

“Isn’t, isn’t this too domineering…” A person murmured absentmindedly.

Others were without words and couldn’t speak at all. Domineering was no longer enough to describe Li Qiye. Fiercest — this was the only title suitable for him!

“Xsh!” Blood spurted everywhere. Eventually, she managed to escape from his hands. Being a monarch, she knew many different emperor laws! She activated a heaven-defying escape technique and ran to the side.

Alas, the price she paid was her scalp being ripped off. At this moment, she was drenched in blood. The blood dripping down her face was hideously scary!

“Boom!” Imperial auras surged. One weapon flew out after another. In the blink of an eye, five imperial weapons emerged around her as protection, creating a supreme atmosphere.

Earlier, she had underestimated her enemy too much. She thought that as a God-Monarch, she wouldn’t lose after a single exchange, but it actually happened! Thus, she now summoned five weapons for defensive measures!

As a daughter of an emperor, she most likely had more imperial weapons than anyone else. No one else besides her was more qualified to inherit Immortal Emperor Chen Xue’s imperial weapons in Crimson Night.

The majority of the cultivators and even some ancestors became quite jealous and filled with greed. Her tyrannical nature was not without reason. She had more treasures than anyone else, an absolute advantage in terms of resources!

“Feng Piaoluo, I thought too highly of you.” Li Qiye casually threw away her scalp and shook his head: “I was flattering you too much when I said that you have barely reached God-Monarch. From the looks of it right now, your limit is at the door of the God-Monarch realm. As an imperial princess, if you were virtuous, then the people of this world would have respected you. Unfortunately, you lack this characteristic and are even dictatorial and unreasonable. You are simply courting death.”

Even the Blood ancestors didn’t dare to let out a fart at this moment due to the tense atmosphere. Li Qiye’s victorious exchange over the Storm God was truly too overbearing!

The Storm God was furious from his incessant taunting. She crazily shouted: “Little animal, I’ll kill them all, then you will be next!”

With that, she went over to kill Yi Chuan’s group. They were helpless prisoners at this moment, so they couldn’t resist the oncoming imperial weapon. They could only sit there and watch.

“Boom!” However, the weapon was stopped before it could slash Yi Chuan’s group. An old man stopped the attack from the Storm God.

He had a friendly face and wore a paper hat. At a first glance, there didn’t seem to be anything special about him. It could even be said that no one here recognized the old man’s identity.

It was Arcane Guru. After stopping the Storm God, he still seemed quite at ease as if nothing had happened.

The Storm God immediately shouted after seeing the old man that stopped her: “Who are you!”

The guru took off his hat and saluted before slowly speaking: “Storm God, I’m just someone who can’t reach the apex, but you, as an imperial princess, you ought to be aware of your conducts and not shame Immortal Emperor Chen Xue’s prestige.”

“Scram!” The Storm God attacked with her weapon. The strike swept through the sky, but the guru leaped up as well. He casually repelled it with a flip of his palm, causing it to fly straight into the sky. Meanwhile, he glided upward and looked down on the Storm God: “If you want to fight, I can keep you company, there’s no need for Young Noble Li to take action.”

As the imperial princess, she had always been the person looking down on others; no one dared to look down on her like how the guru was looking down from above. This made her livid. She leaped into the sky as well and screamed: “Ignorant fool, I’ll kill you first before taking care of that little bastard then!”

With that, she grabbed onto an Immortal Emperor True Treasure and instantly attacked the guru in the sky.

The guru was as agile as a dancing crane in the nine heavens. He used an unbelievable stepping technique to dodge her true weapon and countered with his bare hands.

“Boom!” He made contact, but it couldn’t hurt the Storm God due to the five weapons protecting her. It was impossible to touch her without a weapon.

“Die!” She swung her true treasure and shattered the void. She aggressively went at the guru in a tyrannical fashion like a mad dragon. Her appearance at this moment was exactly like a vixen.

The true weapon in her hand exerted even more power. It resonated across the sky and suppressed myriad laws in an incredible fashion. Despite her low cultivation relative to her background, she was still her father’s daughter. Because of this, his weapons were extremely powerful in her hands!

However, Arcane Guru was mysterious and amazing as well. He danced in the sky using a profound stepping technique and dodged the true weapon’s onslaught time and time again.

The crowd marveled at this scene. No one knew who this friendly looking old man was, but he was moving freely under the attacks of a true weapon. His extraordinary style had to be commended.

“Fool.” Li Qiye only shook his head while looking at the Storm God acting like a human-shaped T-rex and no longer wanted to judge her. 1

She was hotheaded and narrow-minded on top of being imperious without paying any heed for consultation. If she wasn’t an emperor’s daughter, she would have died countless times already.

Li Qiye walked forward and flicked his finger. “Bang!” The shackles on Yi Chuan’s group instantly shattered. After he dispelled the seals on their bodies as well, they quickly stood up.

Li Qiye smiled and told Yi Chuan: “It seems like I have involved all of you this time.”

Yi Chuan wryly smiled back and shook his head: “That’s too much, Young Noble. People in jianghu are always at the risk of violence and death. A cultivator wouldn’t be a cultivator if they were without enemies. 2

“That’s a good state of mind.” Li Qiye smiled and slowly sat on the throne. He looked at the sky and said: “Arcane, why are you playing around? Imperial weapons are powerful, but this also depends on their user! Don’t forget, you have that item in your possession.”

The guru didn’t hesitate any longer: “Go…” He opened a small golden coffin. With some clanking sounds, six bronze coins few out from the coffin.

Initially, the six coins weren’t anything special. However, once they got close to the imperial weapons, the Storm God lost control of the five protecting her as well as the true treasure in her hand.

“Buzz—” The five protecting weapons suddenly flew away, followed by the true treasure.

1. It is actually the word for Tyrannosaurus Rex. This was feeling very out of place in a Xianxia so I’ve been using furious dragon for it, but this particular passage just fits T-rex so much.

2. Most xianxia/wuxia readers should know what jianghu is, but this is the term for a sub-culture in China, popularized during the Song and Yuan dynasties. Usually, the ruling governments stayed away from dealing with jianghu’s matters and vice versa. Bards and novelists began using the term jianghu to create a literature of a fictional society of adventurers and rebels who lived not by existing societal laws, but by their own moral principles.

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