Chapter 157 - Why Does She Have Such A Good Life?

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Chapter 157: Why Does She Have Such A Good Life?

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Tang Yuyao replied, “Okay. I’ll listen to you.”

“Don’t act blindly without thinking. Wait for my instructions. I’ll plan, and you’ll just follow what I say.”


After hanging up, Yan Qingsi felt discomfort in her heart.

A child…

At night, Yan Songnan and Yan Ruke had both gone back home.

Yan Ruke stood up immediately after hearing the news that Yan Qingsi was back. “WHAT? Yan Qingsi’s back?”

Her face was filled with shock. She stood up so hastily that her knee knocked against the coffee table. It was a loud bang, but she did not feel pain at all.

The only thing on her mind was Yan Qingsi’s return!

Yan Mingzhu smashed another cup in anger. “YES. She didn’t just come back—she came back with a bang and she’s even trending right now. She became a star, she’s going to act in a movie, and soon, the entire world to look at her. But she still wants to provoke us. She just doesn’t want us to live happily.”

All Yan Mingzhu wanted was to rip Yan Qingsi apart. During the past three years, she frequently imagined Yan Qingsi mingling with the lowest rung of society, perhaps even being forced into prostitution.

What Yan Mingzhu did not count on was that Yan Qingsi would appear before them once again. More importantly, she was even living the good life.

Her career started off with such a monumental film, and she played the lead female, no less. How could she have been so lucky?

Yan Mingzhu was thoroughly incensed when she thought of how Yan Qingsi would step on her head in the future. She wished she could just stab Yan Qingsi to death already.

Yan Ruke’s face went pale as she watched the video and saw how radiant Yan Qingsi was.

In the three years that they did not see each other, Yan Qingsi became more beautiful, more charming, and more seductive. When she was on stage, even those male actors—all of which were used to seeing beautiful women—had their eyes glued on her.

True enough, she was a horny little tramp who wanted to seduce men all the time.

Yan Ruke hand began tightening its grip around her phone, and just like Yan Mingzhu, she never expected Yan Qingsi to appear so suddenly like that. In that split second, all their lives were turned upside-down.

Compared to Yan Mingzhu, Yan Ruke’s loathing was far greater because Yan Qingsi slept with her man three years ago.

Seething hatred was present in her distorted gaze. She was staring at Yan Qingsi like a poisonous snake.

“She’s back… She’s really back.”

Yan Mingzhu got so angry that she threw a fit and kicked the coffee table a few times, cursing, “Yan Qingsi, that useless wh*re. She should be living like a rat in the smelly severs and kicked around by everyone. Why does she have such a good life? Daddy, Mommy, think of something! I don’t want to see her again. I want her to die!”

Ye Lingzhi’s stomach was hurting from all the anger. She turned around to the quiet Yan Songnan and said, “Old Yan! You need to think of something. That little wh*re announced her return so savagely. She’s provoking us! Don’t forget how she threatened you three years ago. If that girl doesn’t die, we don’t need to even think about continuing with our peaceful lives.”

A headache was coming over Yan Songnan due to all that noise. His company’s problems had grown in recent days and his home was never once quiet. He felt more and more lethargic.

Yan Qingsi’s gave him quite the shock, but all his thoughts were focused on his company and Tang Yuyao’s stomach. He was not as cautious against Yan Qingsi compared to last time.

He said, “What’s the use of getting anxious? First, we must find out who’s backing her.”

Yan Songnan would have liked to get rid of Yan Qingsi, but he was not going to be hasty about it. If she came back into the country with so many resources behind her, her backer must be someone really powerful indeed.

It was not the time to do things without thinking.

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