Chapter 153 - This Woman Really Does Look the Part When She Dresses Up

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Chapter 153: This Woman Really Does Look the Part When She Dresses Up

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Regardless of where Yan Qingsi’s face was positioned, she had no bad angles whatsoever. Her picture could make the cover of an illustrated magazine without needing any edits or photoshop.

She had an abundance of charisma and did not look like a newbie to the industry at all. Nervousness and stage fright were two of the things that were completely absent from her character.

Her smile was relaxed and her speech was calm. There was an allure and tranquility that abounded in her. She stood there and claimed the venue as her own. All the other male actors were mere complements to her.

The reporters below were experts when it comes to the entertainment circle, but none of them have ever heard of Yan Qingsi.

Her sudden emergence as the lead female in Director’s Guo’s movie, coupled with the way the director and Song Qingyan helped her up, made the press conference look like it was tailored to boost her reputation.

The reporters were no idiots. Everyone had the same guess—the woman who literally appeared out of nowhere definitely had someone backing her from behind-the-scenes.

Yue Tingfeng was briefly stunned when he saw Yan Qingsi.

It was the first time he ever saw Yan Qingsi dressed up so beautifully. He always knew that she was an attractive person, but seeing her dressed like so made him realize how nonchalant she was in the past.

Snapping back to reality, Yue Tingfeng tsk-ed. ‘This woman really does look the part when she dresses up.”

Her exposed shoulders caught his eye and increased his dismay toward her.

The presenter organized two mini-games that allowed the male actors to try ingratiating themselves to her. Soon enough, the atmosphere became pretty hyped.

Once that was done, it was time for their question-and-answer session.

Initially, the questions were directed toward the male lead and other male co-stars. After a few queries, one of the male reporters stood up suddenly and asked, “May I ask Miss Qingsi a question? News on the web have stated that the original female lead was supposed to be Hu Minxi, and Miss Hu mentioned before that she would be acting in this movie as well. Yet now it’s you, Miss Qingsi. Perhaps there’s some issue here? Like stealing roles?”

Such occurrences were a norm in the industry, but it was still a sensitive question to ask, especially in front of all those people at that time.

Yan Qingsi foresaw that someone would ask that question. Her calmness surpassed even that of the presenter.

With a smile on her face, she replied gracefully and calmly, “The question of who should play the role of the female lead is best directed to the director and the producer. They would have chosen someone who fits their needs best. I’m just starting my career. All I know is what my manager told me. She said that Director Guo phoned her personally and invited me to play this role. I trust Director Guo’s judgment, of course.”

Yan Qingsi’s answer was smoothly evasive. She omitted any mention of Hu Minxi and said that she was the director’s choice. Whether the director sought other actresses or not was none of her concern and she did not know anything about it. Her answer was not even a proper answer at all.

Director Guo nodded immediately and continued, “The internet has many different versions of this news. Qingsi was our female lead right from the very beginning, but the official announcement wasn’t made because we wanted to maintain confidentiality. The lineup we present to you today is the genuine one.”

In essence, the entire answer was summarized in one brief statement. ‘You said that Hu Minxi is our female lead? Sorry, those were just rumors. We never made it public because we wanted to keep everything under wraps.’

The director’s attitude clearly showed that he was protecting Yan Qingsi.

Even Yan Qingsi herself was shocked to hear that. The clues were obvious to her and the first thing on her mind was Yue Tingfeng. ‘He couldn’t have ordered this…could he?’

Yan Qingsi had a very elegant and charming demeanor at the press conference. Each of her movements displayed her maturity.

Behind the computer screen, a cold and disdainful grin was ever-present on Yue Tingfeng’s face.

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