Chapter 167 - I Have Taken An Interest In Your Man!

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Chapter 167: I Have Taken An Interest In Your Man!

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I’ve taken an interest in your man!

Yan Qingsi’s tone was defiant and devious.

As if hit with a holding spell, Yue Tingfeng and Mrs. Yue’s eyes were fixated on Yan Qingsi.

Yan Qingsi was the devious little monster who cast the magic.

Yan Ruke’s laborious breathing could be heard through the phone. From the sound, one could tell that the lid on her temper was going to explode soon.

“Yan Qingsi, do you have no shame at all? I am your youngest aunt, Yue Tingfeng is my boyfriend. If you had wanted even a little shred of your dignity, you would step back. Do you really want to be like your mother? Does this make you feel better, stealing other people’s man?”

The fact that Yan Ruke could still talk coherently spoke volumes about her patience. If it was Yan Mingzhu being humiliated to this end, she would have utterly lost her mind and began shouting nonsensically into the phone.

Yan Ruke did no such thing. With sorrow in her voice, she tried to depict Yan Qingsi as a slut who stole other people’s boyfriends, hinting that she was born this way because of her biological mother. All this was said in order to influence Mrs. Yue in the audience.

To this date, Yan Ruke was not letting Yan Qingsi off the hook.

Immediately after this, Mrs. Yue’s expression darkened and a menacing glint appeared in her eyes.

The smile on Yan Qingsi’s face faded, though her features were still as beautiful as ever. She lifted Yue Tingfeng’s chin and said, “You’re right. It does make me feel better to steal your man. Especially when I think of sleeping with your man, I feel incredibly happy. You can always try to snatch him back if you have the will.”

Yan Ruke shrieked into the phone, “Yan Qingsi… You better stop while you can. Think about the backlash.”

Yan Qingsi laughed. “I’m not scared of that. In fact, I would be worried if there wasn’t enough retaliation.”

She turned to look into Yue Tingfeng’s eyes. “Yan Ruke, you say that Yue Tingfeng is your boyfriend. Try calling him, see if he answers? He has told me in private that he has no interest in someone as old, ugly, and fake as you. You make him want to puke.”

Yan Qingsi’s voice dripped with honey as she said, “Aren’t I right, darling?”

Yue Tingfeng held back his laughter. The lies from Yan Qingsi’s mouth flowed like a river with no bends; she did not even need to draft them.

Though, it was true that Yan Ruke made him want to puke.

“Yes, you are,” Yue Tingfeng’s sonorous voice echoed.

Yan Qingsi gave him an approving look.

“You hear that, auntie? I suggest you quit trying and just give us your blessing. Get the red packets ready. Your husband is becoming your nephew-in-law. We’ll still be a family regardless.”

Yan Ruke screamed from the other end. “I don’t believe you! Yan Qingsi, quit fooling around!”

Yan Qingsi shrugged. “Believe it or not, he is no longer yours. Not my problem, I’m that lovable after all. How else would I get into their family? Even Mrs. Yue has taken a liking to me. She even gave me some home-cooked chicken soup. You’re already so old, take a breather and don’t try to fight me, okay?”

Mrs. Yue opened her mouth to retort but Yue Tingfeng stopped her. “Ma, sit down and relax.”

Mrs. Yue was indignant. How could that little minx be so shameless! And her son, he looked so cheerful at this moment!

Yan Ruke clenched her fist. “Yan Qingsi, I’m warning you. Don’t overstep your boundaries. I will not forgive you.”

Yan Qingsi raised her eyebrow challengingly. “I’d say the same to you. I’m back now. He’s no longer yours.”

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