Chapter 210 - Steal My Man and I Will Beat You to Death Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

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Chapter 210: Steal My Man and I Will Beat You to Death

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Tang Yuyao deliberately made a bashful look and said, “It’s nothing.”

The necklace on her neck was indeed very eye-catching. Someone said, “Mrs. Xu, I’ve seen a fine sapphire necklace on you before, but compared to this miss’, it’s not as nice.”

“My necklace wasn’t worth that much compared to her million-dollar necklace. I bought it for fun after all.”

Yan Qingsi slowly turned around and met Ye Lingzhi’s red eyes. “Aunt Lingzhi, don’t you think this necklace looks somewhat familiar?”

Ye Lingzhi stared straight at the necklace on Tang Yuyao’s neck. The necklace on her neck and the one in the photo flashed before her eyes, and her gaze fixed on the woman in front of her. Like a crazy woman, Ye Lingzhi swore repeatedly, “Slut… Whore…”

Her voice got louder and louder, her face distorted, and her eyes turned red. Her eyes were seething with madness and rage. People were terrified just looking at them.

Suddenly, Ye Lingzhi charged towards Tang Yuyao like a lightning bolt, grabbed her hair, and beat her like a maniac.

“B*tch…whore…slut. You stole my man. I’ll kill you. I’ll kill you…”

Everyone was shocked by her. It happened in the blink of an eye, causing everyone to be stunned for a moment.

Until Tang Yuyao let out a painful cry for help, “Help! Help me…Ah…Don’t hit me. I’m pregnant, please don’t hit me, I beg you…”

Yan Qingsi looked at the scene, she could not help but felt sorrow in her heart. She plotted this show together with Tang Yuyao, but looking at the scene, she suddenly felt heavy-hearted.

Yan Qingsi ran towards them, “Enough! Don’t hit her anymore! Didn’t you hear that she’s pregnant?”

None of them expected that the word ‘pregnant’ would become a trigger. It provoked Ye Lingzhi even more. “Pregnant? There’s a little bastard in there. How dare you! I’ll beat you to death, I’ll kill you, you whore…”

When a person was berserk, they would become extremely strong. An ordinary man simply could not move that person.

Yan Qingsi shouted to the people around her, “Why are you guys still standing there? Come over and help split them up!”

Only then did the crowd react and quickly went over to pull Ye Lingzhi away.

Yan Songnan was in the midst of sucking up to Mr. Luo. However, the commotion here was too disturbing, and they had no choice but to rush over.

When Yan Songnan got closer to the scene, he saw Ye Lingzhi beating Tang Yuyao madly, and Tang Yuyao covered her tummy, groaning in pain.

Yan Songnan was stunned by what he saw and cold sweat covered his body in just a second. His son!

He rushed towards them and pulled Ye Lingzhi away roughly. A palm cracked across Ye Lingzhi’s face before she could even react, causing her to be thrown backward.

Ye Lingzhi fell to the ground. The corner of her mouth split, her teeth loosened and her ears were ringing. She covered her reddened cheek and yelled, “Yan Songnan, you bastard! How dare you hit me for this whore. I’ll fight you to death…”

Ye Lingzhi got up from the ground, moving to grapple with Yan Songnan.

Nonetheless, the only thing in Yan Songnan’s mind currently was his son in Tang Yuyao’s womb. His anger towards Ye Lingzhi already overshadowed his rationality. Another slap landed on Ye Lingzhi’s face. “Go away, you crazy woman! I won’t let you go even if you want to drop it.”

Yan Qingsi stood in the crowd, staring coldly at the old couple who were at each other’s throats in public. She sneered and thought quietly to herself, ‘Let it become more brutal and violent. Mom, please wait for a little longer, sooner or later I will send them down to see you and plead for your forgiveness.’

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